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Armoured AssaultEnter The Grave2007
At Mirror?S SpeechThe Unknown2023
Balance Of TimeThe Unknown2023
Bathe In BloodEnter The Grave2007
Beginning Of The EndThe Unknown2023
Burned AliveEnter The Grave2007
CenturionFive Serpenth's Teeth2011
Control From AboveHell Unleashed2021
CultFive Serpenth's Teeth2011
Descent Into MadnessFive Serpenth's Teeth2011
Devoid Of ThoughtInfected Nations2009
DisorderHell Unleashed2021
Enter The GraveEnter The Grave2007
Eternal EmpireFive Serpenth's Teeth2011
First BloodEnter The Grave2007
Five Serpent's TeethFive Serpenth's Teeth2011
GenocideInfected Nations2009
Gore (+ Brian Posehn)Hell Unleashed2021
Hell UnleashedHell Unleashed2021
Hundred Wrathful Deities (Instrumental)Infected Nations2009
In Dreams Of TerrorFive Serpenth's Teeth2011
In MemoriamFive Serpenth's Teeth2011
IncarceratedHell Unleashed2021
Infected NationInfected Nations2009
Killer From The DeepEnter The Grave2007
Long Live The New FleshFive Serpenth's Teeth2011
Man Against MachineEnter The Grave2007
MetamorphosisInfected Nations2009
MonolithThe Unknown2023
My Parasite (Bonus Track)Infected Nations2009
NosophorosInfected Nations2009
Now DemolitionInfected Nations2009
Origin Of OblivionFive Serpenth's Teeth2011
Out Of SightThe Unknown2023
ParalysedHell Unleashed2021
Plague To End All PlaguesInfected Nations2009
Reap What You SowThe Unknown2023
SchizophreniaEnter The Grave2007
Sleepless EyesThe Unknown2023
The Mask We WearThe Unknown2023
The Thing (1982)Hell Unleashed2021
The UnknownThe Unknown2023
ThrasherEnter The Grave2007
Time No MoreInfected Nations2009
War Of AttritionHell Unleashed2021
We Who Are About To DieEnter The Grave2007
When Mortal Coils ShedThe Unknown2023
XarayaFive Serpenth's Teeth2011
Zombie ApocalypseHell Unleashed2021

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