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111 - The Number Of The AngelsM.E.T.A.L.2019
66 WarriorsLand Of The Crimson Dawn2012
A Perfect DayLegend Of The Shadowking2010
A Perfect Day (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
A Perfect Day (live)Ages Of Light2013
A World BeyondMaster Of Light2016
Age Of The PhoenixLand Of The Crimson Dawn2012
Age Of The Phoenix (Power Swing)Ages Of Light2013
Ages Of PowerEternity2002
Among The ShadowsBeyond2014
Another DayStairway To Fairyland1999
Back Into The Land Of LightLand Of The Crimson Dawn2012
Back Into The Land Of LightAges Of Light2013
Beyond EternityBeyond2014
Blackend SunDimensions2007
Blackened SunAges Of Light2013
Blackened Sun (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
Bleeding HeartEternity2002
Call Of FameCrystal Empire2001
Carry OnThe Circle Of Life2005
Colours Of FreedomBeyond2014
Come On HomeBeyond2014
Cradle Of AngelsMaster Of Light2016
Crimson DawnLand Of The Crimson Dawn2012
Dance Off The DevilBeyond2014
Dark ObsessionLegend Of The Shadowking2010
Days Of GloryM.E.T.A.L.2019
Demons DanceDimensions2007
Drum Solo (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
Edge Of The OceanBeyond2014
Emerald SkiesMaster Of Light2016
EternityLand Of The Crimson Dawn2012
FairylandStairway To Fairyland1999
Far AwayDimensions2007
Far AwayAges Of Light2013
Far Away (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
FarewellCrystal Empire2001
FarewellAges Of Light2013
Flame In The NightEternity2002
Fly With UsM.E.T.A.L.2019
Flying HighEternity2002
Follow Your HeartBeyond2014
Freedom CallCrystal Empire2001
Freedom CallAges Of Light2013
Freedom Call (Camp Fire)Ages Of Light2013
Freedom Call (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
Ghost BalletMaster Of Light2016
GracelandStairway To Fairyland1999
Hail The LegendMaster Of Light2016
Hammer Of The GodsMaster Of Light2016
Heart Of A WarriorBeyond2014
Heart Of The RainbowCrystal Empire2001
Hero NationThe Circle Of Life2005
Hero On VideoLand Of The Crimson Dawn2012
Hero On VideoAges Of Light2013
Hero On Video (Speed Ska)Ages Of Light2013
High EnoughThe Circle Of Life2005
High UpMaster Of Light2016
Holy KnightStairway To Fairyland1999
Hunting High And LowThe Circle Of Life2005
Hunting High And LowAges Of Light2013
Hunting High And Low (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
Hymn To The BraveStairway To Fairyland1999
Hymn To The Brave (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
In The Rhythm Of LightBeyond2014
Innocent WorldDimensions2007
Island Of DreamsEternity2002
Journey Into WonderlandBeyond2014
Killer GearLand Of The Crimson Dawn2012
Kingdom Of MadnessLegend Of The Shadowking2010
Kings And QueensThe Circle Of Life2005
Kings Rise And FallMaster Of Light2016
Knights Of TaragonBeyond2014
Land Of LightEternity2002
Land Of LightAges Of Light2013
Land Of Light (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
Light Up The SkyDimensions2007
Ludwig Ii. - PrologueLegend Of The Shadowking2010
Magic MomentsDimensions2007
Masters Of LightMaster Of Light2016
Merlin - Legend Of The PastLegend Of The Shadowking2010
Merlin - Legend Of The Past (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
Merlin - RequiemLegend Of The Shadowking2010
Merlin - Requiem (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
Metal InvasionEternity2002
Metal Invasion (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
Metal Invasion (live)Ages Of Light2013
Metal Invasion (Metal Folk)Ages Of Light2013
Metal Is For EveryoneMaster Of Light2016
Mother EarthThe Circle Of Life2005
Mr. EvilDimensions2007
Mr. EvilAges Of Light2013
Mr. Evil (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
Mr. Evil (Melodic Reggae)Ages Of Light2013
My Dying ParadiseDimensions2007
OceanCrystal Empire2001
One Step Into WonderlandM.E.T.A.L.2019
Out Of The RuinsLegend Of The Shadowking2010
Out Of The Ruins (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
Over The RainbowStairway To Fairyland1999
Palace Of FantasyCrystal Empire2001
PharaoCrystal Empire2001
Power And GloryLand Of The Crimson Dawn2012
Power And GloryAges Of Light2013
Queen Of My WorldDimensions2007
Queen Of My World (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
RememberLegend Of The Shadowking2010
Resurrection DayLegend Of The Shadowking2010
Riders In The SkyMaster Of Light2016
Rise UpCrystal Empire2001
Rock The NationMaster Of Light2016
Rockin RadioLand Of The Crimson Dawn2012
Rockin'radio (Killerbilly Version)Ages Of Light2013
RockstarsLand Of The Crimson Dawn2012
RockstarsAges Of Light2013
Sail AwayM.E.T.A.L.2019
Shine OnStairway To Fairyland1999
Sole SurvivorM.E.T.A.L.2019
Space LegendsLand Of The Crimson Dawn2012
Spirit Of DaedalusM.E.T.A.L.2019
StarchildThe Circle Of Life2005
StarlightThe Circle Of Life2005
Sun In The DarkLand Of The Crimson Dawn2012
Tears FallingStairway To Fairyland1999
Tears FallingAges Of Light2013
Tears Of BabylonLegend Of The Shadowking2010
Tears Of BabylonAges Of Light2013
Tears Of Babylon (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
Tears Of TaragonStairway To Fairyland1999
Terra LibertyLand Of The Crimson Dawn2012
The Ace Of The UnicornM.E.T.A.L.2019
The Circle Of LifeThe Circle Of Life2005
The DarknessLegend Of The Shadowking2010
The Eternal FlameThe Circle Of Life2005
The Eyes Of The WorldEternity2002
The GatheringThe Circle Of Life2005
The King Of The Crystal Empire (Intro)Crystal Empire2001
The QuestCrystal Empire2001
The Quest (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
The Rhythm Of LifeThe Circle Of Life2005
The ShadowkingLegend Of The Shadowking2010
The SpellEternity2002
The WandererCrystal Empire2001
Thunder GodLegend Of The Shadowking2010
Thunder GodAges Of Light2013
Thunder God (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
Turn Back TimeEternity2002
Under The Spell Of The MoonLegend Of The Shadowking2010
Union Of The StrongBeyond2014
United AllianceDimensions2007
United Alliance (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
Valley Of KingdomLand Of The Crimson Dawn2012
WarriorsAges Of Light2013
Warriors (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
We Are OneStairway To Fairyland1999
We Are OneAges Of Light2013
We Are One (live)Live In Hellvetia2011
Wheel Of TimeM.E.T.A.L.2019
Words Of EndeavourDimensions2007

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