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17 AgainPeace1999
17 AgainUltimate Collection2005
A Little Of YouRevenge1986
AdrianBe Yourself Tonight1985
All The YoungIn The Garden1981
AngelWe Too Are One1989
AngelGreatest Hits1991
Angel (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
Anything But StrongPeace1999
Baby's Gonna CryWe Too Are One1989
Baby's Gonna Cry (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
Beautiful ChildPeace1999
Beethoven (I Love To Listen To)Savage1987
BelindaIn The Garden1981
Better To Have Lost In Love (Than Never To Have Loved At All)Be Yourself Tonight1985
Brand New DaySavage1987
Caveman HeadIn The Garden1981
Conditioned SoulBe Yourself Tonight1985
Cool BlueTouch1983
Do You Want To Break UpSavage1987
Don't Ask Me WhyWe Too Are One1989
Don't Ask Me WhyGreatest Hits1991
Don't Ask Me Why (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
Doubleplusgood1984 - For The Love Of Big Brother1984
English SummerIn The Garden1981
For The Love Of Big Brother1984 - For The Love Of Big Brother1984
Greetings From A Dead Man1984 - For The Love Of Big Brother1984
Here Comes That Sinking FeelingBe Yourself Tonight1985
Here Comes The Rain AgainTouch1983
Here Comes The Rain AgainGreatest Hits1991
Here Comes The Rain AgainUltimate Collection2005
Here Comes The Rain Again (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
How LongWe Too Are One1989
I Could Give You (A Mirror)Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)1983
I Did It Just The Same1984 - For The Love Of Big Brother1984
I Love You Like A Ball And ChainBe Yourself Tonight1985
I Love You Like A Ball And Chain (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
I Need A ManSavage1987
I Need A ManGreatest Hits1991
I Need A ManUltimate Collection2005
I Need A Man (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
I Need YouSavage1987
I Remember YouRevenge1986
I Saved The World TodayPeace1999
I Saved The World TodayUltimate Collection2005
I Want It AllPeace1999
I've Got A LifeUltimate Collection2005
I've Got An AngelSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)1983
I've Got Lover (Back In Japan)Savage1987
I've Tried EverythingPeace1999
In This TownRevenge1986
It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)Be Yourself Tonight1985
It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)Greatest Hits1991
It's Alright (Baby's Coming Back)Ultimate Collection2005
JenniferSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)1983
Julia1984 - For The Love Of Big Brother1984
Let's GoRevenge1986
Let's Go (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
Love Is A StrangerSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)1983
Love Is A StrangerGreatest Hits1991
Love Is A StrangerUltimate Collection2005
Love Is A Stranger (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
Ministry Of Love1984 - For The Love Of Big Brother1984
Missionary ManRevenge1986
Missionary ManGreatest Hits1991
Missionary ManUltimate Collection2005
Missionary Man (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
My True LovePeace1999
Never Gonna Cry AgainIn The Garden1981
Never Gonna Cry Again (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts)Touch1983
Paint A RumourTouch1983
Peace Is Just A WordPeace1999
Power To The MeekPeace1999
Put The Blame On MeSavage1987
RevengeIn The Garden1981
RevivalWe Too Are One1989
Right By Your SideTouch1983
Right By Your SideGreatest Hits1991
Right By Your SideUltimate Collection2005
Right By Your Side (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
Room 1011984 - For The Love Of Big Brother1984
Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)1984 - For The Love Of Big Brother1984
Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)Greatest Hits1991
Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four) (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
She's Invisible NowIn The Garden1981
Sing-SingIn The Garden1981
Sisters Are Doin' It For ThemselvesBe Yourself Tonight1985
Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves (With Aretha Franklin)Greatest Hits1991
Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves (With Aretha Franklin)Ultimate Collection2005
Somebody Told MeSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)1983
Somebody Told Me (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)1983
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)Greatest Hits1991
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)Ultimate Collection2005
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
SylviaWe Too Are One1989
Take Me To Your HeartIn The Garden1981
Take Your Pain AwayRevenge1986
The First CutTouch1983
The King And Queen Of AmericaWe Too Are One1989
The Last TimeRevenge1986
The Last Time (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
The Miracle Of LoveRevenge1986
The Miracle Of LoveGreatest Hits1991
The Miracle Of LoveUltimate Collection2005
The Miracle Of Love (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
The WalkSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)1983
There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)Be Yourself Tonight1985
There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)Greatest Hits1991
There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart)Ultimate Collection2005
There Must Be An Angel (Playing With My Heart) (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
This City Never SleepsSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)1983
This City Never Sleeps (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
This Is The HouseSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)1983
Thorn In My SideRevenge1986
Thorn In My SideGreatest Hits1991
Thorn In My SideUltimate Collection2005
Thorn In My Side (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
Was It Just Another Love AffairUltimate Collection2005
We Two Are OneWe Too Are One1989
We Two Are One (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
When The Day Goes DownWe Too Are One1989
When Tomorrow ComesRevenge1986
When Tomorrow ComesGreatest Hits1991
When Tomorrow ComesUltimate Collection2005
Who's That GirlTouch1983
Who's That GirlGreatest Hits1991
Who's That GirlUltimate Collection2005
Who's That Girl (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
Wide Eyed GirlSavage1987
Winston's Diary1984 - For The Love Of Big Brother1984
Would I Lie To YouBe Yourself Tonight1985
Would I Lie To YouGreatest Hits1991
Would I Lie To YouUltimate Collection2005
Would I Lie To You (live)Live 1983 - 19891993
Wrap It UpSweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)1983
You Have Placed A Chill In My HeartSavage1987
You Have Placed A Chill In My HeartGreatest Hits1991
You Have Placed A Chill In My HeartUltimate Collection2005
You Hurt MeWe Too Are One1989
Your Time Will ComeIn The Garden1981

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