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.....And In Every HomeImperial Bedroom1982
...DustWhen I Was Cruel2002
...This Town...Spike1989
13 Steps Lead DownBrutal Youth1994
13 Steps Lead DownExtreme Honey1997
15 PetalsWhen I Was Cruel2002
15 Petals (live)Cruel Smile2002
20% AmnesiaBrutal Youth1994
45When I Was Cruel2002
45Pomp And Pout2010
5Ive Gears In ReverseGet Happy!!1980
A Good Year For The RosesAlmost Blue1981
A Slow Drag With JosephineNational Ransom2010
A Voice In The DarkNational Ransom2010
Accidents Will HappenArmed Forces1979
Accidents Will HappenThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Accidents Will Happen (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
Accidents Will Happen (live) (Elvis Costello + the Attractions)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
After The FallMighty Like A Rose1991
AlibiWhen I Was Cruel2002
AlisonMy Aim Is True1977
AlisonThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
AlisonUnfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Alison (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
All Grown UpMighty Like A Rose1991
All Grown Up (live)The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook2011
All The RageBrutal Youth1994
All The RageExtreme Honey1997
All The RageUnfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
All These StrangersNational Ransom2010
All These ThingsThe River In Reverse2006
All This Useless BeautyAll This Useless Beauty1996
All This Useless BeautyExtreme Honey1997
Almost BlueImperial Bedroom1982
Almost BlueThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Almost Blue (Elvis Costello + the Attractions)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Almost Blue (live)Cruel Smile2002
Almost Blue (live)Piano Jazz2005
Almost Blue (live)My Flame Burns Blue2006
Almost Ideal Eyes (live)My Flame Burns Blue2006
American Gangster TimeMomofuku2008
Another Time, Another PlaceG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
Any King's ShillingSpike1989
April 5thUnfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
April After AllFor The Stars2001
Ascension DayThe River In Reverse2006
Ascension DayPomp And Pout2010
Ascension Day (+ Allen Toussaint)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
At Last (live)Piano Jazz2005
B MovieGet Happy!!1980
Baby Plays AroundSpike1989
Baby Plays AroundFor The Stars2001
Baby Plays Around (live)Deep Dead Blue1995
Bama Lama Bama LooKojak Variety1995
BanquoJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Barbara Douglas: AssassinG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
Battered Old BirdBlood And Chocolate1986
Beaten To The PunchGet Happy!!1980
BedlamThe Delivery Man2004
BedlamPomp And Pout2010
Bedlam (Elvis Costello + the Imposters)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Beyond BeliefImperial Bedroom1982
Beyond BeliefThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Beyond Belief (Elvis Costello + the Attractions)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Big BoysArmed Forces1979
Big Sister's ClothesTrust1981
Big TearsThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Black And White WorldGet Happy!!1980
Blame It On CainMy Aim Is True1977
Blue ChairBlood And Chocolate1986
Boy With A ProblemImperial Bedroom1982
Brilliant MistakeThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
BrokenMighty Like A Rose1991
Broken Bicycles - JunkFor The Stars2001
Broken Promise LandThe River In Reverse2006
Brown To BlueAlmost Blue1981
BubblesG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
Bullets For The New-Born KingNational Ransom2010
Burnt Sugar Is So BitterLook Now2018
Busy BodiesArmed Forces1979
Button My LipThe Delivery Man2004
BylineHey Clockface2020
Can You Be TrueNorth2003
Can You Be True (live)My Flame Burns Blue2006
Changing PartnersSecret, Profane And Sugarcane2009
Charm SchoolPunch The Clock1983
ChelseaThis Year's Model1978
ChelseaThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Chelsea (live)Live At The El Mocambo1993
