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#1 CrushAbsolute Garbage2007
A Stroke Of LuckGarbage1995
AmendsStrange Little Birds2016
Androgyny [Felix Da Housecat Remix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)Absolute Garbage2007
As Heaven Is WideGarbage1995
Automatic Systematic HabitNot Your Kind Of People2012
Bad BoyfriendBleed Like Me2005
Bad Boyfriend (Sting Like A Bee Remix) (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)Absolute Garbage2007
Battle In MeNot Your Kind Of People2012
Beloved FreakNot Your Kind Of People2012
Big Bright WorldNot Your Kind Of People2012
BlackoutStrange Little Birds2016
Bleed Like MeBleed Like Me2005
Bleed Like MeAbsolute Garbage2007
Blood For PoppiesNot Your Kind Of People2012
Boys Wanna FightBleed Like Me2005
Breaking Up The GirlBeautifulgarbage2001
Breaking Up The Girl [Timo Mass Remix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)Absolute Garbage2007
Bright Tonight (Bonus Track)Not Your Kind Of People2012
Can't Cry These TearsBeautifulgarbage2001
Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)Beautifulgarbage2001
Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)Absolute Garbage2007
Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!) [Roger Sanchez Remix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)Absolute Garbage2007
ControlNot Your Kind Of People2012
Cup Of CoffeeBeautifulgarbage2001
Dog New TricksGarbage1995
Drive You HomeBeautifulgarbage2001
DumbVersion 2.01998
EmptyStrange Little Birds2016
Even Though Our Love Is DoomedStrange Little Birds2016
FeltNot Your Kind Of People2012
Fix Me NowGarbage1995
Hammering In My HeadVersion 2.01998
Happy HomeBleed Like Me2005
I Hate LoveNot Your Kind Of People2012
I Think I'm ParanoidVersion 2.01998
I Think I'm ParanoidAbsolute Garbage2007
I Think I'm Paranoid [Crystal Method mix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)Absolute Garbage2007
If I Lost YouStrange Little Birds2016
It's All Over But The CryingBleed Like Me2005
It's All Over But The Crying (Greatest Hits Mix 07)Absolute Garbage2007
MagnetizedStrange Little Birds2016
Man On A WireNot Your Kind Of People2012
MedicationVersion 2.01998
Metal HeartBleed Like Me2005
MilkAbsolute Garbage2007
Milk [Massive Attack Remix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)Absolute Garbage2007
My Lover's BoxGarbage1995
Night Drive LonelinessStrange Little Birds2016
Nobody Loves YouBeautifulgarbage2001
Not My IdeaGarbage1995
Not Your Kind Of PeopleNot Your Kind Of People2012
Only Happy When It RainsGarbage1995
Only Happy When It RainsAbsolute Garbage2007
Push ItVersion 2.01998
Push ItAbsolute Garbage2007
Push It [Boom Boom Satellites mix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)Absolute Garbage2007
QueerAbsolute Garbage2007
Queer [Rabbit In The Moon Remix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)Absolute Garbage2007
Right Between The EyesBleed Like Me2005
Run Baby RunBleed Like Me2005
Sex Is Not The EnemyBleed Like Me2005
Show Me (Bonus Track)Not Your Kind Of People2012
Shut Your MouthBeautifulgarbage2001
Shut Your MouthAbsolute Garbage2007
Silence Is GoldenBeautifulgarbage2001
Sleep TogetherVersion 2.01998
So Like A RoseBeautifulgarbage2001
So We Can Stay AliveStrange Little Birds2016
SometimesStrange Little Birds2016
SpecialVersion 2.01998
SpecialAbsolute Garbage2007
Special [Brothers In Rhythm] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)Absolute Garbage2007
Stupid GirlGarbage1995
Stupid GirlAbsolute Garbage2007
Stupid Girl [Todd Terry Remix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)Absolute Garbage2007
SugarNot Your Kind Of People2012
Teaching Little Fingers To PlayStrange Little Birds2016
Tell Me Where It Hurts (Album Version Guitars Up)Absolute Garbage2007
Temptation WaitsVersion 2.01998
The One (Bonus Track)Not Your Kind Of People2012
The Trick Is To Keep BreathingVersion 2.01998
The World Is Not EnoughAbsolute Garbage2007
The World Is Not Enough (Unkle Remix) (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)Absolute Garbage2007
Till The Day I DieBeautifulgarbage2001
VowAbsolute Garbage2007
We Never TellStrange Little Birds2016
What Girls Are Made Of (Bonus Track)Not Your Kind Of People2012
When I Grow UpVersion 2.01998
When I Grow UpAbsolute Garbage2007
When I Grow Up [Kags Kooner Remix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)Absolute Garbage2007
Why Do You Love Me (Album Version)Bleed Like Me2005
Why Do You Love Me (Clean Version)Absolute Garbage2007
Why Don't You Come OverBleed Like Me2005
Wicked WaysVersion 2.01998
You Look So FineVersion 2.01998
You Look So FineAbsolute Garbage2007
You Look So Fine [Fun Lovin' Criminals Remix] (Bonus Track) (Special Edition)Absolute Garbage2007

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