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666, Massacre In ParadiseLegions Of Armageddon2002
And The Evil Walks Your WayDark Pounding Steel2006
Another Rotten LifeThe Empires Of Inhumanity2010
AssassinationDark Pounding Steel2006
Beyond The Bridge Of DeathDark Pounding Steel2006
Bonded By BloodThe Ultimate Aggression2000
Born In BlasphemyDark Pounding Steel2006
Breeder Of InsanityThe Ultimate Aggression2000
Damned Will Be Thy NameDark Pounding Steel2006
Dark Pounding SteelDark Pounding Steel2006
Depraved To BlackLegions Of Armageddon2002
Don’t Sacrifice My SoulDark Pounding Steel2006
Empires Of InhumanityThe Empires Of Inhumanity2010
Evil Dead (Death-Cover)Dark Pounding Steel2006
Follow Your NightmareThe Ultimate Aggression2000
Hate RemainsThe Ultimate Aggression2000
Haunting MetalThe Empires Of Inhumanity2010
In Black Years Of PainDark Pounding Steel2006
Into Your FaceThe Empires Of Inhumanity2010
KillersThe Empires Of Inhumanity2010
Legions Of ArmageddonLegions Of Armageddon2002
Mentally PerversionLegions Of Armageddon2002
Nocturnal AnguishThe Ultimate Aggression2000
Nothing To RegretThe Empires Of Inhumanity2010
Point Of No ReturnThe Ultimate Aggression2000
Rapture For DisasterThe Empires Of Inhumanity2010
RavenousThe Empires Of Inhumanity2010
Returned To HellLegions Of Armageddon2002
Speelbound By The DevilLegions Of Armageddon2002
Storming In My MindDark Pounding Steel2006
The Last Prayer (Intro)The Empires Of Inhumanity2010
The Last RitesThe Ultimate Aggression2000
The ProphecyThe Empires Of Inhumanity2010
The Ultimate AggressionThe Ultimate Aggression2000
Trapped In A Violent BrainLegions Of Armageddon2002
Under My Sadistic ReignThe Ultimate Aggression2000
Wake The DeadThe Empires Of Inhumanity2010
Wargods Of ThrashLegions Of Armageddon2002
Warmaster’s Revenge (Intro)Legions Of Armageddon2002
Way To ImmortalityThe Empires Of Inhumanity2010
You Deal In PainThe Ultimate Aggression2000

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