Chelsea (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
Chemistry ClassArmed Forces1979
Chewing GumSpike1989
Church UndergroundNational Ransom2010
Cinco minutos con vosWise Up Ghost2013
Cinco Minutos Con Vos (Elvis Costello + the Roots)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Cisco KidJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Closing TitlesG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
Clown StrikeBrutal Youth1994
Clowntime Is OverGet Happy!!1980
ClublandThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Clubland (live)My Flame Burns Blue2006
Coal-Train RobberiesSpike1989
Colour Of The BluesAlmost Blue1981
Come The MeantimesWise Up Ghost2013
Complicated ShadowsAll This Useless Beauty1996
Complicated ShadowsSecret, Profane And Sugarcane2009
Conversation (live)Piano Jazz2005
Conversation (live)Piano Jazz2005
Conversation (live)Piano Jazz2005
Conversation (live)Piano Jazz2005
Conversation (live)Piano Jazz2005
Conversation (live)Piano Jazz2005
Conversation (live)Piano Jazz2005
Conversation (live)Piano Jazz2005
Conversation (live)Piano Jazz2005
Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4Mighty Like A Rose1991
Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4Extreme Honey1997
Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 4Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Country DarknessThe Delivery Man2004
Country DarknessPomp And Pout2010
Crimes Of ParisBlood And Chocolate1986
Daddy Can I Turn ThisWhen I Was Cruel2002
Damnation's CellarThe Juliet Letters1993
Das Komplott von Oberon und PuckIl Sogno2004
Das SchauspielIl Sogno2004
DaysKojak Variety1995
Dead LetterThe Juliet Letters1993
Dear Sweet Filthy WorldThe Juliet Letters1993
Death Of Alex - Closing TitlesJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Deep Dark Truthful MirrorSpike1989
Deep Dark Truthful MirrorExtreme Honey1997
Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (Elvis Costello + the Attractions)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Deep Dead Blue (live)Deep Dead Blue1995
Deliver UsThe Juliet Letters1993
Der gedemütigte OberonIl Sogno2004
Der HofIl Sogno2004
Die Fee und der EselIl Sogno2004
Die Handwerker spielen TheaterIl Sogno2004
Die HochzeitIl Sogno2004
Die Lage der DingeIl Sogno2004
Die Liebenden erheben sichIl Sogno2004
Different FingerTrust1981
Dishonor The StarsLook Now2018
DissolveWhen I Was Cruel2002
Distorted AngelAll This Useless Beauty1996
Don't Look NowLook Now2018
Don't Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)For The Stars2001
Down Among The Wines And SpiritsSecret, Profane And Sugarcane2009
Dr. Watson, I PresumeNational Ransom2010
Drum and BoneMomofuku2008
DustPomp And Pout2010
Dust (live)Cruel Smile2002
Dust 2...When I Was Cruel2002
Either Side Of The Same TownThe Delivery Man2004
Eliot's Heartbreak And FlashbackJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Episode Of BlondeWhen I Was Cruel2002
Episode Of Blonde (live)My Flame Burns Blue2006
Everybody's Crying MercyKojak Variety1995
Everyday I Write The BookPunch The Clock1983
Everyday I Write The BookThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Everyday I Write The Book (live)The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook2011
Expert RitesThe Juliet Letters1993
Fall From GraceJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Farewell, OKThe Boy Named If2022
Favourite HourBrutal Youth1994
Favourite Hour (live)My Flame Burns Blue2006
Fish 'n' Chip PaperTrust1981
Five Small WordsNational Ransom2010
Flutter And WowMomofuku2008
For No OneFor The Stars2001
For Other EyesThe Juliet Letters1993
For The StarsFor The Stars2001
Freedom For The StallionThe River In Reverse2006
Friend In NeedJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
From A Whisper To A ScreamTrust1981
G.B.H. Opening Titles: The Life And Times Of Michael MurrayG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
Georgie And Her RivalMighty Like A Rose1991
Ghost TrainUnfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Gigi (live)Deep Dead Blue1995
