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A Dandelion Dies In The WindRegimental Sgt. Zippo2022
A Dream Come TrueThe Union2010
A Good HeartWonderful Crazy Night2016
A Town Called JubileeThe Diving Board2013
A Woman's Needs (With Tammy Wynette)Duets1993
A Word In SpanishReg Strikes Back1988
Act of War (with Millie Jackson) (Bonus Track)Ice On Fire1985
After AllThe Lockdown Sessions2021
Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing (With Marcella Detroit)Duets1993
All Across The Havens (Bonus Track)Empty Sky1969
All Quiet On The Western FrontJump Up!1982
All That I'm AllowedPeachtree Road2004
All The Girls Love AliceGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1973
All The NastiesMadman Across The Water1971
Always Love YouThe Lockdown Sessions2021
Amazes MeSleeping With The Past1989
American TriangleSongs From The West Coast2001
AmoreenaTumbleweed Connection1970
Amoreena (live) (Bonus Track)11-17-701971
AmyHonky Chateau1972
And The Clock Goes RoundRegimental Sgt. Zippo2022
And The House Fell DownThe Captain And The Kid2006
Angel TreeRegimental Sgt. Zippo2022
AngelineLeather Jackets1986
Answer In The SkyPeachtree Road2004
Are You Ready For LoveDiamonds2017
Bad Side Of The Moon (Bonus Track)Elton John1970
Bad Side Of The Moon (live)11-17-701971
Bad Side Of The Moon (live) (Bonus Track)Here And There1976
Ball And ChainJump Up!1982
Ballad Of A Well-Known GunTumbleweed Connection1970
Ballad Of The Boy In The Red ShoesSongs From The West Coast2001
Beauty In The BonesThe Lockdown Sessions2021
BelfastMade In England1995
BelieveMade In England1995
Bennie And The JetsGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1973
Bennie And The JetsDiamonds2017
Bennie And The Jets (live)Here And There1976
Bennie And The Jets (live)One Night Only2000
Bennie And The Jets (live) (+ Ray Cooper)Live From Moscow2020
Better Off DeadCaptan Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy1975
Better Off Dead (live) (+ Ray Cooper)Live From Moscow2020
Between Seventeen And TwentyBlue Moves1976
Big DipperA Single Man1978
Billy Bones And The White BirdRock Of The Westies1975
BirdsSongs From The West Coast2001
Bite Your Lip (Get Up And Dance)Blue Moves1976
Bitter FingersCaptan Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy1975
Black Icy StareGood Morning To The Night - Volume One2012
BlessedMade In England1995
Blue AvenueSleeping With The Past1989
Blue EyesJump Up!1982
Blue EyesDiamonds2017
Blue WonderfulWonderful Crazy Night2016
Blues EyesRocket Man - The Definitive Hits2007
Blues For My Baby And MeDon't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player1973
Blues Never Fade AwayThe Captain And The Kid2006
Boogie PilgrimBlue Moves1976
Border SongElton John1970
Border Song (live)Here And There1976
Born BadVictim Of Love1979
Born To Lose (With Leonard Cohen)Duets1993
Breaking Down BarriersThe Fox1981
Breaking Hearts (Ain't What It Used To Be)Breaking Hearts1984
Burn Down The MissionTumbleweed Connection1970
Burn Down The Mission (live)Live In Australia1987
Burn Down The Mission (live) (Bonus Track)Here And There1976
Burning BuildingsBreaking Hearts1984
Cage The SongbirdBlue Moves1976
Can I Put You On (live)11-17-701971
Can You Feel The Love TonightRocket Man - The Definitive Hits2007
Can You Feel The Love TonightDiamonds2017
Can You Feel The Love Tonight (live)One Night Only2000
Can't Stay Alone TonightThe Diving Board2013
Candle In The WindGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1973
Candle In The WindRocket Man - The Definitive Hits2007
Candle In The WindDiamonds2017
Candle In The Wind (live)Live In Australia1987
Candle In The Wind (live)One Night Only2000
