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All About NothingDead End Dreaming2005
An Awful DayHigh Hopes In Low Places2010
Anthem For A New WaveThe Sick's Sense2008
AstrobastardSongs For A Dying World2002
BelieveBelieve, My Friend...1998
Black No. 1Songs For A Dying World2002
Blackened EyesHigh Hopes In Low Places2010
Blackened Eyes (Bonus Track)The Painstream2013
Bury Me Down (The End)The Sick's Sense2008
Carpathian GravedancerHigh Hopes In Low Places2010
Chasing GhostsThe Painstream2013
City Of Broken ThoughtsVoid Estate2017
CivBelieve, My Friend...1998
CrossroadsVoid Estate2017
Cure My PainDead End Dreaming2005
Dark Side Of The SunVoid Estate2017
Dead City LightsThe Sick's Sense2008
Dead End HeroDead End Dreaming2005
Death In VeinsSongs For A Dying World2002
Death Of The WeakenderThe Painstream2013
DegenerationThe Painstream2013
DemonsLast Night On Earth2003
Demons (Bonus Track)The Painstream2013
Die Lover DieThe Sick's Sense2008
Don't Stop Killing MeThe Painstream2013
DownfallBelieve, My Friend...1998
Dressed In Black AgainVoid Estate2017
Drink Myself To SleepDead End Dreaming2005
Dying In MomentsLast Night On Earth2003
Emptiness - Lost ControlLast Night On Earth2003
EternityBelieve, My Friend...1998
EvergreenLast Night On Earth2003
EverywhereSongs For A Dying World2002
Fallen AngelBelieve, My Friend...1998
Farewell (The Song Of Agony)Dead End Dreaming2005
Final ResistanceThe Painstream2013
GhostdanceThe Sick's Sense2008
GodsickSongs For A Dying World2002
Goodnight InsomniaHigh Hopes In Low Places2010
Hangman's JokeThe Painstream2013
Head DownVoid Estate2017
High Hopes In Low PlacesHigh Hopes In Low Places2010
Highway 69Last Night On Earth2003
Holidays In HellThe Painstream2013
Home On FireThe Painstream2013
HurterThe Sick's Sense2008
Hurter (Bonus Track)The Painstream2013
I Don'tBelieve, My Friend...1998
I HateSongs For A Dying World2002
I'm WaitingBelieve, My Friend...1998
KillhoneyThe Sick's Sense2008
Leave This Town (Bonus Track)Void Estate2017
Left My WayInfinity1996
Let Sleeping Gods LieThe Sick's Sense2008
Like A StrangerVoid Estate2017
MelanchoholicLast Night On Earth2003
MirrorSongs For A Dying World2002
Miss MiseryThe Painstream2013
MollodromeVoid Estate2017
MotorSongs For A Dying World2002
My Crying VeinsThe Sick's Sense2008
My FriendBelieve, My Friend...1998
My WayBelieve, My Friend...1998
MyraSongs For A Dying World2002
Nice Day To DieInfinity1996
No Coming HomeDead End Dreaming2005
No More PleasureInfinity1996
Noise BreathBelieve, My Friend...1998
Only OneSongs For A Dying World2002
Pain Hates MeThe Sick's Sense2008
Queen Of My DreamsLast Night On Earth2003
Sad SongDead End Dreaming2005
SaviourHigh Hopes In Low Places2010
Seasons Of BlackInfinity1996
Send In The ClownsVoid Estate2017
She?s WildDead End Dreaming2005
Sick OneDead End Dreaming2005
SlavesHigh Hopes In Low Places2010
So Many VoicesDead End Dreaming2005
Speed My DrugDead End Dreaming2005
StandaloneThe Painstream2013
StarlightHigh Hopes In Low Places2010
Sunday MourningThe Sick's Sense2008
The DoorVoid Estate2017
The PainstreetThe Painstream2013
The Sickness CrownThe Sick's Sense2008
The UnseenVoid Estate2017
Tie Me A RopeHigh Hopes In Low Places2010
Tomorrow Not TodayInfinity1996
Tormentet SundownLast Night On Earth2003
Tragedy InsaneLast Night On Earth2003
Under The SwayHigh Hopes In Low Places2010
WeakBelieve, My Friend...1998
WeaknessDead End Dreaming2005
Worn And TornVoid Estate2017

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