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0.345833333Silent Cry2008
20th Century TripPolythene1997
21st Century MeltdownPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
7 Days In The SunEcho Park2001
AnaestheticYesterday Went Too Soon1999
Angels And Lullaby'sAll Bright Electric2016
Another Day On EarthAll Bright Electric2016
Another Day On EarthThe Best Of2017
Bad Hair DayPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Barking DogsRenegades2010
BeesThe Best Of2017
Bitter GlassPushing The Senses2005
Blue Sky BlueTallulah2019
BordersGeneration Freakshow2012
BordersThe Best Of2017
BrokenPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Buck RogersEcho Park2001
Buck RogersThe Singles2006
Buck RogersThe Best Of2017
BulletPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Burn The BridgesThe Singles2006
Call OutRenegades2010
Can't Dance To DiscoPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Can't Stand Losing YouPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
CementThe Best Of2017
Child In YouComfort In Sound2003
Children Of The SunGeneration Freakshow2012
Children Of The SunThe Best Of2017
ChokeEcho Park2001
CirclesPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
City In A RutRenegades2010
Come Back AroundComfort In Sound2003
Come Back AroundThe Singles2006
Come Back AroundThe Best Of2017
Come Back Around (II)Picture Of Perfect Youth2004
Comfort In SoundComfort In Sound2003
Comfort In SoundThe Singles2006
Comfort In SoundThe Best Of2017
CrashThe Best Of2017
Daily HabitTallulah2019
Day In Day OutYesterday Went Too Soon1999
Day In Day OutThe Best Of2017
Divide The MinorityAll Bright Electric2016
Dove Grey SandsPushing The Senses2005
Down By The RiverThe Best Of2017
Down To The RiverRenegades2010
DryYesterday Went Too Soon1999
EclipsePicture Of Perfect Youth2004
ElegyPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
EmilyPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
EskimoAll Bright Electric2016
EskimoThe Best Of2017
Every MinuteSilent Cry2008
Eyes To The SkyAll Bright Electric2016
Fear Of FlyingTallulah2019
Feel It AgainPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Feeling A MomentPushing The Senses2005
Feeling A MomentThe Singles2006
Feeling A MomentThe Best Of2017
Figure You OutThe Best Of2017
Find The ColourComfort In Sound2003
Find The ColourThe Best Of2017
FiresSilent Cry2008
Fools Can't SleepGeneration Freakshow2012
Forget About TomorrowComfort In Sound2003
Forget About TomorrowThe Singles2006
Forget About TomorrowThe Best Of2017
ForgivenPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
FrequencyPushing The Senses2005
GeezerAll Bright Electric2016
Generation FreakshowGeneration Freakshow2012
Getting To Know You WellPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Godhead (Bonus Track)Renegades2010
GodzillaComfort In Sound2003
Guided By A VoiceSilent Cry2008
Heads Held HighSilent Cry2008
HeadstrongGeneration Freakshow2012
HeliumComfort In Sound2003
Here In The BubblePicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Hey JohnnyGeneration Freakshow2012
HighThe Singles2006
HighThe Best Of2017
Hole In My HeadYesterday Went Too Soon1999
Holy WaterAll Bright Electric2016
Home For SummerPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Hundred LiarsAll Bright Electric2016
IdahoGeneration Freakshow2012
IdahoThe Best Of2017
In All HonestyGeneration Freakshow2012
Infrared-UltravioletAll Bright Electric2016
InsomniaYesterday Went Too Soon1999
InsomniaThe Singles2006
InsomniaThe Best Of2017
Into The BlueSilent Cry2008
ItsumoSilent Cry2008
Just A DayPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Just A DayThe Singles2006
Just A Day (Alan Moulder Mix)The Best Of2017
Just The Way I'm FeelingComfort In Sound2003
Just The Way I'm FeelingThe Singles2006
Just The Way I'm FeelingThe Best Of2017
Left Foot RightRenegades2010
Living In PolaroidPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Lonely Hollow DaysTallulah2019
Lose The FearPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Lost And FoundThe Singles2006
Lost And FoundThe Best Of2017
Love PollutionComfort In Sound2003
Miss YouSilent Cry2008
MoonshineComfort In Sound2003
Morning LifePushing The Senses2005
My Perfect DayPolythene1997
Oh MaryAll Bright Electric2016
Oh MyGeneration Freakshow2012
OpaquePicture Of Perfect Youth2004
OxidizePicture Of Perfect Youth2004
OxygenEcho Park2001
Pain On PainPushing The Senses2005
PaperfacesYesterday Went Too Soon1999
PaperfacesThe Best Of2017
PaperweightAll Bright Electric2016
PaperweightThe Best Of2017
Picture Of Perfect YouthYesterday Went Too Soon1999
Piece by PieceEcho Park2001
Piece By PieceThe Best Of2017
Pilgrim SoulPushing The Senses2005
Polythene GirlPolythene1997
Power Of LovePicture Of Perfect Youth2004
PurplePicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Pushing The SencesThe Singles2006
Pushing The SensesPushing The Senses2005
Pushing The SensesThe Best Of2017
Quick FadeComfort In Sound2003
QuietGeneration Freakshow2012
RadiomanYesterday Went Too Soon1999
RainPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Remember The SilencePicture Of Perfect Youth2004
RenegadesThe Best Of2017
RubberbandPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Satellite NewsEcho Park2001
Save UsThe Singles2006
Save UsThe Best Of2017
Seven Days In The SunThe Singles2006
Seven Days In The SunThe Best Of2017
Shapes And SoundsTallulah2019
ShatterThe Singles2006
ShatterThe Best Of2017
Silent CrySilent Cry2008
Silent CryThe Best Of2017
SliderPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
SlintAll Bright Electric2016
SlowburnPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
So WellYesterday Went Too Soon1999
SonorousSilent Cry2008
SpaceSilent Cry2008
Space Age HeroPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
SpillPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Standing On The EdgeEcho Park2001
Stereo WorldPolythene1997
Stereo WorldThe Best Of2017
SuffocateThe Singles2006
SuffocateThe Best Of2017
Summers GoneComfort In Sound2003
SunriseGeneration Freakshow2012
Tell All Your FriendsEcho Park2001
TenderPushing The Senses2005
TenderThe Singles2006
TenderThe Best Of2017
The EndRenegades2010
The ImpossibleAll Bright Electric2016
This TownRenegades2010
Tinsel TownYesterday Went Too Soon1999
Tiny MindsGeneration Freakshow2012
Tomorrow ShinePicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Tracing LinesSilent Cry2008
Tumble And FallPushing The Senses2005
Tumble And FallThe Singles2006
Tumble And FallThe Best Of2017
TurnEcho Park2001
TurnThe Singles2006
TurnThe Best Of2017
TV MePicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Under The WeatherEcho Park2001
UndividedPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Universe Of LifeAll Bright Electric2016
Universe Of LifeThe Best Of2017
VeinsThe Best Of2017
Waiting For ChangesYesterday Went Too Soon1999
Walk AwayThe Best Of2017
We Are The PeopleSilent Cry2008
We Are The PeopleThe Best Of2017
We Can't RewindEcho Park2001
White LinesRenegades2010
Who's The EnemySilent Cry2008
WhooeyPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Wishing For The SunPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
World AsleepPicture Of Perfect Youth2004
Yeah YeahSilent Cry2008
Yesterday Went SoonThe Singles2006
Yesterday Went Too SoonYesterday Went Too Soon1999
Yesterday Went Too SoonThe Best Of2017
You're My EvergreenYesterday Went Too Soon1999

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