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10050The Black Path2008
40 DaysPorcelain2003
666Red Dick's Potatoe Garden1997
A Southern LullabyThe Southern Comfort2005
Ad Flamingum (Christ's Flamingo Remix)Those Were The Days2014
Ad InfinitumPhoenix2009
AirborneRed Dick's Potatoe Garden1997
All For You (Candlelight Version)XX2016
All In Tune With The UniverseThe Black Path2008
All In Tune With The UniverseThose Were The Days2014
All In Tune With The Universe (Live)Those Were The Days2014
All Systems GoOceanic2011
Angel DeliveryAngel Delivery Service2001
Arise Dear SpringKill Your Demons2017
At Fleischberg'sThe Southern Comfort2005
At Fleischberg'sThe Life Acoustic2007
BachhamThe Southern Comfort2005
BachhamThe Life Acoustic2007
BackstabbersLove Will Fix2024
Battle RoyalOceanic2011
BeepRed Dick's Potatoe Garden1997
Behind The SunScarface To Venus2014
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue SeaOceanic2011
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue SeaThose Were The Days2014
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (Acoustic)Those Were The Days2014
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (Candlelight Version)XX2016
Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (Hellfire Version)XX2016
Black Flags (Over Planet Earth)Kill Your Demons2017
Bulls ReemixxxRed Dick's Potatoe Garden1997
Calm DownMonogamy2000
ChickeriaAngel Delivery Service2001
Cigarette ScarsThe Black Path2008
Close To The WindThe Black Path2008
Close To The Wind (Candlelight Version)XX2016
Close To The Wind (Hellfire Version)XX2016
Cocktail BabeRed Dick's Potatoe Garden1997
CocoonThe Life Acoustic2007
Collapsed MemorialsThe Black Path2008
Dancing On The MoonOceanic2011
Dancing On The MoonThose Were The Days2014
Dancing On The Moon (Candlelight Version)XX2016
Dancing On The Moon (Hellfire Version)XX2016
Dear Sadness (Candlelight Version)XX2016
Dear Sadness (Hellfire Version)XX2016
Dreams And DebrisLove Will Fix2024
Dressed In FlamesKill Your Demons2017
EgocentricRed Dick's Potatoe Garden1997
EuphoriaKill Your Demons2017
Every You Every MeMixtape2019
Facials (The Corrosion Of Mind)Porcelain2003
Fire In The Audience (SinThose Were The Days2014
Friday NightThe Southern Comfort2005
Friday Night (Live)Those Were The Days2014
Glad To Be With You AgainThe Black Path2008
Gone Baby GoneScarface To Venus2014
Gone Baby Gone (Candlelight Version)XX2016
Gone Baby Gone (Hellfire Version)XX2016
Gone DarkKill Your Demons2017
Green MachineThe Life Acoustic2007
Happy Birthday You Are Dead To MeLove Will Fix2024
HearteaterScarface To Venus2014
Hearteater (Candlelight Version)XX2016
Hearteater (Hellfire Version)XX2016
Here Comes The FirePhoenix2009
Here Comes The FireThose Were The Days2014
Here Comes The Fire (Candlelight Version)XX2016
Here Comes The Fire (Hellfire Version)XX2016
Hi It's Me, ChristMonogamy2000
Hi It's Me, ChristAngel Delivery Service2001
I Bow To YouOceanic2011
I Don't Belong HerePhoenix2009
I Wanna Feel YouScarface To Venus2014
Ignorance Is BlissThe Southern Comfort2005
In Any Case MaybeKill Your Demons2017
Infecting The ProgramPhoenix2009
It's High TimePhoenix2009
Jesus He Knows MeMixtape2019
Jungle DrumMixtape2019
Keep On DreamingScarface To Venus2014
Kill Your DemonsKill Your Demons2017
Killer's KissPorcelain2003
Knitshock SongRed Dick's Potatoe Garden1997
Leaving You With ThisMonogamy2000
Leaving You With ThisAngel Delivery Service2001
Leaving You With ThisThe Life Acoustic2007
Leaving You With This (Live)Those Were The Days2014
Lessons From LossesOceanic2011
Levels And ScalesKill Your Demons2017
LevitateLove Will Fix2024
Love Will Fix ItLove Will Fix2024
Lullaby OverdosePorcelain2003
Magnificent LiesThe Southern Comfort2005
Magnificent LiesThe Life Acoustic2007
Man Or MouseScarface To Venus2014
Man Overboard - The Dark Hour Of ReasonPhoenix2009
Mirror (Me)Monogamy2000
Mirror (Me)Angel Delivery Service2001
Mirror (Me) - Cocoon (Live)Those Were The Days2014
Miss MagneticKill Your Demons2017
Moloko VelocetPorcelain2003
MongooseThe Southern Comfort2005
MongooseThe Life Acoustic2007
MonogamyAngel Delivery Service2001
MonogamyThe Life Acoustic2007
Moonchild (Bonus Track)Monogamy2000
Moonchild (Intro)Monogamy2000
Mr. BrightsideMixtape2019
Mt. MadnessKill Your Demons2017
NewbornThe Southern Comfort2005
NewbornThe Life Acoustic2007
Newborn (Live)Those Were The Days2014
No Hay BandaPorcelain2003
Not Tonight JosephineOceanic2011
Not Tonight JosephineThose Were The Days2014
