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929Tinnitus Sanctus2008
All The ClownsMandrake2001
All The ClownsHall Of Flames2004
Alone In MyselfSpace Police-Defenders Of The Crown2014
Angel RebellionKingdom Of Madness1997
Another TimeTheater Of Salvation1999
Aren't You A Little Pervert TooTinnitus Sanctus2008
Arrows FlyTheater Of Salvation1999
Avantasia (live)Burning Down The Opera2003
Avantasia (live)Hall Of Flames2004
Avantasia (live)Fucking With Fire - Live2009
BabylonTheater Of Salvation1999
Babylon (live)Burning Down The Opera2003
Babylon (live)Fucking With Fire - Live2009
Behind The Gates To Midnight WorldAge Of The Joker2011
Blessing In DisguiseThe Singles2008
BreatheAge Of The Joker2011
But Here I AmVain Glory Opera1998
But Here I AmHall Of Flames2004
Catch Of The CenturyRocket Ride2006
Catch Of The Century (live)Fucking With Fire - Live2009
Children Of Steel (Bonus Track)Hellfire Club2004
Dark SymphonyKingdom Of Madness1997
Dead Or RockTinnitus Sanctus2008
DeadmakerKingdom Of Madness1997
DeadmakerHall Of Flames2004
Defenders Of The CrownSpace Police-Defenders Of The Crown2014
Defenders Of The CrownMonuments2017
Do Me Like A CavemanSpace Police-Defenders Of The Crown2014
Down To The DevilHellfire Club2004
DragonflyTinnitus Sanctus2008
Every Night Without YouAge Of The Joker2011
Eyes Of The TyrantThe Savage Poetry2000
Faces In The DarknessAge Of The Joker2011
FairytaleVain Glory Opera1998
Fallen AngelsMandrake2001
Fallen Angels (live)Burning Down The Opera2003
Falling DownTheater Of Salvation1999
Fire On The DownlineAge Of The Joker2011
For A Trace Of LifeHall Of Flames2004
For A Trace Of Life (Bonus Track)Theater Of Salvation1999
ForeverHellfire Club2004
Frozen CandleThe Savage Poetry2000
Fucking With Fire (Hair Force One)Rocket Ride2006
Fucking With Fire (live)Fucking With Fire - Live2009
Golden DawnMandrake2001
HallowedThe Savage Poetry2000
Heart Of TwilightKingdom Of Madness1997
Heavenward (Bonus Track)Hellfire Club2004
Holy ShadowsTheater Of Salvation1999
Holy WaterThe Singles2008
Holy WaterMonuments2017
How Many MilesVain Glory Opera1998
How Many Miles (live)Burning Down The Opera2003
HymnVain Glory Opera1998
I'll Cry For YouThe Singles2008
Inside (live)Burning Down The Opera2003
JerusalemHall Of Flames2004
Judas At The OperaMonuments2017
Judas In The OperaThe Singles2008
Key To My FateThe Savage Poetry2000
Key To My FateHall Of Flames2004
Key To My FateMonuments2017
King Of FoolsHellfire Club2004
King Of FoolsThe Singles2008
King Of FoolsMonuments2017
King Of Fools (live)Fucking With Fire - Live2009
La Marche Des GendarmesHall Of Flames2004
Land Of The MiracleTheater Of Salvation1999
Land Of The MiracleHall Of Flames2004
Land Of The MiracleMonuments2017
Land Of The Miracle (live)Burning Down The Opera2003
Land Of The Miracle (live)Fucking With Fire - Live2009
Land Of The Miracle (live) (Bonus Track)Rocket Ride2006
Lavatory Love MachineHellfire Club2004
Lavatory Love MachineThe Singles2008
Lavatory Love MachineMonuments2017
Lavatory Love Machine (Accoustic Version)The Singles2008
Lavatory Love Machine (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)Rocket Ride2006
Lavatory Love Machine (live)Fucking With Fire - Live2009
Life And Times Of A BonustrackThe Singles2008
Love TygerSpace Police-Defenders Of The Crown2014
Love TygerMonuments2017
Lucifer In LoveHellfire Club2004
MatrixRocket Ride2006
Ministry Of SaintsTinnitus Sanctus2008
Ministry Of SaintsMonuments2017
Misguiding Your LifeThe Savage Poetry2000
MysteriaHellfire Club2004