Candle In The Wind (live)Live From Moscow2020
Candle In The Wind (live) (Bonus Track)Here And There1976
Candy by the PoundIce On Fire1985
Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt CowboyCaptan Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy1975
Carla - EtudeThe Fox1981
ChameleonBlue Moves1976
Chasing The Crown21 At 331980
ChloeThe Fox1981
Chosen FamilyThe Lockdown Sessions2021
Circle Of LifeDiamonds2017
Claw HammerWonderful Crazy Night2016
Club At The End Of The StreetSleeping With The Past1989
ColdMade In England1995
Cold As Christmas (In The Middle Of The Year)Too Low For Zero1983
Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)The Lockdown Sessions2021
Cold Highway (Bonus Track)Caribou1974
Come Down In TimeTumbleweed Connection1970
Country ComfortTumbleweed Connection1970
Country Comfort (live) (Bonus Track)Here And There1976
Crazy WaterBlue Moves1976
Crazy Water (live) (+ Ray Cooper)Live From Moscow2020
Crocodile RockDon't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player1973
Crocodile RockRocket Man - The Definitive Hits2007
Crocodile RockDiamonds2017
Crocodile Rock (live)Here And There1976
Crocodile Rock (live)One Night Only2000
Crocodile Rock - Get Back - Back In The U.S.S.R. (live)Live From Moscow2020
Cry To HeavenIce On Fire1985
CrystalToo Low For Zero1983
CurtainsCaptan Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy1975
Dan Dare (Pilot Of The Future)Rock Of The Westies1975
DanielDon't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player1973
DanielRocket Man - The Definitive Hits2007
Daniel (live)Live From Moscow2020
Daniel (live) (Bonus Track)Here And There1976
Dark DiamondsSongs From The West Coast2001
Dear God21 At 331980
Dear JohnJump Up!1982
Did He Shoot HerBreaking Hearts1984
Dirty Little GirlGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1973
Dixie LilyCaribou1974
Don't Go Breaking My HeartRocket Man - The Definitive Hits2007
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (+ Kiki Dee)Diamonds2017
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (+ Kiki Dee) (live)One Night Only2000
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (with Kiki Dee) (Bonus Track)Rock Of The Westies1975
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (With RuPaul)Duets1993
Don't Let The Sun Go Down on MeCaribou1974
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On MeRocket Man - The Definitive Hits2007
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (live)Live In Australia1987
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (live)One Night Only2000
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (live)Live From Moscow2020
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (live) (+ George Michael)Diamonds2017
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (live) (Bonus Track)Here And There1976
Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me (live) (With George Michael)Duets1993
Don't Trust That WomanLeather Jackets1986
Dream #1 (Instrumental Interlude)The Diving Board2013
Dream #2 (Instrumental Interlude)The Diving Board2013
Dream #3 (Instrumental Interlude)The Diving Board2013
Dreamboat (Bonus Track)Too Low For Zero1983
Duets For OneDuets1993
Durban DeepSleeping With The Past1989
E-TicketThe Lockdown Sessions2021
Earn While You Learn (Bonus Track)Too Low For Zero1983
Ego (Bonus Track)A Single Man1978
Eight Hundred Dollar ShoesThe Union2010
Elderberry WineDon't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player1973
Elton's SongThe Fox1981
EmilyThe One1992
Empty GardenJump Up!1982
Empty SkyEmpty Sky1969
FanfareThe Fox1981
Fascist FacesThe Fox1981
