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3 SpeedElectro-Shock Blues1998
A Daisy Through ConcreteDaisies Of The Galaxy2000
A Daisy Through Concrete (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
A Line In The DirtEnd Times2010
A Line In The DirtEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
A Line In The Dirt (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
A Swallow In The SunThe Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett2014
Accident ProneWonderful, Glorious2013
Addressing The Royal Audience (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
After The EarthquakeTomorrow Morning2010
Agatha ChangThe Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett2014
All In A Day's WorkShootenanny!2003
All The Beautiful ThingsHombre lobo2009
Amateur HourExtreme Witchcraft2022
AnswersThe Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett2014
Ant FarmElectro-Shock Blues1998
Anything For BooEarth To Dora2020
Apple TreesEnd Times2010
Archie GoodnightThe Deconstruction2018
Are We Alright AgainEarth To Dora2020
Are We Alright AgainEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
Are You Fucking Your ExEarth To Dora2020
Baby GeniusElectro-Shock Blues1998
Baby Let's Make It RealEarth To Dora2020
Baby Loves MeTomorrow Morning2010
Be HurtThe Deconstruction2018
Beautiful FreakBeautiful Freak1996
Beginner's LuckHombre lobo2009
Better Living Through DesperationExtreme Witchcraft2022
Blinking Lights (For Me)Blinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Blinking Lights (For Me) (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
Blinking Lights (For You)Blinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Bombs AwayWonderful, Glorious2013
Bone DryThe Deconstruction2018
Bride Of Theme From Blinking LightsBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Bus Stop BoxerSouljacker2001
Can't Help Falling In Love (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
Cancer For The CureElectro-Shock Blues1998
Checkout BluesBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Christmas, Why You Gotta Do Me Like ThisEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
Climbing To The MoonElectro-Shock Blues1998
Coming BackThe Deconstruction2018
Daisies Of The GalaxyDaisies Of The Galaxy2000
Dark And DramaticEarth To Dora2020
Dead Of WinterElectro-Shock Blues1998
Dead ReckoningThe Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett2014
Dirty GirlShootenanny!2003
Dog Faced BoySouljacker2001
Dusk: A Peach In The OrchardBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Dust Of AgesBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Earth To DoraEarth To Dora2020
Earth To DoraEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
Efils' GodElectro-Shock Blues1998
Electro-Shock BluesElectro-Shock Blues1998
Elizabeth On The Bathroom FloorElectro-Shock Blues1998
End TimesEnd Times2010
Estate SaleDaisies Of The Galaxy2000
Fashion AwardsShootenanny!2003
FlowerBeautiful Freak1996
FlyswatterDaisies Of The Galaxy2000
Flyswatter (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
For You (Bonus Track)Tomorrow Morning2010
Fresh BloodHombre lobo2009
Fresh BloodEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
Fresh FeelingSouljacker2001
Fresh Feeling (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
Friendly GhostSouljacker2001
From Which I Came - A Magic WorldBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Gentleman's ChoiceThe Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett2014
Gentlemen's Choice (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
God's SilenceBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Going FetalBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Going To Your Funeral, Pt. 1Electro-Shock Blues1998
Going To Your Funeral, Pt. 2Electro-Shock Blues1998
Gone ManEnd Times2010
Good Night On EarthExtreme Witchcraft2022
Grace Kelly BluesDaisies Of The Galaxy2000
Grace Kelly Blues (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
Grandfather Clock Strikes TwelveExtreme Witchcraft2022
Guest ListBeautiful Freak1996
Hey Man (Now You're Really Living)Blinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
High And LonesomeEnd Times2010
Hospital FoodElectro-Shock Blues1998
I Am Building A ShrineWonderful, Glorious2013
I Got HurtEarth To Dora2020
I Know You're RightExtreme Witchcraft2022
I Like BirdsDaisies Of The Galaxy2000
I Like Birds (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
I Like The Way This Is GoingTomorrow Morning2010
I Like The Way This Is GoingEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
I Like The Way This Is Going (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
I Need A MotherEnd Times2010
I'm A HummingbirdTomorrow Morning2010
I'm Going To Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your HeartBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
If You See NatalieBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
In Gratitude For This Magnificent DayTomorrow Morning2010
In My DreamsHombre lobo2009
In My Younger DaysEnd Times2010
In Our CathedralThe Deconstruction2018
In The Yard, Behind The ChurchBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Introducing The Band (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
It's A MotherfuckerDaisies Of The Galaxy2000
It's A Motherfucker (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
Jazz Hans Part IEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
Jeannie's DiaryDaisies Of The Galaxy2000
Jungle TelegraphSouljacker2001
Kinda FuzzyWonderful, Glorious2013
Kindred SpiritThe Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett2014
Last Days Of My Bitter HeartBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Last Stop: This TownElectro-Shock Blues1998
Last Stop: This Town (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
Last Time We SpokeBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Learning While I LoseExtreme Witchcraft2022
Let's Ruin Julie's Birthday (Bonus Track)Tomorrow Morning2010
Lilac BreezeHombre lobo2009
Little BirdEnd Times2010
Little BirdEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
Lockdown HurricaneThe Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett2014
Lockdown Hurricane (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
Lone WolfShootenanny!2003
Looking UpTomorrow Morning2010
Losing StreakBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Love Of The LovelessShootenanny!2003
Man I Keep TryingEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
Man UpEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