Gloomy Sunday (live)Piano Jazz2005
Go AwayMomofuku2008
Go LeaveFor The Stars2001
God Give Me StrenghThe Sweetest Punch1999
God Give Me StrengthPainted From Memory1998
God Give Me StrengthThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
God Give Me Strength (live)My Flame Burns Blue2006
God Give Me Strength (live)The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook2011
God's ComicSpike1989
Going Home ServiceG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
Good Year For The RosesThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Goon SquadArmed Forces1979
Goon Squad (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
Grave DanceJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Grave MusicG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
Graveyard WaltzJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Green ShirtArmed Forces1979
Green ShirtThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Green SongFor The Stars2001
GrenadeWise Up Ghost2013
Hand In HandThis Year's Model1978
Harpies BizarreMighty Like A Rose1991
Harry WorthMomofuku2008
He's Given Me ThingsLook Now2018
He's So EasyG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
Heart Of The City (live)The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook2011
Heart Shaped BruiseThe Delivery Man2004
Helenas EifersuchtIl Sogno2004
Hermia und LysanderIl Sogno2004
Hetty O'Hara ConfidentialHey Clockface2020
Hey Clockface - How Can You Face MeHey Clockface2020
Hidden CharmsKojak Variety1995
Hidden ShameSecret, Profane And Sugarcane2009
High FidelityGet Happy!!1980
High FidelityThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your HeadBlood And Chocolate1986
Home TruthGoodbye Cruel World1984
Home Truth (Elvis Costello + the Attractions)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Honey HushAlmost Blue1981
Honey, Are You Straight Or Are You BlindBlood And Chocolate1986
Honeyhouse (Cruel No. 2)Cruel Smile2002
Hora Decubitus (live)My Flame Burns Blue2006
HousewarningJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
How Deep Is The RedSecret, Profane And Sugarcane2009
How Much I LiedAlmost Blue1981
How To Be DumbMighty Like A Rose1991
Howling At The MoonJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Human HandsImperial Bedroom1982
Human TouchGet Happy!!1980
Hurry Down DoomsdayExtreme Honey1997
Hurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs Are Taking Over)Mighty Like A Rose1991
I Almost Had A WeaknessThe Juliet Letters1993
I Can't Say Her NameHey Clockface2020
I Can't Stand Up For Falling DownGet Happy!!1980
I Can't Stand Up For Falling DownThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
I Can't Turn It OffUnfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
I Do (Zula's Song)Hey Clockface2020
I Dreamed Of My Old LoverSecret, Profane And Sugarcane2009
I Felt The Chill Before The Winter CameSecret, Profane And Sugarcane2009
I Hope You're Happy NowBlood And Chocolate1986
I Hope You're Happy NowThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
I Hope You're Happy Now (live)The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook2011
I Let The Sun Go DownLook Now2018
I Lost YouNational Ransom2010
I Stand AccusedGet Happy!!1980
I Still Have That Other GirlPainted From Memory1998
I Still Have That Other GirlThe Sweetest Punch1999
I Still Have That Other Girl (Reprise)The Sweetest Punch1999
I Thought I'd Write To JulietThe Juliet Letters1993
I Threw It All AwayKojak Variety1995
I Wanna Be LovedGoodbye Cruel World1984
I Wanna Be LovedThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
I Want To VanishAll This Useless Beauty1996
I Want To VanishExtreme Honey1997
I Want To VanishThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
I Want To Vanish (+ Steve Nieve)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
I Want To VanisshFor The Stars2001
I Want YouBlood And Chocolate1986
I Want YouThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
I Want You (Elvis Costello + the Attractions)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
