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13th Star13th Star2007
3DFellini Days2001
A Gentleman's Excuse MeVigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors1989
A Gentleman's Excuse MeYang1995
A Gentleman's Excuse MeKettle Of Fish1998
A Gentleman's Excuse MeBouillabaisse2005
ApemanSongs From The Mirror1993
Arc Of The Curve13th Star2007
Big WedgeVigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors1989
Big WedgeYang1995
Big WedgeKettle Of Fish1998
Big WedgeBouillabaisse2005
Boston Tea PartySongs From The Mirror1993
Boston Tea Party (1995 Re-Recording With The Sensational Alex Harvey Band)Yin1995
Brother 52Sunsets On Empire1997
Brother 52Kettle Of Fish1998
Brother 52Bouillabaisse2005
Change Of HeartSunsets On Empire1997
Chasing Miss PrettyKettle Of Fish1998
Chocolate FrogsRaingods With Zippos1999
Chocolate FrogsBouillabaisse2005
Circle Line13th Star2007
ClicheVigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors1989
Clock Moves SidewaysFellini Days2001
Clock Moves SidewaysBouillabaisse2005
CredoInternal Exile1991
CredoKettle Of Fish1998
Credo (1995 Re-Recording)Yang1995
Dancing In FogFellini Days2001
Dark Star13th Star2007
Dear FriendInternal Exile1991
DiggingRaingods With Zippos1999
Digging DeepBouillabaisse2005
Do Not Walk Outside This AreaSunsets On Empire1997
Emperor's SongSuits1994
Exit WoundField Of Crows2003
Faith HealerRaingods With Zippos1999
Family BusinessVigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors1989
Family BusinessYin1995
Favourite StrangerInternal Exile1991
Favourite Stranger (1995 Re-Recording)Yin1995
FearlessSongs From The Mirror1993
Five YearsSongs From The Mirror1993
Fortunes Of WarSuits1994
Fortunes Of WarYang1995
Fortunes Of WarBouillabaisse2005
Goldfish And ClownsSunsets On Empire1997
Goldfish And ClownsKettle Of Fish1998
Goldfish And ClownsBouillabaisse2005
Hold Your Head UpSongs From The Mirror1993
I Know What I LikeSongs From The Mirror1993
IncompleteRaingods With Zippos1999
Incomplete (With Elizabeth Troy Antwi)Bouillabaisse2005
Innocent PartyField Of Crows2003
Institution WaltzYin1995
Internal ExileInternal Exile1991
Internal ExileYang1995
JeepsterSongs From The Mirror1993
Jumpsuit CitySuits1994
Jungle RideSunsets On Empire1997
Just Good FriendsKettle Of Fish1998
Just Good Friends (1995 Re-Recording Featuring Sam Brown)Yin1995
Just Good Friends (1995 Re-Recording Featuring Sam Brown)Bouillabaisse2005
Just Good Friends (Close)Internal Exile1991
Lady Let It LieSuits1994
Lady Let It LieYang1995
Lady Let It LieKettle Of Fish1998
Lady Let It LieBouillabaisse2005
Long Cold DayFellini Days2001
Long Cold DayBouillabaisse2005
LuckyInternal Exile1991
LuckyKettle Of Fish1998
Lucky (1995 Re-Recording)Yang1995
Manchmal13th Star2007
Miles De Besos13th Star2007
Mission StatementRaingods With Zippos1999
Moving TargetsField Of Crows2003
Moving TargetsBouillabaisse2005
Mr. 1470Suits1994
Mr. ButtonsKettle Of Fish1998
No DummySuits1994
NumbersField Of Crows2003
Obligatory BalladFellini Days2001
Old CrowField Of Crows2003
Old HauntsRaingods With Zippos1999
Old HauntsBouillabaisse2005
Openwater13th Star2007
Our SmileFellini Days2001
Our SmileBouillabaisse2005
Plague Of GhostsBouillabaisse2005
Punch And JudyYang1995
QuestionSongs From The Mirror1993
Raingods DancingRaingods With Zippos1999
Raingods DancingBouillabaisse2005
Raw MeatSuits1994
Raw MeatYin1995
Raw MeatBouillabaisse2005
Rites Of PassageRaingods With Zippos1999
Say It With FlowersSunsets On Empire1997
Scattering CrowsField Of Crows2003
Scattering CrowsBouillabaisse2005
ShadowplayInternal Exile1991
Shot The CrawField Of Crows2003
Shot The CrawBouillabaisse2005
So FelliniFellini Days2001
SoloSongs From The Mirror1993
Somebody SpecialSuits1994
Somebody Special (1995 Re-Recording)Yang1995
Something In The AirInternal Exile1991
Square Go13th Star2007
State Of MindVigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors1989
State Of MindKettle Of Fish1998
State Of Mind (1995 Re-Recording)Yang1995
Sugar MiceYang1995
Sunsets On EmpireSunsets On Empire1997
TaraSunsets On Empire1997
The CompanyVigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors1989
The CompanyYin1995
The CompanyBouillabaisse2005
The FieldField Of Crows2003
The Lost PlotField Of Crows2003
The Perception Of Johnny PunterSunsets On Empire1997
The Perception Of Johnny PunterBouillabaisse2005
The Pilgrim's AddressFellini Days2001
The RookieField Of Crows2003
The Voyeur (I Like To Watch)Vigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors1989
Tiki 4Fellini Days2001
Tilted CrossRaingods With Zippos1999
Time And A WordYin1995
TonguesInternal Exile1991
TumbledownRaingods With Zippos1999
View From The HillVigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors1989
Vigil In A Wilderness Of MirrorsVigil In A Wilderness Of Mirrors1989
Wake Up CallBouillabaisse2005
Wake-Up Call (Make It Happen)Raingods With Zippos1999
Waving At StarsRaingods With Zippos1999
Waving At StarsBouillabaisse2005
What Colour Is GodSunsets On Empire1997
Where In The World13th Star2007
Worm In A BottleSunsets On Empire1997
Zöe 2513th Star2007
Zoo ClassField Of Crows2003

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