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A Pleasant Shade Of Gray, Pt. IX (live)Live Over Europe2018
Acquiescence (live)Live Over Europe2018
Alone We WalkLong Day Good Night2020
And Yet It MovesDarkness In A Different Light2013
And Yet It Moves (live)Live Over Europe2018
Another Perfect Day (live)Live Over Europe2018
Begin AgainLong Day Good Night2020
Damnation (live)Awaken The Guardian - Live2017
DesireDarkness In A Different Light2013
Epitaph (live)Awaken The Guardian - Live2017
Exodus (live)Awaken The Guardian - Live2017
Eye To Eye (live)Live Over Europe2018
FallingDarkness In A Different Light2013
Falling (live)Live Over Europe2018
Fata Morgana (live)Awaken The Guardian - Live2017
FireflyDarkness In A Different Light2013
Firefly (live)Live Over Europe2018
From The RooftopsTheories Of Flight2016
From The Rooftops (live)Live Over Europe2018
Giant's Lore (Heart Of Winter) (live)Awaken The Guardian - Live2017
Glass HousesLong Day Good Night2020
Guardian (live)Awaken The Guardian - Live2017
I AmDarkness In A Different Light2013
Into The BlackDarkness In A Different Light2013
Kneel And ObeyDarkness In A Different Light2013
LiarLong Day Good Night2020
Life In Still Water (live)Live Over Europe2018
LighthouseDarkness In A Different Light2013
Like Stars Our Eyes Have SeenTheories Of Flight2016
Monument (live)Live Over Europe2018
Night On Brocken (live)Awaken The Guardian - Live2017
Nothing Left To Say (live)Live Over Europe2018
Now Comes The RainLong Day Good Night2020
O ChloroformDarkness In A Different Light2013
One (live)Live Over Europe2018
One Thousand FiresDarkness In A Different Light2013
Pale Fire (live)Live Over Europe2018
Pieces Of Me (live)Live Over Europe2018
Point Of View (live)Live Over Europe2018
Prelude To Ruin (live)Awaken The Guardian - Live2017
ScarsLong Day Good Night2020
Seven StarsTheories Of Flight2016
Seven Stars (live)Live Over Europe2018
Shuttered WorldLong Day Good Night2020
Silent Cries (live)Live Over Europe2018
SOSTheories Of Flight2016
SOS (live)Live Over Europe2018
Still Remains (live)Live Over Europe2018
The Apparition (live)Awaken The Guardian - Live2017
The Destination OnwardLong Day Good Night2020
The Eleventh Hour (live)Live Over Europe2018
The Ghosts Of HomeTheories Of Flight2016
The Last SongLong Day Good Night2020
The Light And Shade Of ThingsTheories Of Flight2016
The Light And Shade Of Things (live)Live Over Europe2018
The Longest Shadow Of The DayLong Day Good Night2020
The Sorceress (live)Awaken The Guardian - Live2017
The Way HomeLong Day Good Night2020
Theories Of FlightTheories Of Flight2016
Through Different Eyes (live)Live Over Europe2018
Time Long Past (live)Awaken The Guardian - Live2017
Under The SunLong Day Good Night2020
Valley Of The Dolls (live)Awaken The Guardian - Live2017
When Snow FallsLong Day Good Night2020
White FlagTheories Of Flight2016
Wish (live)Live Over Europe2018

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