I Want You (live)The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook2011
I'm In The Mood AgainNorth2003
I'm In The Mood AgainUnfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
I'm In The Mood Again (live)Piano Jazz2005
I'm Not AngryMy Aim Is True1977
I'm Your ToyAlmost Blue1981
I've Been Wrong BeforeKojak Variety1995
If I Could BelieveWise Up Ghost2013
ImpatiencePomp And Pout2010
In A Cemetery GardenG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
In Another RoomPomp And Pout2010
In The Darkest PlacePainted From Memory1998
In The Darkest PlaceThe Sweetest Punch1999
In The Darkest PlacePomp And Pout2010
In The Darkest Place (+ Burt Bacharach)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Inch By InchGoodbye Cruel World1984
Indoor FireworksThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Indoor FireworksUnfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Interlude: Couldn't Call It Unexpected No. 2Mighty Like A Rose1991
International EchoThe River In Reverse2006
Invasion Hit ParadeMighty Like A Rose1991
It Wasn't MeG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
It's Cold Up ThereG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
It's TimeAll This Useless Beauty1996
Jacksons, Monk And RoweThe Juliet Letters1993
Jake's Progress Opening SequenceJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Jimmie Standing In The RainNational Ransom2010
Jimmie Standing In The RainUnfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Joe PorterhouseGoodbye Cruel World1984
Julie's Pregnant PauseJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Just A CurioFor The Stars2001
Just About GladBrutal Youth1994
Kate's AbuseJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Kid About ItImperial Bedroom1982
Kinder MurderBrutal Youth1994
Kinder MurderExtreme Honey1997
King HorseGet Happy!!1980
King Of ThievesPunch The Clock1983
Lambs To The SlaughterG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
Last Boat LeavingSpike1989
Last PostThe Juliet Letters1993
Leave My Kitten AloneKojak Variety1995
Leaving HomeJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Less Than ZeroMy Aim Is True1977
Less Than Zero (live)Live At The El Mocambo1993
Let Him DangleSpike1989
Let Me Tell You About HerNorth2003
Let Them All TalkPunch The Clock1983
LiebesfunkenIl Sogno2004
Like An Angel Passing Through My RoomFor The Stars2001
Lip ServiceThis Year's Model1978
Lip Service (live)Live At The El Mocambo1993
Lip Service (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
Lipstick VogueThis Year's Model1978
Lipstick VogueThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Lipstick Vogue (live)Live At The El Mocambo1993
Lipstick Vogue (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
Lipstick Vogue (live)The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook2011
Little AtomsAll This Useless Beauty1996
Little Blue WindowWhen I Was Cruel2002
Little SavageImperial Bedroom1982
Little TriggersThis Year's Model1978
Little Triggers (live)Live At The El Mocambo1993
Living In ParadiseThis Year's Model1978
Living In Paradise (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
London's Brilliant ParadeBrutal Youth1994
London's Brilliant ParadeExtreme Honey1997
London's Brilliant ParadeUnfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Love FieldGoodbye Cruel World1984
Love Field (live)Deep Dead Blue1995
Love For TenderGet Happy!!1980
Love From A Cold LandG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
Love Went MadPunch The Clock1983
Lovers WalkTrust1981
Magnificent HurtThe Boy Named If2022
Man Out Of TimeImperial Bedroom1982
Man Out Of TimeThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Man Out Of Time (Elvis Costello + the Attractions)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Man Out Of Time (live)The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook2011
Map Of AfricaJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Men Called UncleGet Happy!!1980
Men Of AlloyG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
