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A While In Dreamland (feat. Michael Kiske) (live)Skeletons And Majesties Live2012
Abyss Of The VoidLand Of The Free1995
Abyss Of The Void (live)Alive '951996
AfterlifeLand Of The Free1995
All Of The DamnedLand Of The Free1995
All Of The Damned (live)Skeletons In The Closet2003
All You Need To KnowTo The Metal2010
Anywhere In The GalaxyPowerplant1999
Anywhere In The GalaxyBlast From The Past2000
Anywhere In The Galaxy (live)Skeletons And Majesties Live2012
ArmageddonBlast From The Past2000
ArmageddonThe Best2015
Armageddon (live)Skeletons In The Closet2003
Armageddon (live)30 Years - Live Anniversary2021
As Time Goes BySigh No More1991
AvalonEmpire Of The Undead2014
AvalonThe Best2015
Avalon (live)30 Years - Live Anniversary2021
Beyond The Black HoleSomewhere Out In Space1997
Beyond The Black HoleBlast From The Past2000
Beyond The Blackhole (live)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
Blood ReligionMajestic2005
Blood ReligionThe Best2015
Blood Religion (live)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
Born To FlyEmpire Of The Undead2014
BrothersInsanity And Genius1993
Brothers (live)Skeletons And Majesties Live2012
Built A World (Bonus Track)Empire Of The Undead2014
ChangesSigh No More1991
ChangesBlast From The Past2000
Chasing ShadowsTo The Metal2010
Condemned To HellMajestic2005
Cosmic ChaosSomewhere Out In Space1997
CountdownSigh No More1991
Damn The MachineNo World Order2001
Dan's Solo (live)Skeletons In The Closet2003
DeadlandsTo The Metal2010
DemonseedEmpire Of The Undead2014
Dethrone TyrannyNo World Order2001
Dethrone TyrannyThe Best2015
Dethrone Tyranny (live)Skeletons And Majesties Live2012
Dethrone Tyranny (live)30 Years - Live Anniversary2021
Dream HealerSigh No More1991
Dream HealerBlast From The Past2000
Dream HealerThe Best2015
Dream Healer (Pre Production Version) (Bonus Track)Sigh No More1991
Dreamhealer (live)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
EagleNo World Order2001
EagleThe Best2015
EmpathyTo The Metal2010
EmpathyThe Best2015
Empathy (live)30 Years - Live Anniversary2021
Empire Of The UndeadEmpire Of The Undead2014
EmpressLand Of The Free - Part 22007
Empress (Bonus Track)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
FairytaleLand Of The Free1995
Fairytale (live)Alive '951996
Fairytale (live)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
FarewellLand Of The Free1995
Farewell (live)Skeletons And Majesties Live2012
Father And SonSigh No More1991
Fight (live)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
Fire BelowNo World Order2001
Follow MeNo World Order2001
Free TimeHeading For Tomorrow1990
From The AshesLand Of The Free - Part 22007
From The Ashes (Bonus Track)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
Future MadhouseInsanity And Genius1993
Future World (live)Alive '951996
Gamma RayInsanity And Genius1993
Gamma Ray (live)Skeletons And Majesties Live2012
Gardens Of The SinnerPowerplant1999
Gardens Of The Sinner (live)Skeletons In The Closet2003
Gardens Of The Sinner (live)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
Gods Of DeliveranceLand Of The Free1995
Guardians Of Mankind (live)Skeletons In The Closet2003
Hand Of FatePowerplant1999
Heading For TomorrowHeading For Tomorrow1990
Heading For TomorrowBlast From The Past2000
Heading For TomorrowThe Best2015
Heading For Tomorrow (live)30 Years - Live Anniversary2021
Heal MeInsanity And Genius1993
Heal MeBlast From The Past2000
Heal Me (live)Alive '951996
Hear Me CallingLand Of The Free - Part 22007
Heart Of The Unicorn (live)Skeletons In The Closet2003
