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27 ForeverTil Your River Runs Dry2013
A Day In The LifeLove Is All Around1976
All I DoStop1975
All Is OneThe Twain Shall Meet1968
American DreamsI Used To Be An Animal1988
American DreamsLost Within The Halls Of Fame1995
AnythingWinds Of Change1967
As The Years Go Passing ByLove Is1968
Atom-Most-FearThe Last Drive1980
Baby What's WrongDarkness - Darkness1980
Bare Back RideThe Black-Man's Burdon1970
Beautiful New Born ChildThe Black-Man's Burdon1970
Before You Accuse MeTil Your River Runs Dry2013
Bird On The BeachThe Last Drive1980
Bird On The BeachComeback1982
Black And White WorldMy Secret Life2004
Black BirdThe Black-Man's Burdon1970
Black On Black In BlackThe Black-Man's Burdon1970
Blues For Memphis SlimEric Burdon Declares 'War'1970
Bo Diddley SpecialTil Your River Runs Dry2013
Brand New DayLost Within The Halls Of Fame1995
Broken RecordsMy Secret Life2004
Can't Kill The BoogiemanMy Secret Life2004
Circuit RiderSoul Of A Man2006
City BoyStop1975
Closer To The TruthThe Twain Shall Meet1968
Coloured RainLove Is1968
ComebackPower Company1983
Como Se Llama MamaSoul Of A Man2006
Crawling King SnakeComeback1982
Cry To MeDarkness - Darkness1980
Darkness, DarknessDarkness - Darkness1980
Devil And JesusTil Your River Runs Dry2013
Devil RunSoul Of A Man2006
Devil's DaughterPower Company1983
Devil's SlideMy Secret Life2004
Dey Won'tComeback1982
Do You Feel It (Today)Power Company1983
Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit DownSoul Of A Man2006
Don't Give A DamnI Used To Be An Animal1988
Don't Shoot MeLost Within The Halls Of Fame1995
Dragon LadyMirage2008
Driftin' - Geronimo's Last StandMirage2008
DryThe Last Drive1980
EcstasyDarkness - Darkness1980
Factory GirlMy Secret Life2004
Famous FlamesSurvivor1977
Feeling BlueSoul Of A Man2006
Female TerroristThe Last Drive1980
First SightMirage2008
Forty Days And Forty NightsSoul Of A Man2006
Forty-FourSoul Of A Man2006
Funky FeverStop1975
GeminiLove Is1968
Ghetto ChildMirage2008
Going Back To MemphisI Used To Be An Animal1988
Going Back To MemphisLost Within The Halls Of Fame1995
Going Down Slow (live)Guilty1971
Good TimesWinds Of Change1967
Gospel SingerDarkness - Darkness1980
Gotta Get It OnStop1975
GtoSoul Of A Man2006
GunThe Black-Man's Burdon1970
Have Mercy JudgeGuilty1971
Headin' For HomeGuilty1971
Heart AttackPower Company1983
HeavenMy Secret Life2004
Help Me GirlEric Is Here1967
Highway 62My Secret Life2004
Highway DealerSurvivor1977
Highway MoverMirage2008
Hollywood WomanSurvivor1977
Home Cookin'The Black-Man's Burdon1970
Home DreamGuilty1971
Home DreamLove Is All Around1976
Hook Of HollandSurvivor1977
Hotel HellWinds Of Change1967
House Of The Rising SunPower Company1983
I Don't MindSoul Of A Man2006
I Think It's Gonna Rain TodayEric Is Here1967
I Used To Be An AnimalI Used To Be An Animal1988
I Used To Be An AnimalLost Within The Halls Of Fame1995
I Was Born To Live The BluesSurvivor1977
I Will Be With You AgainI Used To Be An Animal1988
I Wlil Be With You AgainLost Within The Halls Of Fame1995
I'm An AnimalLove Is1968
I'm Dying (Or Am I)Love Is1968
I'm Lookin' UpStop1975
I've Been Driftin' - Once Upon A TimeGuilty1971
In The GroundTil Your River Runs Dry2013
In The NightEric Is Here1967
Invitation To The White HouseTil Your River Runs Dry2013
Is There Another WorldLost Within The Halls Of Fame1995
It Hurts Me TooComeback1982
It's All MeatWinds Of Change1967
It's Been A Long Time Comin'Eric Is Here1967
It's My LifeSun Secrets1974
It's Not EasyEric Is Here1967
JazzmanMy Secret Life2004
Jim CrowMirage2008
JimboThe Black-Man's Burdon1970
Just The ThoughtThe Twain Shall Meet1968
Kingsize JonesSoul Of A Man2006
Laurel And HardyThe Black-Man's Burdon1970
Leo's PlaceI Used To Be An Animal1988
Leo's PlaceLost Within The Halls Of Fame1995
Letter From The Country FarmSun Secrets1974
Lights OutComeback1982
Living In FearI Used To Be An Animal1988
Losin' ControlEric Is Here1967
Love Is All AroundLove Is All Around1976