Miracle ManMy Aim Is True1977
Miracle Man (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
Miracle Man - Band Introduction (live)Live At The El Mocambo1993
Miss MacbethSpike1989
Mistook Me For A FriendThe Boy Named If2022
Monica's Fortune TellingJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Monkey To ManThe Delivery Man2004
Monkey To ManPomp And Pout2010
Moods For ModernsArmed Forces1979
Motel MatchesGet Happy!!1980
Mouth AlmightyPunch The Clock1983
Moving InJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Mr. And Mrs. HushLook Now2018
Mr. CrescentThe Boy Named If2022
Mr. FeathersMomofuku2008
Mrs. Rampton ReminiscesJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Must You Throw Dirt In My FaceKojak Variety1995
My All Time DollSecret, Profane And Sugarcane2009
My Dark LifeExtreme Honey1997
My Dark LifeUnfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
My Flame Burns Blue (Blood Count) (live)My Flame Burns Blue2006
My Funny ValentineThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
My Funny Valentine (live)Piano Jazz2005
My Lovely JezebelNational Ransom2010
My Mood SwingsPomp And Pout2010
My Most Beautiful MistakeThe Boy Named If2022
My Science Fiction TwinBrutal Youth1994
My ThiefPainted From Memory1998
My ThiefThe Sweetest Punch1999
My Three SonsMomofuku2008
My Three SonsUnfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Mystery DanceMy Aim Is True1977
Mystery Dance (live)Live At The El Mocambo1993
Mystery Dance (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
Mystery Dance (live)The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook2011
National RansomNational Ransom2010
National Ransom (live)The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook2011
Nearer To YouThe River In Reverse2006
Needle TimeThe Delivery Man2004
New AmsterdamGet Happy!!1980
New AmsterdamThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
New Lace SleevesTrust1981
New Lace SleevesThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
New Lace Sleeves (Elvis Costello + the Attractions)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Newspaper PaneHey Clockface2020
Next Time RoundBlood And Chocolate1986
Night RallyThis Year's Model1978
No ActionThis Year's Model1978
No Action (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
No DancingMy Aim Is True1977
No FlagHey Clockface2020
No Hiding PlaceMomofuku2008
No Hiding PlacePomp And Pout2010
No WonderFor The Stars2001
Nothing Clings Like IvyThe Delivery Man2004
Oberon und TitaniaIl Sogno2004
Oh WellCruel Smile2002
Oliver's ArmyArmed Forces1979
Oliver's ArmyThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Oliver's Army (Elvis Costello + the Attractions)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
On Your Way DownThe River In Reverse2006
One Bell RingingNational Ransom2010
OpportunityGet Happy!!1980
Out Of Time (live)The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook2011
OuvertüreIl Sogno2004
Pads, Paws And ClawsSpike1989
Paint The Red Rose BlueThe Boy Named If2022
Painted From MemoryPainted From Memory1998
Painted From MemoryThe Sweetest Punch1999
Painted From Memory (Reprise)The Sweetest Punch1999
Pardon Me Madam, My Name Is EveMomofuku2008
Party GirlArmed Forces1979
Party Girl (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
Pay It BackMy Aim Is True1977
PaydayKojak Variety1995
Peace In Our TimeGoodbye Cruel World1984
Peace Love And UnderstandingThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Peace, Love And Understanding (live)The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook2011
PeinigerinIl Sogno2004
Penelope HalfpennyThe Boy Named If2022
Perfume - The Odour Of MoneyG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
Peroxide Side (Blunt Cut)Cruel Smile2002
Photographs Can LieLook Now2018
Pidgin EnglishImperial Bedroom1982
Pills And SoapPunch The Clock1983
Pills And SoapThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Play With Me, MummyJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Playboy To A ManMighty Like A Rose1991
