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A Heady TaleHere We Stand2008
Acid Jazz SingerHere We Stand2008
Advaita ShuffleIn Your Own Sweet Time2018
Baby DollHere We Stand2008
Baby Don't You Lie To Me!Eyes Wide,Tongue Tied2015
Baby FratelliCostello Music2006
Chelsea DaggerCostello Music2006
Creepin Up The BackstairsCostello Music2006
Desperate GuyEyes Wide,Tongue Tied2015
DoginabagCostello Music2006
DogtownEyes Wide,Tongue Tied2015
Everybody Knows You Cried Last NightCostello Music2006
FlatheadCostello Music2006
For The GirlCostello Music2006
Getting SurrealEyes Wide,Tongue Tied2015
Got Ma Nuts From A HippieCostello Music2006
Halloween BluesWe Need Medicine2013
HenriettaCostello Music2006
I Am ThatIn Your Own Sweet Time2018
I Guess... I Suppose...In Your Own Sweet Time2018
I've Been BlindIn Your Own Sweet Time2018
Impostors (Little By Little)Eyes Wide,Tongue Tied2015
IndestructibleIn Your Own Sweet Time2018
Jeannie NitroWe Need Medicine2013
Laughing GasIn Your Own Sweet Time2018
Look Out Sunshine!Here We Stand2008
Lupe BrownHere We Stand2008
Me And The DevilEyes Wide,Tongue Tied2015
Milk And MoneyHere We Stand2008
Mistress MabelHere We Stand2008
MoonshineEyes Wide,Tongue Tied2015
My Friend JohnHere We Stand2008
Ole Black 'n' Blue EyesCostello Music2006
Rock'n' Roll Will Break Your HeartWe Need Medicine2013
RosannaEyes Wide,Tongue Tied2015
Seven Nights Seven DayWe Need Medicine2013
ShamelessHere We Stand2008
She's Not Gone Yet But She's LeavingWe Need Medicine2013
Shotgun ShoesWe Need Medicine2013
SlowEyes Wide,Tongue Tied2015
Stand Up TragedyIn Your Own Sweet Time2018
Starcrossed LosersIn Your Own Sweet Time2018
Stragglers MoonHere We Stand2008
SugartownIn Your Own Sweet Time2018
Tell Me A LieHere We Stand2008
The Next Time We WedIn Your Own Sweet Time2018
ThiefEyes Wide,Tongue Tied2015
This Is Not The End Of The WorldWe Need Medicine2013
This Old Ghost TownWe Need Medicine2013
Told You SoIn Your Own Sweet Time2018
Too Much WineEyes Wide,Tongue Tied2015
Until She Saves My SoulWe Need Medicine2013
Vince The Loveable StonerCostello Music2006
We Need MedicineWe Need Medicine2013
Whisky SagaWe Need Medicine2013
Whistle For The ChoirCostello Music2006

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