Fat Boys And Ugly Girls (Bonus Track)The One1992
Feed MeRock Of The Westies1975
Finish LineThe Lockdown Sessions2021
First Episode At HientonElton John1970
Flinstone Boy (Bonus Track)A Single Man1978
Foreign FieldsGood Morning To The Night - Volume One2012
Freaks In LovePeachtree Road2004
Funeral For A Friend (live) (+ Ray Cooper)Live From Moscow2020
Funeral For A Friend - Love Lies BleedingGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1973
Funeral For A Friend - Love Lies Bleeding (live)Here And There1976
GeorgiaA Single Man1978
Give Me The Love21 At 331980
Go It AloneLeather Jackets1986
Go On And On (With Gladys Knight)Duets1993
Gone To ShilohThe Union2010
Good Morning To The NightGood Morning To The Night - Volume One2012
GoodbyeMadman Across The Water1971
Goodbye Marlon BrandoReg Strikes Back1988
Goodbye Yellow Brick RoadGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1973
Goodbye Yellow Brick RoadRocket Man - The Definitive Hits2007
Goodbye Yellow Brick RoadDiamonds2017
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (live)One Night Only2000
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (live)Live From Moscow2020
Grey SealGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1973
Grey Seal (live) (Bonus Track)Here And There1976
Grey Seal (Original Version) (Bonus Track)Elton John1970
Grow Some Funk Of Your OwnRock Of The Westies1975
Guilty PleasureWonderful Crazy Night2016
Gulliver - Hay-Chewed - RepriseEmpty Sky1969
Gypsy HeartLeather Jackets1986
Hard Luck StoryRock Of The Westies1975
HarmonyGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1973
Have Mercy On The CriminalDon't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player1973
Have Mercy On The Criminal (live)Live In Australia1987
Healing HandsSleeping With The Past1989
Heart In The Right PlaceThe Fox1981
Heartache All Over The WorldLeather Jackets1986
Hearts Have Turned To StoneThe Union2010
Heavy TrafficReg Strikes Back1988
Heels Of The WindThe Fox1981
HerculesHonky Chateau1972
Hey AhabThe Union2010
High-Flying BirdDon't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player1973
Holiday InnMadman Across The Water1971
Home AgainThe Diving Board2013
Home AgainDiamonds2017
Honky CatHonky Chateau1972
Honky CatDiamonds2017
Honky Cat (live)Here And There1976
Honky Tonk Women (live)11-17-701971
Hoop Of FireLeather Jackets1986
HourglassRegimental Sgt. Zippo2022
HouseMade In England1995
Hymn 2000Empty Sky1969
I Am Your RobotJump Up!1982
I Can't Keep This From YouPeachtree Road2004
I Can't Steer My Heart Clear Of YouThe Big Picture1997
I Cry At Night (Bonus Track)A Single Man1978
I Don't CareA Single Man1978
I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like ThatReg Strikes Back1988
I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like ThatDiamonds2017
I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That (Just Elton And His Piano Mix) (Bonus Track)Reg Strikes Back1988
I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That (Shep Petit Mix) (Bonus Track)Reg Strikes Back1988
I Fall ApartLeather Jackets1986
I Feel Like A Bullet (In the Gun Of Robert Ford)Rock Of The Westies1975
I Guess That's Why They Call It The B. (+ Mary J.Blige) (liOne Night Only2000
I Guess That's Why They Call It The BluesToo Low For Zero1983
I Guess That's Why They Call It The BluesDiamonds2017
I Guess That's Why You Call It BluesRocket Man - The Definitive Hits2007
I Heard It Through The Grapevine (live)Live From Moscow2020
I Must Have Lost It On The WindThe Captain And The Kid2006
I Need You To Turn ToElton John1970
I Need You To Turn To (live)Live In Australia1987
I Never Knew Her NameSleeping With The Past1989
