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All That I'm Living ForThe Open Door2006
Artifact - The TurnThe Bitter Truth2021
Better Without YouThe Bitter Truth2021
Blind BeliefThe Bitter Truth2021
Breathe No More (live)Anywhere But Home2004
Bring Me To LifeFallen2003
Bring Me To Life (live)Anywhere But Home2004
Bring Me To Life (live)Synthesis Live2018
Bring Me To Life (Synthesis)Synthesis2017
Broken Pieces ShineThe Bitter Truth2021
Call Me When You're SoberThe Open Door2006
Cloud NineThe Open Door2006
End Of The DreamEvanescence2011
Erase ThisEvanescence2011
Everybody's FoolFallen2003
Everybody's Fool (live)Anywhere But Home2004
Far From HeavenThe Bitter Truth2021
Farther Away (live)Anywhere But Home2004
Feeding The DarkThe Bitter Truth2021
Going UnderFallen2003
Going Under (live)Anywhere But Home2004
Good EnoughThe Open Door2006
Good Enough (live)Synthesis Live2018
Haunted (live)Anywhere But Home2004
Hi-Lo (live)Synthesis Live2018
Imaginary (live)Anywhere But Home2004
LacrymosaThe Open Door2006
Lacrymosa (live)Synthesis Live2018
Like YouThe Open Door2006
LithiumThe Open Door2006
Lithium (live)Synthesis Live2018
Lose ControlThe Open Door2006
Lost In ParadiseEvanescence2011
Lost In ParadiseSynthesis2017
Lost in Paradise (live)Synthesis Live2018
Made Of StoneEvanescence2011
MissingAnywhere But Home2004
My Heart Is BrokenEvanescence2011
My Heart Is BrokenSynthesis2017
My Heart Is Broken (live)Synthesis Live2018
My ImmortalFallen2003
My ImmortalSynthesis2017
My Immortal (live)Anywhere But Home2004
My Immortal (live)Synthesis Live2018
My Last BreathFallen2003
My Last Breath (live)Anywhere But Home2004
Never Go BackEvanescence2011
Never Go BackSynthesis2017
Overture - Never Go Back (live)Synthesis Live2018
Part Of MeThe Bitter Truth2021
Secret DoorSynthesis2017
Secret Door (live)Synthesis Live2018
Snow White QueenThe Open Door2006
Speak To Me (live)Synthesis Live2018
Sweet SacrificeThe Open Door2006
Swimming HomeEvanescence2011
Swimming Home (live)Synthesis Live2018
Take CoverThe Bitter Truth2021
Taking Over MeFallen2003
Taking Over Me (live)Anywhere But Home2004
The ChangeEvanescence2011
The End Of The DreamSynthesis2017
The End Of The Dream (live)Synthesis Live2018
The Game Is OverThe Bitter Truth2021
The In-Between (Piano Solo)Synthesis2017
The In-Between (Piano Solo) - Imperfection (live)Synthesis Live2018
The Only OneThe Open Door2006
The Other SideEvanescence2011
Thoughtless (live)Anywhere But Home2004
Tourniquet (live)Anywhere But Home2004
Unraveling (Interlude)Synthesis2017
Unraveling (Interlude) - Imaginary (live)Synthesis Live2018
Use My VoiceThe Bitter Truth2021
Wasted On YouThe Bitter Truth2021
Weight Of The WorldThe Open Door2006
What You WantEvanescence2011
Whisper (live)Anywhere But Home2004
Yeah RightThe Bitter Truth2021
Your StarThe Open Door2006
Your StarSynthesis2017
Your Star (live)Synthesis Live2018

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