Heaven Can WaitHeading For Tomorrow1990
Heaven Can WaitBlast From The Past2000
Heaven Can WaitThe Best2015
Heaven Or HellNo World Order2001
Heaven Or Hell (live)Skeletons In The Closet2003
Heavy Metal Mania (live)Alive '951996
Heavy Metal UniversePowerplant1999
Heavy Metal Universe (live)Skeletons In The Closet2003
Heavy Metal Universe (live)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
Hell Is Thy HomeMajestic2005
HellbentEmpire Of The Undead2014
HellbentThe Best2015
HeroesSigh No More1991
Hold Your GroundHeading For Tomorrow1990
Hold Your Ground (live)Skeletons And Majesties Live2012
How LongMajestic2005
I Want Out (live)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
I Will ReturnEmpire Of The Undead2014
InductionNo World Order2001
InductionThe Best2015
Induction (live)Skeletons And Majesties Live2012
Induction (live)30 Years - Live Anniversary2021
Insanity And GeniusInsanity And Genius1993
InsurrectionLand Of The Free - Part 22007
InsurrectionThe Best2015
Insurrection (live)Skeletons And Majesties Live2012
Into The StormLand Of The Free - Part 22007
Into The Storm (Bonus Track)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
It's A SinPowerplant1999
Lake Of TearsNo World Order2001
Land Of The FreeLand Of The Free1995
Land Of The FreeBlast From The Past2000
Land Of The FreeThe Best2015
Land Of The Free (live)Alive '951996
Land Of The Free (live)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
Land Of The Free (live)30 Years - Live Anniversary2021
Last Before The StormBlast From The Past2000
Last Before The Storm (live)Skeletons In The Closet2003
Lat Before The StormInsanity And Genius1993
Leaving HellLand Of The Free - Part 22007
Look At YourselfHeading For Tomorrow1990
Lost In The FutureSomewhere Out In Space1997
Lust For LifeHeading For Tomorrow1990
Lust For LifeBlast From The Past2000
Lust For LifeThe Best2015
Lust For Life (live)30 Years - Live Anniversary2021
Man On A MissionLand Of The Free1995
Man On A MissionBlast From The Past2000
Man On A MissionThe Best2015
Man On A Mission (live)Alive '951996
Man On A Mission (live)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
Master Of ConfusionEmpire Of The Undead2014
Master Of ConfusionThe Best2015
Master Of Confusion (live)30 Years - Live Anniversary2021
Men, Martians And MachinesSomewhere Out In Space1997
Men, Martians and Machines (live)Skeletons And Majesties Live2012
MoneyHeading For Tomorrow1990
Money (live)Skeletons And Majesties Live2012
Mother AngelTo The Metal2010
My TempleMajestic2005
New World OrderNo World Order2001
New World Order (live)Skeletons In The Closet2003
New World Order (live)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
New World Order (live)30 Years - Live Anniversary2021
No Need To CryTo The Metal2010
No ReturnInsanity And Genius1993
No Return (live)Skeletons In The Closet2003
No Stranger (Another Day In Life)Somewhere Out In Space1997
One With The WorldSigh No More1991
One With The WorldBlast From The Past2000
One With The World (live)Skeletons In The Closet2003
One With The World (live)30 Years - Live Anniversary2021
OpportunityLand Of The Free - Part 22007
Pale RiderEmpire Of The Undead2014
PraySomewhere Out In Space1997
RainLand Of The Free - Part 22007
Razorblade Sigh (live)Skeletons In The Closet2003
Razorsblade SighPowerplant1999
Real WorldLand Of The Free - Part 22007
Real WorldThe Best2015
Real World (Bonus Track)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
Rebellion In DreamlandLand Of The Free1995
Rebellion In DreamlandBlast From The Past2000
Rebellion In DreamlandThe Best2015