I Saw Her Standing There (with John Lennon) (live) (Bonus Track)Here And There1976
I Should Have Sent RosesThe Union2010
I Stop And I BreathePeachtree Road2004
I Think I'm Going To Kill MyselfHonky Chateau1972
I Want LoveSongs From The West Coast2001
I Want LoveDiamonds2017
I'm Going To Be A Teenage IdolDon't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player1973
I'm Not Gonna Miss YouThe Lockdown Sessions2021
I'm Still StandingToo Low For Zero1983
I'm Still StandingRocket Man - The Definitive Hits2007
I'm Still StandingDiamonds2017
I'm Still Standing (Live 1984) (Bonus Track)Ice On Fire1985
I'm Still Standing (live)One Night Only2000
I'm Your Puppet (With Paul Young)Duets1993
I've Got 2 WingsWonderful Crazy Night2016
I've Seen That Movie TooGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1973
I've Seen The SaucersCaribou1974
IdolBlue Moves1976
If It Wasn't For BadThe Union2010
If The River Can BendThe Big Picture1997
If There's A God in HeavenBlue Moves1976
If You Were Me (With Chris Rea)Duets1993
In NeonBreaking Hearts1984
In The Name Of YouWonderful Crazy Night2016
Indian SunsetMadman Across The Water1971
Into The Old Man's Shoes (Bonus Track)Tumbleweed Connection1970
Island GirlRock Of The Westies1975
Island GirlDiamonds2017
It Ain't Gonna Be EasyA Single Man1978
It's A Sin (Global Reach Mix)The Lockdown Sessions2021
It's Getting Dark In HerePeachtree Road2004
It's Me That You Need (Bonus Track)Empty Sky1969
Jack Rabbit (Bonus Track)Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player1973
Jamaica Jerk-OffGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1973
JanuaryThe Big Picture1997
Japanese HandsReg Strikes Back1988
Jimmie Rodgers' DreamThe Union2010
Johnny B. GoodeVictim Of Love1979
Just Like BelgiumThe Fox1981
Just Like Noah's ArkThe Captain And The Kid2006
Just Like Strange Rain (Bonus Track)Empty Sky1969
KarmatronGood Morning To The Night - Volume One2012
Kiss The BrideToo Low For Zero1983
Lady Samantha (Bonus Track)Empty Sky1969
Lady What's TomorrowEmpty Sky1969
LatitudeMade In England1995
Learn To FlyThe Lockdown Sessions2021
Leather JacketsLeather Jackets1986
Legal BoysJump Up!1982
LevonMadman Across The Water1971
Li'l 'FrigeratorBreaking Hearts1984
LiesMade In England1995
Little Jeannie21 At 331980
Little JeannieDiamonds2017
Live Like HorsesThe Big Picture1997
Long Way From HappinessThe Big Picture1997
Look Ma, No HandsSongs From The West Coast2001
Looking UpWonderful Crazy Night2016
Looking UpDiamonds2017
Love Her Like MeSongs From The West Coast2001
Love Letters (With Bonnie Raitt)Duets1993
Love SongTumbleweed Connection1970
Love Song (with Lesley Duncan) (live)Here And There1976
Love's Got A Lot To Answer ForThe Big Picture1997
Lovesick (Bonus Track)A Single Man1978
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (with John Lennon) (live) (Bonus Track)Here And There1976
Made In EnglandMade In England1995
Madman Across The WaterMadman Across The Water1971
Madman Across The Water (live)Live In Australia1987
Madman Across The Water (Original Version) (Bonus Track)Tumbleweed Connection1970
MadnessA Single Man1978
ManMade In England1995
MansfieldSongs From The West Coast2001
Meal TicketCaptan Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy1975
Medley: Burn Down The Mission - My Baby Left Me - Get Back (live)11-17-701971
Medley: Yell Help - Wednesday Night - UglyRock Of The Westies1975
MellowHonky Chateau1972
Memory Of LoveLeather Jackets1986
Mexican Vacation (Kids In The Candlelight)The Diving Board2013
Midnight CreeperDon't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player1973
Mona Lisas And Mad HattersHonky Chateau1972
Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters (Part Two)Reg Strikes Back1988
Mona Lisas And Mad Hatters (Part Two) (The Renaissance Mix) (Bonus Track)Reg Strikes Back1988
Monkey SuitThe Union2010
My Elusive DrugPeachtree Road2004
My Father's GunTumbleweed Connection1970
My QuicksandThe Diving Board2013
Never Gonna Fall In Love Again21 At 331980
Never Too Old (To Hold Somebody)The Union2010
NikitaIce On Fire1985
NikitaRocket Man - The Definitive Hits2007
NinaRegimental Sgt. Zippo2022
No Shoe Strings On LouiseElton John1970
Nobody WinsThe Fox1981
Nothing Else MattersThe Lockdown Sessions2021
Oceans AwayThe Diving Board2013
Old 67The Captain And The Kid2006
Old Friend (With Nik Kershaw)Duets1993
On Dark StreetThe One1992
One Horse TownBlue Moves1976
One More ArrowToo Low For Zero1983
One Of MeThe Lockdown Sessions2021
OrbitThe Lockdown Sessions2021
Original SinSongs From The West Coast2001
Oscar Wilde Gets OutThe Diving Board2013
Out Of The BlueBlue Moves1976
PainMade In England1995
ParisLeather Jackets1986
Part-Time LoveA Single Man1978
PassengersBreaking Hearts1984
Philadelphia FreedomDiamonds2017
Philadelphia Freedom (live)One Night Only2000
PhoenixGood Morning To The Night - Volume One2012
Pinball Wizard (Bonus Track)Caribou1974
Planes (Bonus Track)Rock Of The Westies1975
PleaseMade In England1995
Poor CowReg Strikes Back1988
Porch Swing In TupeloPeachtree Road2004
Postcards From Richard NixonThe Captain And The Kid2006
PrincessJump Up!1982
Razor FaceMadman Across The Water1971
Recover Your SoulThe Big Picture1997
Regimental Sgt. ZippoRegimental Sgt. Zippo2022
ReligionToo Low For Zero1983
RestlessBreaking Hearts1984
Restless (Live 1984) (Bonus Track)Ice On Fire1985
Return To ParadiseA Single Man1978
ReverieA Single Man1978
Rock 'n' Roll Madonna (Bonus Track)Elton John1970
Rocket ManRocket Man - The Definitive Hits2007
Rocket Man (I Think It's 'Going To Be A Long Long Time)Honky Chateau1972
Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long Long Time)Diamonds2017
Rocket Man (I Think It's Going To Be A Long Long Time) (live)Here And There1976
Rocket Man (live)One Night Only2000
Rocket Man (live)Live From Moscow2020
Rope Around A Fool (Bonus Track)Reg Strikes Back1988
Rotten PeachesMadman Across The Water1971
Roy RogersGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1973
Runaway Train (Duet with Eric Clapton)The One1992
SacrificeSleeping With The Past1989
SacrificeRocket Man - The Definitive Hits2007
Sacrifice (live)One Night Only2000
SadGood Morning To The Night - Volume One2012
Sad Songs (+ Bryan Adams) (live)One Night Only2000
Sad Songs (Say So Much)Breaking Hearts1984
Sad Songs (Say So Much)Rocket Man - The Definitive Hits2007
Sad Songs (Say So Much)Diamonds2017
SailsEmpty Sky1969
SaintToo Low For Zero1983
SalvationHonky Chateau1972
Sartorial Eloquence21 At 331980
SatelliteIce On Fire1985
Saturday Night's Alright (+ Anastacia) (live)One Night Only2000
Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)Diamonds2017
Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) - Pinball Wizard (live) (+ Ray Cooper)Live From Moscow2020
Saturday Night's Alright For FightingGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1973
Saturday Night's Alright For FightingRocket Man - The Definitive Hits2007
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting (live) (Bonus Track)Here And There1976
Screw you (Young Man's Blues) (Bonus Track)Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player1973
Shakey Ground (With Don Henley)Duets1993
Shine On ThroughA Single Man1978
Shoot Down the MoonIce On Fire1985
Shooting StarA Single Man1978
Shoulder HolsterBlue Moves1976
