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Ad VictoriamVictory Songs2007
AhtiVictory Songs2007
Ajattomasta UnestaTwo Paths2017
Axe Of JudgementOne Man Army2015
Battery (Bonus Track)Iron2004
Battle SongEnsiferum2001
Blood Is The Price Of GloryVictory Songs2007
Bonus SongOne Man Army2015
Breaking The Law (Bonus Track)Ensiferum2001
Burden Of The FallenOne Man Army2015
Burning LeavesUnsung Heroes2012
By The Dividing StreamFrom Afar2009
Candour And LiesOne Man Army2015
Celestial BondUnsung Heroes2012
Cold Northland (Va¨ina¨mo¨inen Part III)Thalassic2020
Cry For The Earth BoundsOne Man Army2015
Deathbringer From The SkyVictory Songs2007
Descendants, Defiance, DominationOne Man Army2015
Don't You SayTwo Paths2017
Don't You Say (Alternative Version)Two Paths2017
Elusive ReachesFrom Afar2009
Eternal WaitEnsiferum2001
Feast With ValkyriesTwo Paths2017
Ferrum AeternumIron2004
For SirensThalassic2020
For Those About To Fight For MetalTwo Paths2017
From AfarFrom Afar2009
Goblins' DanceEnsiferum2001
God Is DeadTwo Paths2017
God Is Dead (Alternative Version)Two Paths2017
Guardians Of FateEnsiferum2001
Hail To The VictorTwo Paths2017
Heathen HordeOne Man Army2015
Heathen ThroneFrom Afar2009
Hero In A DreamEnsiferum2001
I Will Never KneelTwo Paths2017
In My Sword I TrustUnsung Heroes2012
Into BattleIron2004
King Of StormsTwo Paths2017
Lady In Black (Bonus Track)Victory Songs2007
Lai Lai HeiIron2004
Last BreathUnsung Heroes2012
Little Dreamer (Väinämöinen Part Ii)Ensiferum2001
Lost In DespairIron2004
March Of WarOne Man Army2015
Midsummer MagicThalassic2020
Mourning HeartIron2004
My Ancestors' BloodOne Man Army2015
Neito PohjolanOne Man Army2015
Old Man (Väinämöinen)Ensiferum2001
One Man ArmyOne Man Army2015
One More Magic PotionVictory Songs2007
One With The SeaThalassic2020
Passion Proofe DownfallUnsung Heroes2012
PohjolaUnsung Heroes2012
Raised By The SwordVictory Songs2007
RawhideOne Man Army2015
Retribution Shall Be MineUnsung Heroes2012
Rum, Women, VictoryThalassic2020
Run From The Crushing TideThalassic2020
Seafarer's DreamThalassic2020
Slayer Of LightIron2004
Smoking RuinsFrom Afar2009
Star Queen (Celestial Bond II)Unsung Heroes2012
Stone Cold MetalFrom Afar2009
Sword ChantIron2004
SymbolsUnsung Heroes2012
Tale Of RevengeIron2004
The Defence Of The SampoThalassic2020
The Longest Journey (Heathen Throne Part Ii)From Afar2009
The New DawnVictory Songs2007
Token Of TimeEnsiferum2001
Treacherous GodsEnsiferum2001
Tumman Virran TaaFrom Afar2009
Twilight TavernFrom Afar2009
Two Of SpadesOne Man Army2015
Two PathsTwo Paths2017
Unettomaan AikaanTwo Paths2017
Unsung HeroesUnsung Heroes2012
Vandraren (Bonus Track)From Afar2009
Victory SongVictory Songs2007
WandererVictory Songs2007
War MetalOne Man Army2015
Warrior Without A WarOne Man Army2015
Way Of The WarriorTwo Paths2017

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