Please StayKojak Variety1995
Poison Moon (Honky Tonky Demo)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Pony StBrutal Youth1994
Poor Fractured AtlasAll This Useless Beauty1996
Poor Fractured AtlasExtreme Honey1997
Poor NapoleonBlood And Chocolate1986
Poor Napoleon (live)Deep Dead Blue1995
PossessionGet Happy!!1980
Pouring Water On A Drowning ManKojak Variety1995
PräludiumIl Sogno2004
Pretty WordsTrust1981
Puck 1Il Sogno2004
Puck 2Il Sogno2004
Pump It UpThis Year's Model1978
Pump It UpThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Pump It Up (live)Live At The El Mocambo1993
Pump It Up (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
Pursuit SuiteG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
Put Away Forbidden Playthings (live)My Flame Burns Blue2006
Radio Is EverythingHey Clockface2020
Radio RadioThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Radio Radio (live)Live At The El Mocambo1993
Radio Radio (live)The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook2011
Radio SilenceWhen I Was Cruel2002
Radio, Radio (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
Red CottonSecret, Profane And Sugarcane2009
Red CottonUnfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Red ShoesMy Aim Is True1977
Red ShoesThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Red Shoes (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
Refuse To Be SavedWise Up Ghost2013
Remembering AlexJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Remove This DoubtKojak Variety1995
Revolution #49Hey Clockface2020
Revolution DollCruel Smile2002
Riot ActGet Happy!!1980
Riot ActThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Riot Act (Elvis Costello + the Attractions)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Rocking Horse RoadBrutal Youth1994
Romeo's SeanceThe Juliet Letters1993
Room With No NumberGoodbye Cruel World1984
RopeFor The Stars2001
Running Out Of FoolsKojak Variety1995
SchlafIl Sogno2004
SchlummerIl Sogno2004
Secondary ModernGet Happy!!1980
Senior ServiceArmed Forces1979
Shabby DollImperial Bedroom1982
Shallow GraveAll This Useless Beauty1996
Shamed Into LoveFor The Stars2001
Shamed Into Love (live)Deep Dead Blue1995
SheThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
She Handed Me A MirrorSecret, Profane And Sugarcane2009
She Was No GoodSecret, Profane And Sugarcane2009
ShipbuildingPunch The Clock1983
ShipbuildingThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Shipbuilding (Elvis Costello + the Attractions)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Shot With His Own GunTrust1981
Sittin' And Thinkin'Almost Blue1981
Six-Fingered ManThe River In Reverse2006
Sketches From Unfaithful Music + Disappearing InkUnfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Smack 'ImG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
SmileCruel Smile2002
Smile (Version)Cruel Smile2002
Sneaky FeelingsMy Aim Is True1977
So I Used FiveG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
So Like CandyMighty Like A Rose1991
So Like CandyExtreme Honey1997
So Like CandyThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Someone Took The Words AwayNorth2003
Song With RoseMomofuku2008
Soul For HireWhen I Was Cruel2002
Sour Milk-Cow BluesGoodbye Cruel World1984
Speak Darkly, My Angel (live)My Flame Burns Blue2006
Spiel der VerwechslungenIl Sogno2004
Spooky GirlfriendWhen I Was Cruel2002
Spooky Girlfriend (live)Cruel Smile2002
Stalin MaloneSpike1989
Starting To Come To MeAll This Useless Beauty1996
Stations Of The CrossNational Ransom2010
Stella HurtMomofuku2008
Stella HurtPomp And Pout2010
Stella Hurt (live)The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook2011
Stick Out Your TongueWise Up Ghost2013
StillPomp And Pout2010
Still Too Soon To KnowBrutal Youth1994
StrangeKojak Variety1995
Stranger In The House (+ George Jones)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Stranger In The House (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
Strict TimeTrust1981
Stripping PaperLook Now2018
