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... And The DistanceGlorious Collision2011
A Dandelion CipherEscape Of The Phoenix2021
A New DawnHymns For The Broken2014
A Scattered MeSolitude, Dominance, Tragedy1999
A Silent Arc (Demo Version - Instrumental)From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits2023
A Touch Of BlessingThe Inner Circle2004
A Touch Of Blessing (live)A Night To Remember2005
A Touch Of Blessing (live)From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits2023
AmbassadorThe Inner Circle2004
Archaic RageHymns For The Broken2014
As I Lie Here BleedingRecreation Day2003
As I Lie Here Bleeding (live)A Night To Remember2005
As Light Is Our DarknessThe Dark Discovery1998
AstrayThe Storm Within2016
At Loss For WordsMonday Morning Apocalypse2006
BarricadesHymns For The Broken2014
Beyond SalvationThe Dark Discovery1998
Black UndertowHymns For The Broken2014
Blackened DawnThe Dark Discovery1998
Blackened Dawn (live)A Night To Remember2005
BlindedRecreation Day2003
Blinded (live)A Night To Remember2005
BlindfoldedA Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)2022
Blindfolded (Demo Version) (Rough Mix)From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits2023
Blindfolded (Piano Vocal Version)From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits2023
Broken WingsTorn2008
Call Out The DarkA Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)2022
Call Out The Dark (Demo Version - Rough Mix)From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits2023
Call Out The Dark (live)From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits2023
Call Out The Dark (Piano Vocal Version)From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits2023
Carina (Bonus Track)Glorious Collision2011
Caught In A Lie (Bonus Track)Torn2008
Closed EyesThe Dark Discovery1998
DamnationSolitude, Dominance, Tragedy1999
Dark DiscoveryThe Dark Discovery1998
Dark WatersIn Search Of Truth2001
December 26thThe Dark Discovery1998
Different WorldsIn Search Of Truth2001
Disconnect (+ Floor Jansen)The Storm Within2016
DistanceThe Storm Within2016
End Of Your DaysRecreation Day2003
End Of Your Days (live)A Night To Remember2005
Escape Of The PhoenixEscape Of The Phoenix2021
Essence Of Conviction (live)A Night To Remember2005
Eternal NocturnalEscape Of The Phoenix2021
Faith RestoredThe Inner Circle2004
For Every Tear That FallsThe Dark Discovery1998
For Every Tear That Falls (live)A Night To Remember2005
Forever OutsiderEscape Of The Phoenix2021
FragmentsRecreation Day2003
FreeGlorious Collision2011
FrozenGlorious Collision2011
Harmless WishesThe Inner Circle2004
Harmless Wishes (live)A Night To Remember2005
HeartlessA Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)2022
Hymns For The BrokenHymns For The Broken2014
I ShouldMonday Morning Apocalypse2006
I'm Drowning AloneGlorious Collision2011
I'm SorryRecreation Day2003
In ConfidenceTorn2008
In Orbit (+ Floor Jansen)The Storm Within2016
In RemembranceMonday Morning Apocalypse2006
In The Absence Of SunEscape Of The Phoenix2021
In The Wake Of The WearyThe Inner Circle2004
Intro (live)A Night To Remember2005
It Comes From WithinGlorious Collision2011
King Of ErrorsHymns For The Broken2014
King Of Errors (live)From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits2023
Leaden SaintsEscape Of The Phoenix2021
Leave It Behind UsGlorious Collision2011
LostMonday Morning Apocalypse2006
Madness Caught Another VictimRecreation Day2003
Mark Of The TriangleIn Search Of Truth2001
Mark Of The Triangle (live)A Night To Remember2005
Midwinter CallsA Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)2022
Midwinter Calls (Demo Version) (Rough Mix)From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits2023
Midwinter Calls (Piano Vocal Version)From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits2023
MisledIn Search Of Truth2001
Misled (live)A Night To Remember2005
