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A Caution To The BirdsBurn The Maps2005
Angel At My TableFitzcarraldo1995
Another Love SongAnother Love Song1991
Bad BoneThe Cost2006
Before You GoAnother Love Song1991
Dance The Devil Back Into His HoleDance The Devil1999
DisappointedFor The Birds2001
Downhill From HereAnother Love Song1991
Dream AwakeBurn The Maps2005
Early BirdFor The Birds2001
FakeBurn The Maps2005
Falling SlowlyThe Cost2006
Fighting On The StairsFor The Birds2001
FinallyBurn The Maps2005
Fitzcarraldo (live)Set List2003
Friends And FoeFor The Birds2001
Giving It All AwayFitzcarraldo1995
Giving Me WingsFor The Birds2001
God Bless MomDance The Devil1999
God Bless Mom (live)Set List2003
HappyBurn The Maps2005
HeadlongFor The Birds2001
HollocaineDance The Devil1999
In The Deep ShadeFor The Birds2001
In This Boat TogetherFitzcarraldo1995
KeepsakeBurn The Maps2005
Lay Me DownFor The Birds2001
Lay Me Down (live)Set List2003
Live ForeverAnother Love Song1991
LocustsBurn The Maps2005
MarthaAnother Love Song1991
MasqueradeAnother Love Song1991
Might SwordFor The Birds2001
Neath The BeechesDance The Devil1999
Pavement TuneDance The Devil1999
Pavement Tune (live)Set List2003
People All Get ReadyThe Cost2006
Perfect Opening LineDance The Devil1999
Perfect Opening Line (live)Set List2003
Picture Of LoveAnother Love Song1991
PlateauDance The Devil1999
Red ChordFitzcarraldo1995
Rent Day BluesDance The Devil1999
Rent Day Blues (live)Set List2003
Revelate (live)Set List2003
Right Road (Wrong Road)Another Love Song1991
RiseThe Cost2006
Sad SongsThe Cost2006
Santa MariaFor The Birds2001
Santa Maria (live)Set List2003
Say It To Me NowFitzcarraldo1995
Seven Day MileDance The Devil1999
Ship Caught In The BayBurn The Maps2005
Sideways DownBurn The Maps2005
Song For SomeoneThe Cost2006
Star StarDance The Devil1999
Star Star (live)Set List2003
Stars Are Underground (live)Set List2003
Suffer In SilenceBurn The Maps2005
Telegraph PolesAnother Love Song1991
The Blood (live)Set List2003
The CostThe Cost2006
The DancerAnother Love Song1991
The Side You Never Get To SeeThe Cost2006
The Stars Are UndergroundDance The Devil1999
The WaltzAnother Love Song1991
TrueThe Cost2006
TryingBurn The Maps2005
UnderglassBurn The Maps2005
What Happens When The Heart Just StopsFor The Birds2001
What Happens When The Heart Just Stops (live)Set List2003
When Your Mind's Made UpThe Cost2006
You Were WrongAnother Love Song1991
Your Face (Hidden Track)Fitzcarraldo1995
Your Face (live)Set List2003

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