Sick City (Bonus Track)Caribou1974
Simple LifeThe One1992
Simple ThingsThe Lockdown Sessions2021
Since God Invented GirlsReg Strikes Back1988
Sitting Doing NothingRegimental Sgt. Zippo2022
SixtyGood Morning To The Night - Volume One2012
Sixty Years OnElton John1970
Sixty Years On (live)11-17-701971
Sixty Years On (live)Live In Australia1987
Skyline PigeonEmpty Sky1969
Skyline Pigeon (live)Here And There1976
Skyline Pigeon (live)Live From Moscow2020
Skyline Pigeon (Piano Version) (Bonus Track)Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player1973
SlaveHonky Chateau1972
Slave (Bonus Track)Honky Chateau1972
Sleeping With The PastSleeping With The Past1989
Slow Down GeorgieBreaking Hearts1984
Slow RiversLeather Jackets1986
Social DiseaseGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1973
Solar Prestige A GammonCaribou1974
Someone Saved My Life TonightCaptan Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy1975
Someone Saved My Life TonightDiamonds2017
Someone's Final SongBlue Moves1976
Something About The Way You Look TonightThe Big Picture1997
Something About The Way You Look TonightDiamonds2017
Son Of Your FatherTumbleweed Connection1970
Song For GuyA Single Man1978
Song For GuyDiamonds2017
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest WordBlue Moves1976
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest WordRocket Man - The Definitive Hits2007
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest WordDiamonds2017
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (Live 1977) (Bonus Track)Ice On Fire1985
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (live)Live In Australia1987
Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (live) (+ Ray Cooper)Live From Moscow2020
Soul GloveIce On Fire1985
Spiteful ChildJump Up!1982
SpotlightVictim Of Love1979
Step Into Christmas (Bonus Track)Caribou1974
Stolen CarThe Lockdown Sessions2021
Stones Throw From Hurtin'Sleeping With The Past1989
Strangers (Bonus Track)A Single Man1978
Street BoogieVictim Of Love1979
Street KidsRock Of The Westies1975
Sugar On The Floor (Bonus Track)Rock Of The Westies1975
Suit Of Wolves (Bonus Track)The One1992
Susie (Dramas)Honky Chateau1972
Sweat It OutThe One1992
Sweet Painted LadyGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1973
Take Me Back21 At 331980
Take Me To The PilotElton John1970
Take Me To The Pilot (live)11-17-701971
Take Me To The Pilot (live)Here And There1976
Take Me To The Pilot (live)Live In Australia1987
Take Me To The Pilot (live)Live From Moscow2020
Take Me To The Pilot (live) (Bonus Track)Here And There1976
Take This Dirty WaterThe Diving Board2013
Talking Old SoldiersTumbleweed Connection1970
TambourineWonderful Crazy Night2016
Tartan Coloured LadyRegimental Sgt. Zippo2022
Teacher I Need YouDon't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player1973
Teardrops (With k.d. Lang)Duets1993
Telegraph To The AfterlifeGood Morning To The Night - Volume One2012
Tell Me What the Papers SayIce On Fire1985
Tell Me When The Whistle BlowsCaptan Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy1975
Texan Love SongDon't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player1973
The Ballad Of Blind TomThe Diving Board2013
The Ballad Of Danny Bailey (1909-34)Goodbye Yellow Brick Road1973
The Best Part Of The DayThe Union2010
The Big PictureThe Big Picture1997
The Bitch Is BackCaribou1974
The Bitch Is BackDiamonds2017
The Bitch Is Back (live) (Bonus Track)Here And There1976
The BridgeThe Captain And The Kid2006
The CageElton John1970
The Camera Never LiesReg Strikes Back1988
The Captain And The KidThe Captain And The Kid2006
