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A Passed LifeSin And Bones2012
All That RemainsAll That Remains2005
Army Of OneBoombox2022
Bad TattooDo You Wanna Start A War2014
Balls To The WallHappenstance2002
Big City NightsHappenstance2002
Blood HappensSin And Bones2012
Born Of Anger (feat. Marty Friedman)All That Remains2005
Brides Of FireDo You Wanna Start A War2014
Broken SoulChasing The Grail2010
Burn Me OutJudas2017
Crucify YourselfHappenstance2002
Crucify Yourself (live)Remains Alive2011
Dark PassengerSin And Bones2012
Daze Of The WeakAll That Remains2005
Daze Of The Weak (live)Remains Alive2011
Died With YouDo You Wanna Start A War2014
Do You Wanna Start A WarDo You Wanna Start A War2014
Don't You Wish You Were Me (live)Remains Alive2011
Drinkin With JesusJudas2017
Eat The RichFozzy2000
Eat The Rich (live)Remains Alive2011
End Of DaysFozzy2000
End Of Days (live)Remains Alive2011
EnemyAll That Remains2005
Enemy (live)Remains Alive2011
Feel The BurnFozzy2000
Feel The Burn (live)Remains Alive2011
Freewheel BurningHappenstance2002
Freewheel Burning (live)Remains Alive2011
God Pounds His NailsChasing The Grail2010
GrailChasing The Grail2010
I Still BurnBoombox2022
Ignition (live)Remains Alive2011
Inside My HeadSin And Bones2012
It's A Lie (feat. Bone Crusher)All That Remains2005
L.O.V.E. MachineHappenstance2002
LazarusAll That Remains2005
Let The Madness BeginChasing The Grail2010
Lights Go OutDo You Wanna Start A War2014
Live WireFozzy2000
Martyr No MoreChasing The Grail2010
My Great WallBoombox2022
Nameless Faceless (feat. Myles Kennedy)All That Remains2005
Nameless Facless (live)Remains Alive2011
New Day's DawnChasing The Grail2010
No Good WayDo You Wanna Start A War2014
Nowhere To RunBoombox2022
One Crazed AnarchistDo You Wanna Start A War2014
Over The MountainFozzy2000
Paraskavedekatriaphobia (Friday The 13th)Chasing The Grail2010
Pray For BloodChasing The Grail2010
Relax (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)Boombox2022
RevivalChasing The Grail2010
Riding On The WindFozzy2000
Running With The BullsJudas2017
SandpaperSin And Bones2012
ScarecrowDo You Wanna Start A War2014
She's My AddictionSin And Bones2012
Shine ForeverSin And Bones2012
Sin And BonesSin And Bones2012
SOSDo You Wanna Start A War2014
Spider In My MouthSin And Bones2012
Stand Up And ShoutFozzy2000
Stay HungryFozzy2000
Storm The BeachesSin And Bones2012
The Mob RulesHappenstance2002
The PrisonerFozzy2000
The TestAll That Remains2005
The Vulture ClubBoombox2022
The Way I Am (feat. Mark Tremonti)All That Remains2005
The Worst Is Yet To ComeBoombox2022
Three Days In JailJudas2017
To Kill A StrangerHappenstance2002
To Kill A Stranger (live)Remains Alive2011
TonightDo You Wanna Start A War2014
Ugly On The InsideBoombox2022
Under Blackened SkiesChasing The Grail2010
UnstoppableDo You Wanna Start A War2014
Wanderlust (feat. Zakk Wylde)All That Remains2005
Wanderlust (live)Remains Alive2011
Watch Me ShineChasing The Grail2010
Weight Of My WorldJudas2017
What Hell Is LikeBoombox2022
Where Eagles DareHappenstance2002
Whitechapel 1888Happenstance2002
WitcheryDo You Wanna Start A War2014
With The FireHappenstance2002
With The Fire (live)Remains Alive2011
Wolves At BayJudas2017
Wordsworth WayJudas2017
WormwoodChasing The Grail2010

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