ManchildBeautiful Freak1996
Mansions of Los FelizEnd Times2010
Mansions Of Los Feliz (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
Marie Floating Over The BackyardBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
MentalBeautiful Freak1996
Mistakes Of My YouthThe Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett2014
Mistakes Of My YouthEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
Mistakes Of My Youth - Wonderful, Glorius (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
Mother MaryBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Mr. E's Beautiful BluesDaisies Of The Galaxy2000
My Beloved MonsterBeautiful Freak1996
My Beloved Monster (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
My Descent Into MadnessElectro-Shock Blues1998
My Timing Is OffHombre lobo2009
My Timing is Off (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
Mystery Of LifeTomorrow Morning2010
New AlphabetWonderful, Glorious2013
Not Ready YetBeautiful Freak1996
Novocaine For The SoulBeautiful Freak1996
NowadaysEnd Times2010
Numbered DaysShootenanny!2003
Of Unsent LettersEarth To Dora2020
Oh So LovelyTomorrow Morning2010
OKEarth To Dora2020
Old Shit - New ShitBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
On My FeetEnd Times2010
On The RopesWonderful, Glorious2013
Open My PresentWonderful, Glorious2013
Ordinary ManHombre lobo2009
P.S. You Rock My WorldElectro-Shock Blues1998
Packing BlanketsDaisies Of The Galaxy2000
Paradise BluesEnd Times2010
ParallelsThe Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett2014
Parallels (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
Peach BlossomWonderful, Glorious2013
Peach BlossomEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
PremonitionThe Deconstruction2018
PrizefighterHombre lobo2009
Rags To RagsBeautiful Freak1996
Railroad ManBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Restraining Order BluesShootenanny!2003
Rock Hard TimesShootenanny!2003
Royal PainEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
Rusty PipesThe Deconstruction2018
Saturday MorningShootenanny!2003
Selective MemoryDaisies Of The Galaxy2000
Series Of MisunderstandingsThe Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett2014
So AnywayExtreme Witchcraft2022
Somebody Loves YouShootenanny!2003
Something Is SacredDaisies Of The Galaxy2000
Son Of A BitchBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Souljacker Part ISouljacker2001
Souljacker Part IiSouljacker2001
Spectacular GirlTomorrow Morning2010
Spectacular GirlEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
SpunkyBeautiful Freak1996
St. Elizabeth Story (Bonus Track)Tomorrow Morning2010
Steam EngineExtreme Witchcraft2022
Stick TogetherWonderful, Glorious2013
Strawberries And PopcornExtreme Witchcraft2022
Stumbling BeeExtreme Witchcraft2022
Suicide LifeBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Susan's HouseBeautiful Freak1996
Sweet Li'l ThingBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Sweet Scorched EarthThe Deconstruction2018
Swimming Lesson (Bonus Track)Tomorrow Morning2010
Teenage WitchSouljacker2001
That Look You Give That GuyHombre lobo2009
That Look You Give That GuyEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
That's Not Her WayTomorrow Morning2010
That's Not Really FunnySouljacker2001
The BeginningEnd Times2010
The Beginning (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
The DeconstructionThe Deconstruction2018
The DeconstructionEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
The EpiphanyThe Deconstruction2018
The Gentle SoulsEarth To Dora2020
The Good Old DaysShootenanny!2003
The LongingHombre lobo2009
The MagicExtreme Witchcraft2022
The ManTomorrow Morning2010
The Medication Is Wearing OffElectro-Shock Blues1998
The MorningTomorrow Morning2010
The Morning (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
The Other ShoeBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
The QuandaryThe Deconstruction2018
The Sound Of FearDaisies Of The Galaxy2000
The Sound Of Fear (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
The Stars Shine In The Sky TonightBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
The TurnaroundWonderful, Glorious2013
The UnanswerableThe Deconstruction2018
Theme For A Pretty Girl That Makes You Believe God ExistsBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Theme From Blinking LightsBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
There I Said ItThe Deconstruction2018
Things The Grandchildren Should KnowBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
This Is Where It Gets GoodTomorrow Morning2010
Tiger In My TankDaisies Of The Galaxy2000
To Lick Your BootsBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Today Is The DayThe Deconstruction2018
Today Is The DayEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
Tremendous DynamiteHombre lobo2009
Trouble With DreamsBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
True OriginalWonderful, Glorious2013
Turn On Your Radio (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
Ugly LoveBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
Understanding SalesmenBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
UnhingedEnd Times2010
Waking UpEarth To Dora2020
What I Have To OfferTomorrow Morning2010
What Is This NoteSouljacker2001
What It Isn'tExtreme Witchcraft2022
What's A Fella Gotta DoHombre lobo2009
Whatever Happened To Soy BombBlinking Lights And Other Revelations2005
When You Wish Upon A Star (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
Where I'm AtThe Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett2014
Where I'm At (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
Where I'm FromThe Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett2014
Where I'm FromEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
Where I'm From (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
Where I'm GoingThe Cautionary Tales Of Mark Oliver Everett2014
Where I'm Going (live)Royal Albert Hall2015
Who You Say You AreEarth To Dora2020
Woman Driving, Man SleepingSouljacker2001
Wonderful, GloriousWonderful, Glorious2013
Wonderful, GloriousEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
Wooden NickelsDaisies Of The Galaxy2000
World Of ShitSouljacker2001
Wrong About BobbyShootenanny!2003
You Are The Shining LightThe Deconstruction2018
You Are The Shining LightEels So Good - Essential Eels - Vol. 2 (2007-2020)2023
You're My FriendWonderful, Glorious2013
Your Lucky Day In HellBeautiful Freak1996

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