Missing YouHymns For The Broken2014
Monday Morning ApocalypseMonday Morning Apocalypse2006
More Than EverThe Inner Circle2004
More Than Ever (live)A Night To Remember2005
My Allied OceanThe Storm Within2016
My Allied Ocean (live)From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits2023
NosferatuSolitude, Dominance, Tragedy1999
Nosferatu (live)A Night To Remember2005
Nothing Is ErasedTorn2008
ObedienceMonday Morning Apocalypse2006
OminousA Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)2022
Out Of ReachGlorious Collision2011
Paranoid (Bonus Track)The Storm Within2016
Passing ThroughThe Storm Within2016
ReawakeningA Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)2022
Recreation DayRecreation Day2003
Recreation Day (live)A Night To Remember2005
Recreation Day (live)From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits2023
Restoring The LossGlorious Collision2011
Rulers Of The MindIn Search Of Truth2001
Rulers Of The Mind (live)A Night To Remember2005
RunEscape Of The Phoenix2021
Save UsA Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)2022
Save Us (Demo Version - Rough Mix)From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits2023
Save Us (Piano Vocal Version)From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits2023
ShadowedThe Dark Discovery1998
She Speaks To The DeadSolitude, Dominance, Tragedy1999
She Speaks To The Dead (live)A Night To Remember2005
Solitude WithinSolitude, Dominance, Tragedy1999
Solitude Within (live)A Night To Remember2005
SomedayThe Storm Within2016
State Of ParalysisIn Search Of Truth2001
Still In The WaterMonday Morning Apocalypse2006
Still Walk AloneTorn2008
StoriesEscape Of The Phoenix2021
The AftermathHymns For The Broken2014
The AwakeningHymns For The Broken2014
The Beholder (+ James Labrie)Escape Of The Phoenix2021
The Corey CurseSolitude, Dominance, Tragedy1999
The Curtain FallMonday Morning Apocalypse2006
The Dark I Walk You ThroughMonday Morning Apocalypse2006
The DiseaseGlorious Collision2011
The EncounterIn Search Of Truth2001
The Essence Of ConvictionThe Inner Circle2004
The FireHymns For The Broken2014
The Grand CollapseHymns For The Broken2014
The Great DeceiverRecreation Day2003
The Great UnwashedA Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)2022
The ImpossibleThe Storm Within2016
The Lonely MonarchThe Storm Within2016
The MasterplanIn Search Of Truth2001
The Masterplan (live)A Night To Remember2005
The Orphean TestamentA Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)2022
The Paradox Of The Flame (+ Carina Englund)The Storm Within2016
The Phantom LettersGlorious Collision2011
The Shocking TruthSolitude, Dominance, Tragedy1999
The Storm WithinThe Storm Within2016
These ScarsTorn2008
Till DagmarMonday Morning Apocalypse2006
To Fit The MoldGlorious Collision2011
To Hope Is To FearThe Dark Discovery1998
Trilogy Of The Damned (Bonus Track)Recreation Day2003
Trust And BetrayalThe Dark Discovery1998
UnforgivableRecreation Day2003
UnspeakableMonday Morning Apocalypse2006
VisionsRecreation Day2003
Wake A ChangeHymns For The Broken2014
Waking Up BlindThe Inner Circle2004
Waking Up Blind (live)A Night To Remember2005
Watching The SkiesIn Search Of Truth2001
When Darkness FallsSolitude, Dominance, Tragedy1999
When Kingdoms FallTorn2008
When The River CallsThe Dark Discovery1998
When The Walls Go DownThe Inner Circle2004
When The Walls Go Down (live)A Night To Remember2005
Where All Good SleepThe Inner Circle2004
Where August MournEscape Of The Phoenix2021
Where August Mourns (live)From Dark Discoveries To Heartless Portraits2023
WildfiresA Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)2022
Words Mean NothingSolitude, Dominance, Tragedy1999
WrongGlorious Collision2011
YouGlorious Collision2011
You From YouEscape Of The Phoenix2021
Your Darkest HourRecreation Day2003

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