The Diving BoardThe Diving Board2013
The Emperor's New ClothesSongs From The West Coast2001
The End Will ComeThe Big Picture1997
The FoxThe Fox1981
The Greatest DiscoveryElton John1970
The Greatest Discovery (live)Live In Australia1987
The Hands Of AngelsThe Union2010
The King Must DieElton John1970
The King Must Die (live)Live In Australia1987
The Last SongThe One1992
The Man Who Never Died (Bonus Track)Ice On Fire1985
The New Fever WaltzThe Diving Board2013
The NorthThe One1992
The OneThe One1992
The Open ChordWonderful Crazy Night2016
The Pink PhantomThe Lockdown Sessions2021
The Power (with Little Richard)Duets1993
The Retreat (Bonus Track)Too Low For Zero1983
The ScaffoldEmpty Sky1969
The WastelandSongs From The West Coast2001
The Wide-Eyed And LaughingBlue Moves1976
Theme From A Non-Existent TV SeriesBlue Moves1976
There's No TomorrowThe Union2010
They Call Her The CatPeachtree Road2004
This Song Has No TitleGoodbye Yellow Brick Road1973
This TownIce On Fire1985
This Train Don't Stop There AnymoreSongs From The West Coast2001
Thunder In The NightVictim Of Love1979
TinderboxThe Captain And The Kid2006
TinderboxRocket Man - The Definitive Hits2007
Tiny DancerMadman Across The Water1971
Tiny DancerDiamonds2017
Tiny Dancer (live)Live In Australia1987
TonightBlue Moves1976
Tonight (live)Live In Australia1987
Tonight (live) (+ Ray Cooper)Live From Moscow2020
Too Low For ZeroToo Low For Zero1983
Too Many TearsPeachtree Road2004
Too YoungIce On Fire1985
Tower Of BabelCaptan Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy1975
Town Of PlentyReg Strikes Back1988
True Love (With Kiki Dee)Duets1993
Turn The Lights Out When You LeavePeachtree Road2004
Turn To MeRegimental Sgt. Zippo2022
Two Rooms At The End Of The World21 At 331980
Understanding WomenThe One1992
Val-HalaEmpty Sky1969
Victim Of LoveVictim Of Love1979
VoyeurThe Diving Board2013
Warm Love In A Cold WorldVictim Of Love1979
Watching The Planes Go ByRegimental Sgt. Zippo2022
We All Fall In Love SometimesCaptan Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy1975
Weight Of The WorldPeachtree Road2004
Western Ford GatewayEmpty Sky1969
Whatever Gets You Thru The Night (with John Lennon) (live) (Bonus Track)Here And There1976
When A Woman Doesn't Want YouThe One1992
When I Think About Love (I Think About You) (with P.M. Dawn)Duets1993
When I Was Tealby AbbeyRegimental Sgt. Zippo2022
When Love Is DyingThe Union2010
Whenever You're Ready (We'll Go Steady Again) (Bonus Track)Don't Shoot Me I'm Only The Piano Player1973
Where Have All The Good Times GoneJump Up!1982
Where To Now St. PeterTumbleweed Connection1970
Where's The ShoorahBlue Moves1976
Whipping BoyToo Low For Zero1983
WhispersSleeping With The Past1989
White Lady White Powder21 At 331980
Whitewash CountyThe One1992
Who Wears These ShoesBreaking Hearts1984
Wicked DreamsThe Big Picture1997
Wonderful Crazy NightWonderful Crazy Night2016
Wouldn't Have You Any Other WayThe Captain And The Kid2006
Wrap Her UpIce On Fire1985
WritingCaptan Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy1975
You'll Be Sorry To See Me GoRegimental Sgt. Zippo2022
You're So StaticCaribou1974
You're So Static (live) (Bonus Track)Here And There1976
Your Sister Can't Twist (But She Can Rock 'n Roll)Goodbye Yellow Brick Road1973
Your SongElton John1970
Your SongRocket Man - The Definitive Hits2007
Your SongDiamonds2017
Your Song (+ Ronan Keating) (live)One Night Only2000
Your Song (live)Live In Australia1987
Your Song (live) (Bonus Track)Here And There1976
Your Song (live) (Bonus Track)Here And There1976
Your Starter For...Blue Moves1976

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