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As Hard As It IsThe Raw And The Cooked1989
BlueFine Young Cannibals1985
BlueThe Finest1996
Couldn't Care MoreFine Young Cannibals1985
Couldn't Care MoreThe Finest1996
Don't Ask Me To ChooseFine Young Cannibals1985
Don't Let It Get You DownThe Raw And The Cooked1989
Don't Look BackThe Raw And The Cooked1989
Don't Look BackThe Finest1996
Ever Fallen In LoveThe Finest1996
Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn't've)The Raw And The Cooked1989
Funny How Love IsFine Young Cannibals1985
Funny How Love IsThe Finest1996
Good ThingThe Raw And The Cooked1989
Good ThingThe Finest1996
I'm Not SatisfiedThe Raw And The Cooked1989
I'm Not The Man I Used To BeThe Raw And The Cooked1989
I'm Not The Man I Used To BeThe Finest1996
It's OK (It's Alright)The Raw And The Cooked1989
Johnny Come HomeFine Young Cannibals1985
Johnny Come HomeThe Finest1996
Like A StrangerFine Young Cannibals1985
Move To WorkFine Young Cannibals1985
On A PromiseFine Young Cannibals1985
She Drives Me CrazyThe Raw And The Cooked1989
She Drives Me CrazyThe Finest1996
Since You've Been GoneThe Finest1996
Suspicious MindsFine Young Cannibals1985
Suspicious MindsThe Finest1996
Take What I Can GetThe Finest1996
Tell Me WhatThe Raw And The Cooked1989
Tell Me WhatThe Finest1996
The FlameThe Finest1996
Time Isn't KindFine Young Cannibals1985

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