Not Tonight Josephine (Candlelight Version)XX2016
Not Tonight Josephine (Hellfire Version)XX2016
Nothing In This WorldPhoenix2009
Nothing In This WorldThose Were The Days2014
Nothing In This World (Candlelight Version)XX2016
Nothing In This World (Hellfire Version)XX2016
NothingnessThe Black Path2008
Oceans Of GriefLove Will Fix2024
Oldskool Desert TripRed Dick's Potatoe Garden1997
Once And For AllKill Your Demons2017
Panic (DemoThose Were The Days2014
Pants DownScarface To Venus2014
Parachute (DemoThose Were The Days2014
Paranoid Love AffairPorcelain2003
Pledge Allegiance To The Damned (The Unseen One)The Black Path2008
Pure Anger (The Hex)The Black Path2008
Quiet NightMonogamy2000
Quiet NightAngel Delivery Service2001
Rainbows And ButterfliesScarface To Venus2014
Rebel YellMixtape2019
Red Dick's Potatoe GardenRed Dick's Potatoe Garden1997
ResurectedAngel Delivery Service2001
RevengeThe Southern Comfort2005
RevengeThe Life Acoustic2007
Sacrifice To VenusScarface To Venus2014
She Ain't Coming Home No MoreLove Will Fix2024
SickLove Will Fix2024
Simile And Caribbean Space DreamsRed Dick's Potatoe Garden1997
Smell's Like Rock'n Roll (Live)Those Were The Days2014
Smells Like Rock'n' RollMonogamy2000
Smells Like Rock'n' RollAngel Delivery Service2001
Smells Like Rock'n' RollThe Life Acoustic2007
Son Of The MorningPhoenix2009
Son Of The Morning (Sepalot Mix)Those Were The Days2014
Style SchoolAngel Delivery Service2001
Style SchoolThe Life Acoustic2007
Symphony Of Destruction (Live)Those Were The Days2014
Take On MeAngel Delivery Service2001
Tell It To My HeartMixtape2019
Tell Me O MuseThose Were The Days2014
The Age Of RevolutionScarface To Venus2014
The Anatomy Of FearKill Your Demons2017
The Architects Of My ApocalypsePhoenix2009
The Architects Of My ApocalypseThose Were The Days2014
The Black Path (Intro)The Black Path2008
The Concubines Of DebaucheryOceanic2011
The Coolness Of Being Wretched (Mud Blood And Beer)Porcelain2003
The Devil Made Me Do ItLove Will Fix2024
The Ghosts That You Have CalledLove Will Fix2024
The GraveScarface To Venus2014
The HillsMixtape2019
The Jaws Of OblivionOceanic2011
The Jaws Of OblivionThose Were The Days2014
The Jaws Of Oblivion (Acoustic)Those Were The Days2014
The Jaws Of Oblivion (Candlelight Version)XX2016
The Jaws Of Oblivion (Hellfire Version)XX2016
The Knight In Shining ArmourOceanic2011
The Knight In Shining ArmourThose Were The Days2014
The Most Evil SpellThe Black Path2008
The Most Evil SpellThose Were The Days2014
The Most Evil Spell (Candlelight Version)XX2016
The Most Evil Spell (Hellfire Version)XX2016
The Ninth WaveKill Your Demons2017
The ReckoningScarface To Venus2014
The Saddest Man On Earth Is The Boy Who Never WeepsOceanic2011
The Saddest Man On Earth Is The Boy Who Never WeepsThose Were The Days2014
The Southern ComfortThe Southern Comfort2005
The Storm Comes InPhoenix2009
The Way Of The WarriorScarface To Venus2014
The Way Of The Warrior (Candlelight Version)XX2016
The Way Of The Warrior (Hellfire Version)XX2016
These Are The DaysThe Southern Comfort2005
These Are The DaysThe Life Acoustic2007
These Are The Days (Live)Those Were The Days2014
This DayPorcelain2003
To End All WarsThe Black Path2008
To End All WarsThose Were The Days2014
TogetherLove Will Fix2024
Tomorrow I'll Be Back HomeAngel Delivery Service2001
Triumph And DisasterPhoenix2009
Triumphant Disaster (Cadillac Remix)Those Were The Days2014
UndergroundThe Southern Comfort2005
Water (A Snapshot)Angel Delivery Service2001
We Built This CityMixtape2019
We Don't Believe In IfsOceanic2011
We Wanna Fuck AliceRed Dick's Potatoe Garden1997
Wheels Of SteelMonogamy2000
Wheels Of SteelAngel Delivery Service2001
When God Was A Razorcat (Dunn Ho' Landrock Remix)Those Were The Days2014
When God Was SleepingPhoenix2009
When God Was SleepingThose Were The Days2014
When God Was Sleeping (Candlelight Version)XX2016
When God Was Sleeping (Hellfire Version)XX2016
Where Is My MindMixtape2019
Whirlwind Of DoomLove Will Fix2024
WindmillsRed Dick's Potatoe Garden1997
Winterblood (The Sequel)Kill Your Demons2017
WolfsstundeThe Black Path2008
WolvesThe Southern Comfort2005
Worlds ApartThe Black Path2008
Worlds ApartThose Were The Days2014
Worlds Apart (Candlelight Version)XX2016
Worlds Apart (Hellfire Version)XX2016
Worlds Apart (Live)Those Were The Days2014
YmpaibRed Dick's Potatoe Garden1997
You Should See Me In A CrownMixtape2019

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