Rebellion In Dreamland (Acoustic) (live)Skeletons And Majesties Live2012
Rebellion In Dreamland (live)Alive '951996
Rebellion In Dreamland (live)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
Rebellion In Dreamland (live)30 Years - Live Anniversary2021
Rich And FamousSigh No More1991
Rich And Famous (live)Skeletons In The Closet2003
Ride The Sky (live)Alive '951996
RiseTo The Metal2010
Rise (live)Skeletons And Majesties Live2012
Rising AgainLand Of The Free - Part 22007
Rising Of The DamnedLand Of The Free1995
Rising StarSomewhere Out In Space1997
Rising Star - Shine On (live)Skeletons In The Closet2003
Salvation's CallingLand Of The Free1995
Send Me A SignPowerplant1999
Send Me A SignBlast From The Past2000
Send Me A SignThe Best2015
Send Me A Sign (Acoustic) (live)Skeletons And Majesties Live2012
Send Me A Sign (live)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
Send Me A Sign (live)30 Years - Live Anniversary2021
SevenEmpire Of The Undead2014
Shine ForeverTo The Metal2010
Shine OnSomewhere Out In Space1997
Short As HellPowerplant1999
SolidNo World Order2001
Somewhere Out In SpaceSomewhere Out In Space1997
Somewhere Out In SpaceBlast From The Past2000
Somewhere Out In SpaceThe Best2015
Somewhere Out In Space (live)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
Space EaterHeading For Tomorrow1990
Space Eater (live)Alive '951996
Spiritual DictatorMajestic2005
Start RunningSigh No More1991
Stop The WarSigh No More1991
Strange WorldMajestic2005
Strangers In The NightPowerplant1999
The Cave PrincipleInsanity And Genius1993
The Guardians Of MankindSomewhere Out In Space1997
The Heart Of The UnicornNo World Order2001
The Heart Of The Unicorn (live)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
The LandingSomewhere Out In Space1997
The SaviourLand Of The Free1995
The Saviour (live)Alive '951996
The SilenceHeading For Tomorrow1990
The SilenceBlast From The Past2000
The Silence (live)Skeletons In The Closet2003
The Silence (live)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
The Silence (live)30 Years - Live Anniversary2021
The SpiritSigh No More1991
The SpiritThe Best2015
The Spirit (live)Skeletons And Majesties Live2012
The Winged HorseSomewhere Out In Space1997
Time For DeliveranceEmpire Of The Undead2014
Time To Break FreeLand Of The Free1995
Time To Break FreeThe Best2015
Time To Break Free (feat. Michael Kiske) (live)Skeletons And Majesties Live2012
Time To LiveTo The Metal2010
To Mother EarthLand Of The Free - Part 22007
To The MetalTo The Metal2010
To The MetalThe Best2015
Tribute To The PastInsanity And Genius1993
Tribute To The PastBlast From The Past2000
Tribute To The PastThe Best2015
Tribute To The Past (live)Alive '951996
Valley Of The KingsSomewhere Out In Space1997
Valley Of The KingsBlast From The Past2000
Valley Of The KingsThe Best2015
Valley Of The Kings (live)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
Victim Of Fate (live)Skeletons In The Closet2003
Watcher In The SkySomewhere Out In Space1997
Watcher In The Sky (live)Skeletons And Majesties Live2012
WelcomeHeading For Tomorrow1990
WelcomeBlast From The Past2000
Welcome (Intro) (live)Skeletons And Majesties Live2012
Welcome (live)Skeletons In The Closet2003
Welcome (live)Hell Yeah!!! - The Awesome Foursome2008
When The WorldLand Of The Free - Part 22007
Who Do You Think You Are (Bonus Track)Sigh No More1991
Wings Of DestinyPowerplant1999
Wings Of Destiny (live)Skeletons And Majesties Live2012
YearsInsanity And Genius1993
Your Turn Is OverInsanity And Genius1993

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