Magic MountainLove Is All Around1976
Mama Told Me Not To ComeEric Is Here1967
Man - WomanWinds Of Change1967
Medicine ManTil Your River Runs Dry2013
Medley: Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - Nina's SchoolSun Secrets1974
Medley: When I Was Young - War ChildSun Secrets1974
Memorial DayTil Your River Runs Dry2013
Memories Of AnnaLost Within The Halls Of Fame1995
Mind ArcMirage2008
MontereyThe Twain Shall Meet1968
Motorcycle GirlMy Secret Life2004
My Secret LifeMy Secret Life2004
Never Give Up BluesSoul Of A Man2006
New Orleans RapLost Within The Halls Of Fame1995
New York 1963 - America 1968Every One Of Us1968
NightriderLost Within The Halls Of Fame1995
Nights In White Satin IThe Black-Man's Burdon1970
Nights In White Satin IIThe Black-Man's Burdon1970
No More ElmoreComeback1982
No Self PityThe Twain Shall Meet1968
Nuts, Seeds And LifeThe Black-Man's Burdon1970
Old Habits Die HardTil Your River Runs Dry2013
On The HorizonDarkness - Darkness1980
Once Upon A TimeMy Secret Life2004
Orange And Red BeamsThe Twain Shall Meet1968
Out Of NowhereThe Black-Man's Burdon1970
Over The BorderMy Secret Life2004
P.C. 3The Black-Man's Burdon1970
P.O. Box 500Survivor1977
Paint It BlackWinds Of Change1967
Paint It BlackLove Is All Around1976
Paint It Black IThe Black-Man's Burdon1970
Paint It Black IIIThe Black-Man's Burdon1970
Pintelo Negro IIThe Black-Man's Burdon1970
Poem By The SeaWinds Of Change1967
Power CompanyThe Last Drive1980
Power CompanyPower Company1983
Pretty ColorsThe Black-Man's Burdon1970
Rat RaceDarkness - Darkness1980
Real MeSun Secrets1974
Red Cross StoreSoul Of A Man2006
Ride OnDarkness - Darkness1980
Ring Of FireLove Is1968
Ring Of FireSun Secrets1974
River Deep, Mountain HighLove Is1968
River Is RisingTil Your River Runs Dry2013
River Of BloodMirage2008
Rock And Roll ShoesLost Within The Halls Of Fame1995
Run For Your LifeI Used To Be An Animal1988
San Franciscan NightsWinds Of Change1967
Serenade To A Sweet LadyEvery One Of Us1968
Sky PilotThe Twain Shall Meet1968
Slow Moving TrainSoul Of A Man2006
So Much LoveDarkness - Darkness1980
Soul Of A ManSoul Of A Man2006
Spill The WineEric Burdon Declares 'War'1970
St. James InfirmaryEvery One Of Us1968
Stole My Heart Away (First Sight)Mirage2008
Sun - MoonThe Black-Man's Burdon1970
Sun SecretsSun Secrets1974
Sweet Blood CallPower Company1983
Take It EasyComeback1982
That Ain't Where It's AtEric Is Here1967
The Biggest Bundle Of Them AllEric Is Here1967
The Bird And The SquirrelThe Black-Man's Burdon1970
The Black PlagueWinds Of Change1967
The DreamI Used To Be An Animal1988
The Immigrant LadEvery One Of Us1968
The KidSurvivor1977
The Last DriveThe Last Drive1980
The Last PoetThe Last Drive1980
The Lawst Must ChangeGuilty1971
The Madman (Running Through The Field)Love Is1968
The RoadComeback1982
The Rubbing Out Of Long HairThe Last Drive1980
The SecretMy Secret Life2004
The Time Has ComeGuilty1971
The Vision Of RassanEric Burdon Declares 'War'1970
They Can't Take Away Our MusicThe Black-Man's Burdon1970
This Side Of GoodbyeEric Is Here1967
To Love SomebodyLove Is1968
Tobacco RoadEric Burdon Declares 'War'1970
Tobacco RoadLove Is All Around1976
Tomb Of The Unknown SingerSurvivor1977
Too LateDarkness - Darkness1980
True Love (Comes Only Once In A Lifetime)Eric Is Here1967
Uppers And DownersEvery One Of Us1968
WaitTil Your River Runs Dry2013
Wait Till Next YearEric Is Here1967
Wall Of SilenceComeback1982
WaterTil Your River Runs Dry2013
Way It Should BeStop1975
We Love You LilThe Twain Shall Meet1968
When We Were A GangLost Within The Halls Of Fame1995
White HousesEvery One Of Us1968
Who Gives A FuckPower Company1983
Wicked ManPower Company1983
Winds Of ChangeWinds Of Change1967
Woman Of The RingsSurvivor1977
Woman's TouchLost Within The Halls Of Fame1995
Year Of The GuruEvery One Of Us1968
Yes I Am ExperiencedWinds Of Change1967
You Can't Kill My SpiritPower Company1983
You're No StrangerEric Burdon Declares 'War'1970

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