SuccessAlmost Blue1981
Such Unlikely LoversPainted From Memory1998
Such Unlikely LoversThe Sweetest Punch1999
Sugar Won't WorkWise Up Ghost2013
Suit Of LightsUnfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Sulky GirlBrutal Youth1994
Sulky GirlExtreme Honey1997
Sulky GirlThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Sulphur To SugarcaneSecret, Profane And Sugarcane2009
Sunday's BestArmed Forces1979
Suspect My TearsLook Now2018
Sweet DreamsAlmost Blue1981
Sweet PearMighty Like A Rose1991
SwineThe Juliet Letters1993
T.K.O. (Boxing Day)Punch The Clock1983
Take It With MeFor The Stars2001
Taking My Life In Your HandsThe Juliet Letters1993
Talking In The DarkThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
TartWhen I Was Cruel2002
TartPomp And Pout2010
Tear Off Your Own Head (It's A Doll Revolution)When I Was Cruel2002
Tear Off Your Own Head (It's A Doll Revolution) (featuring Susanna Hoffs) (live)The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook2011
Tears At The Birthday PartyPainted From Memory1998
Tears At The Birthday PartyThe Sweetest Punch1999
Tears Before BedtimeImperial Bedroom1982
Tears, Tears And More TearsThe River In Reverse2006
TemptationGet Happy!!1980
That Day Is DoneThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
That's How You Got Killed Before (live)My Flame Burns Blue2006
That's Not The Part Of Him You're LeavingNational Ransom2010
The 'Goldilocks' ThemeG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
The BeatThis Year's Model1978
The Beat (live)Live At The El Mocambo1993
The Beat (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
The Birds Will Still Be SingingThe Juliet Letters1993
The Birds Will Still Be SingingExtreme Honey1997
The Birds Will Still Be SingingUnfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
The Boy Named IfThe Boy Named If2022
The Bridge I BurnedExtreme Honey1997
The ComediansGoodbye Cruel World1984
The Crooked LineSecret, Profane And Sugarcane2009
The Death Of Magic ThinkingThe Boy Named If2022
The Delivery ManThe Delivery Man2004
The Deportees ClubGoodbye Cruel World1984
The DifferenceThe Boy Named If2022
The Element Within HerPunch The Clock1983
The First To LeaveThe Juliet Letters1993
The Great UnknownGoodbye Cruel World1984
The Greatest ThingPunch The Clock1983
The ImposterGet Happy!!1980
The Imposter Vs. The Floodtide (Dust And Petals)Cruel Smile2002
The Invisible ManPunch The Clock1983
The JudgementThe Delivery Man2004
The Last Confession Of Vivian WhipHey Clockface2020
The Letter HomeThe Juliet Letters1993
The Long DivisionPainted From Memory1998
The Long DivisionThe Sweetest Punch1999
The Long HoneymoonImperial Bedroom1982
The Loved OnesImperial Bedroom1982
The Man You Love To HateThe Boy Named If2022
The Name Of This Thing Is Not LoveThe Delivery Man2004
The Only Flame In TownGoodbye Cruel World1984
The Other End Of The TelescopeAll This Useless Beauty1996
The Other Side Of SummerMighty Like A Rose1991
The Other Side Of SummerExtreme Honey1997
The Other Side Of SummerThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
The Other Side Of SummerUnfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
The Other WomanFor The Stars2001
The Puppet Masters' WorkG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
The River In ReverseThe River In Reverse2006
The River In ReversePomp And Pout2010
The Roaring Boy (+ The Prufrock Quartet)G.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
The Scarlet TideThe Delivery Man2004
The Sharpest ThornThe River In Reverse2006
The Spell That You CastNational Ransom2010
The Sweetest PunchPainted From Memory1998
The Sweetest PunchThe Sweetest Punch1999
The Sweetest PunchPomp And Pout2010
The Very Thought Of YouKojak Variety1995
The Very Thought Of You (live)Piano Jazz2005
The WhirlwindHey Clockface2020
The World And His WifePunch The Clock1983
There's A Story In Your VoiceThe Delivery Man2004
They Didn't Believe Me (live)Piano Jazz2005
They're Not Laughing At Me NowHey Clockface2020
This House Is Empty NowPainted From Memory1998
