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Absentee FatherThe Trouble With Angels2010
American ClicheThe Amalgamut2002
Be Careful What You Wish ForThe Algorithm2023
Burn ItThe Sun Comes Out Tonight2013
Burn Out The SunThe Algorithm2023
Can Stop ThisAnthems For The Damned2008
CancerTitle Of Record1999
Captain BlighTitle Of Record1999
Catch A Falling KnifeThe Trouble With Angels2010
CloudsThe Trouble With Angels2010
Cold (Anthem For The Damned)Anthems For The Damned2008
ColumindThe Amalgamut2002
Command ZThe Algorithm2023
Consider ThisShort Bus1995
DoseShort Bus1995
DoseThe Very Best Things (1995-2008)2009
Down With MeThe Trouble With Angels2010
Drug BoyThe Trouble With Angels2010
Drug Boy (Remix) (Bonustrack)The Trouble With Angels2010
Face DownThe Algorithm2023
Fades Like A Photograph( Dead Angel)The Trouble With Angels2010
First You Break ItThe Sun Comes Out Tonight2013
For The BeatenThe Algorithm2023
GerbilShort Bus1995
God Damn MeThe Amalgamut2002
Hatred Is ContagiousAnthems For The Damned2008
Head Of FireCrazy Eyes2016
Head Of Fire, Part 2Crazy Eyes2016
Hey Man, Nice ShotShort Bus1995
Hey Man, Nice ShotThe Very Best Things (1995-2008)2009
I Keep Flowers AroundAnthems For The Damned2008
I Will Lead YouTitle Of Record1999
I'm Not The Only OneTitle Of Record1999
I'm Not The Only OneThe Very Best Things (1995-2008)2009
In DreamsAnthems For The Damned2008
It Can Never Be The SameThe Amalgamut2002
It's Gonna Kill MeTitle Of Record1999
It's Got To Be Right NowThe Sun Comes Out Tonight2013
It's Just YouThe Sun Comes Out Tonight2013
It's My TimeThe Sun Comes Out Tonight2013
It's OverShort Bus1995
JurassitolThe Very Best Things (1995-2008)2009
Kid Blue From The Short Bus, Drunk BunkCrazy Eyes2016
Kill the DayAnthems For The Damned2008
Leaving Without A Note (Bonustrack)The Trouble With Angels2010
Lie After LieAnthems For The Damned2008
Miss BlueTitle Of Record1999
Mother ECrazy Eyes2016
My Long Walk To JailThe Amalgamut2002
No LoveThe Trouble With Angels2010
No Re-EntryThe Trouble With Angels2010
Nothing In My HandsCrazy Eyes2016
ObliterationThe Algorithm2023
OneThe Very Best Things (1995-2008)2009
Only YouAnthems For The Damned2008
Pride FlagCrazy Eyes2016
SandTitle Of Record1999
Say It AgainThe Algorithm2023
Self InflictedThe Sun Comes Out Tonight2013
SkinnyTitle Of Record1999
SkinnyThe Very Best Things (1995-2008)2009
So CoolShort Bus1995
So I QuitThe Amalgamut2002
Soldiers Of MisfortuneAnthems For The Damned2008
Soldiers Of MisfortuneThe Very Best Things (1995-2008)2009
SpentShort Bus1995
Stuck in HereShort Bus1995
Summer ChildThe Algorithm2023
SurpriseThe Sun Comes Out Tonight2013
Take A PictureTitle Of Record1999
Take A PictureThe Very Best Things (1995-2008)2009
Take AnotherShort Bus1995
Take Me To HeavenCrazy Eyes2016
Take That Knife Out Of My BackThe Sun Comes Out Tonight2013
Thanks BroThe Very Best Things (1995-2008)2009
The 4thThe Amalgamut2002
The Best ThingsTitle Of Record1999
The Best ThingsThe Very Best Things (1995-2008)2009
The City Of Blinding RiotsCrazy Eyes2016
The DrowningThe Algorithm2023
The Inevitable RelapseThe Trouble With Angels2010
The MissingThe Amalgamut2002
The Only WayThe Very Best Things (1995-2008)2009
The Only Way (Is The Wrong Way)The Amalgamut2002
The TakeAnthems For The Damned2008
The Trouble With AngelsThe Trouble With Angels2010
The WakeAnthems For The Damned2008
This Finger's For YouThe Sun Comes Out Tonight2013
Threshing FloorThe Algorithm2023
TremorsCrazy Eyes2016
Trip Like I DoThe Very Best Things (1995-2008)2009
UnderShort Bus1995
Under The TongueCrazy Eyes2016
Up Against The WallThe Algorithm2023
Watch The Sun Come Out TonightThe Sun Comes Out Tonight2013
We Hate It When You Get What You WantThe Sun Comes Out Tonight2013
Welcome To The FoldTitle Of Record1999
Welcome To The FoldThe Very Best Things (1995-2008)2009
Welcome To The Suck (Destiny Not Luck)Crazy Eyes2016
What Do You SayThe Sun Comes Out Tonight2013
What's NextAnthems For The Damned2008
Where Do We Go From HereThe Amalgamut2002
Where Do We Go From HereThe Very Best Things (1995-2008)2009
White Like ThatShort Bus1995
World TodayThe Amalgamut2002
You Walk AwayThe Amalgamut2002
Your BulletsCrazy Eyes2016

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