This House Is Empty NowThe Sweetest Punch1999
This House Is Empty NowFor The Stars2001
This House Is Empty NowPomp And Pout2010
This Is HellBrutal Youth1994
This Offer Is UnrepeatableThe Juliet Letters1993
This Sad BurlesqueThe Juliet Letters1993
This Year's GirlThis Year's Model1978
This Year's Girl (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
Tokyo Storm WarningBlood And Chocolate1986
Tokyo Storm WarningThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
ToledoPainted From Memory1998
ToledoThe Sweetest Punch1999
Tonight The Bottle Let Me DownAlmost Blue1981
Too Far GoneAlmost Blue1981
Town CryerImperial Bedroom1982
Tramp The Dirt DownSpike1989
Tramp The Dirt DownExtreme Honey1997
Tramp the Dirt DownThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Trick Out The TruthThe Boy Named If2022
TripwireWise Up Ghost2013
Two Little HitlersArmed Forces1979
UncomplicatedBlood And Chocolate1986
Uncomplicated (live)Cruel Smile2002
Under LimeLook Now2018
Unhappy Home ServiceJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Unwanted NumberLook Now2018
Upon A Veil Of Midnight Blue (live)My Flame Burns Blue2006
Ursine VariationsJake's Progress (Soundtrack)1995
Vamp DolceThe Sweetest Punch1999
Verdreht - Verwirrt - Verwandle und VertauscheIl Sogno2004
VeronicaExtreme Honey1997
VeronicaThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Veronica (Demo)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Viceroy's RowWise Up Ghost2013
Waiting For The End Of The World (Bonus Track)My Aim Is True1977
Waiting For The End Of The World (live)Live At The El Mocambo1993
Waiting For The End Of The World (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
Wake Me UpWise Up Ghost2013
Walk Us UptownWise Up Ghost2013
Watch Your StepTrust1981
Watching The DetectivesThe Very Best Of Elvis Costello1999
Watching The DetectivesUnfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Watching The Detectives (live)Live At The El Mocambo1993
Watching The Detectives (live)My Flame Burns Blue2006
Watching The Detectives (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
Watching The Detectives (live)The Return Of The Spectacular Spinning Songbook2011
Watching The Detectives - My Funny Valentine (live)Cruel Smile2002
We Are All Cowards NowHey Clockface2020
Weird Nightmare (live)Deep Dead Blue1995
Welcome To The Working WeekMy Aim Is True1977
Welcome To The Working Week (live)Live At The El Mocambo1993
What If I Can't Give You Anything But LoveThe Boy Named If2022
What Is It That I Need That I Don't Already HaveHey Clockface2020
What's Her Name TodayPainted From Memory1998
What`s Her Name TodayThe Sweetest Punch1999
When Did I Stop DreamingNorth2003
When Green Eyes Turn BlueNorth2003
When I Was Cruel (No. 1)Cruel Smile2002
When I Was Cruel No. 2When I Was Cruel2002
When I Was Cruel No. 2Pomp And Pout2010
When I Was Cruel No. 2Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
When It SingsNorth2003
White KnucklesTrust1981
Who Do You Think You AreThe Juliet Letters1993
Who?s Gonna Help Brother Get FurtherThe River In Reverse2006
WhyThe Juliet Letters1993
Why Can't A Man Stand AloneAll This Useless Beauty1996
Why Don't You Love Me (Like You Used To Do)Almost Blue1981
Why Won't Heaven Help MeLook Now2018
Wise Up GhostWise Up Ghost2013
Wise Up Ghost (Elvis Costello + the Roots)Unfaithful Music + Soundtrack Album2015
Wonder WomanThe River In Reverse2006
Woodlands - On JoyG.B.H. (Soundtrack)1991
Worthless ThingGoodbye Cruel World1984
You Belong To MeThis Year's Model1978
You Belong To Me (live)Live At The El Mocambo1993
You Belong To Me (live)Live At Hollywood High2010
You Bowed DownAll This Useless Beauty1996
You Don't Know What Love Is (live)Piano Jazz2005
You Hung The MoonNational Ransom2010
You Left Me In The DarkNorth2003
You Little FoolImperial Bedroom1982
You Still Believe In MeFor The Stars2001
You Tripped At Every StepBrutal Youth1994
You Turned To MeNorth2003
You'll Never Be A ManTrust1981
Zettel erwachtIl Sogno2004
Zettels AntlitzIl Sogno2004

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