Mysteria (feat. Mille Petrozza) (Bonus Track)Hellfire Club2004
Mysteria (live)Fucking With Fire - Live2009
Nailed To The WheelMandrake2001
Nailed To The WheelHall Of Flames2004
NavigatorHellfire Club2004
New Age MessiahThe Singles2008
Nine LivesTinnitus Sanctus2008
No More Foolin'Vain Glory Opera1998
Nobody's HeroAge Of The Joker2011
Open SesameMonuments2017
Out Of ControlVain Glory Opera1998
Out Of ControlHall Of Flames2004
Out Of ControlMonuments2017
Out Of Control (live)Burning Down The Opera2003
Out Of Control (live)Fucking With Fire - Live2009
Out Of VogueRocket Ride2006
OvertureVain Glory Opera1998
Painting On The WallMandrake2001
Painting On The Wall (live)Burning Down The Opera2003
Pandora's BoxAge Of The Joker2011
ParadiseKingdom Of Madness1997
Power And MajestyThe Savage Poetry2000
Reach Out (Bonus Track)Rocket Ride2006
Reborn In The WasteMonuments2017
Return To The TribeRocket Ride2006
Rise Of The Morning GloryHellfire Club2004
Robin HoodAge Of The Joker2011
Rock Me AmadeusSpace Police-Defenders Of The Crown2014
Rock Of CashelAge Of The Joker2011
Rock Of CashelMonuments2017
Rocket RideRocket Ride2006
Roses To No OneThe Savage Poetry2000
Sabre And TorchSpace Police-Defenders Of The Crown2014
Sacred HellThe Savage Poetry2000
SacrificeRocket Ride2006
Sacrifice (live)Fucking With Fire - Live2009
Sands Of TimeThe Savage Poetry2000
Save MeRocket Ride2006
Save MeMonuments2017
Save Me (live)Fucking With Fire - Live2009
Save Us NowMandrake2001
Save Us Now (live)Burning Down The Opera2003
Scarlet RoseVain Glory Opera1998
Scarlet RoseHall Of Flames2004
Sex Fire ReligionTinnitus Sanctus2008
Shadow EatersSpace Police-Defenders Of The Crown2014
Solitary Bunny Drum Solo (live)Burning Down The Opera2003
Space PoliceSpace Police-Defenders Of The Crown2014
Space PoliceMonuments2017
SpeedhovenTinnitus Sanctus2008
Spooks In The AtticThe Singles2008
Spooks In The AtticMonuments2017
Steel ChurchKingdom Of Madness1997
SuperheroesRocket Ride2006
SuperheroesThe Singles2008
Superheroes (Epic Version)The Singles2008
Superheroes (live)Fucking With Fire - Live2009
Tears Of A MandrakeMandrake2001
Tears Of A MandrakeHall Of Flames2004
Tears Of A MandrakeMonuments2017
Tears Of A Mandrake (live)Burning Down The Opera2003
Tears Of A Mandrake (live)Fucking With Fire - Live2009
The Arcane GuildAge Of The Joker2011
The AsylumRocket Ride2006
The Devil And The SavantHall Of Flames2004
The Devil And The Savant (Bonus Track)Mandrake2001
The Eternal WayfarerSpace Police-Defenders Of The Crown2014
The Eternal WayfarerMonuments2017
The Headless GameTheater Of Salvation1999
The Headless GameHall Of Flames2004
The Headless Game (live)Burning Down The Opera2003
The Healing VisionTheater Of Salvation1999
The KingdomKingdom Of Madness1997
The MountaineerMonuments2017
The PharaohMandrake2001
The Pharaoh (live)Burning Down The Opera2003
The Piper Never DiesHellfire Club2004
The Piper Never DiesMonuments2017
The Pride Of CreationTinnitus Sanctus2008
The Realms Of Baba YagaSpace Police-Defenders Of The Crown2014
The Savage UnionThe Singles2008
The SpiritThe Singles2008
The Spirit Will RemainHellfire Club2004
The UnbelieverTheater Of Salvation1999
The UnbelieverHall Of Flames2004
Theater Of SalvationTheater Of Salvation1999
Theater Of SalvationHall Of Flames2004
Thorn Without A RoseTinnitus Sanctus2008
TomorrowVain Glory Opera1998
TrinidadRocket Ride2006
Two Out Of SevenAge Of The Joker2011
Under The MoonHellfire Club2004
Until We Rise AgainVain Glory Opera1998
Until We Rise AgainHall Of Flames2004
Vain Glory OperaVain Glory Opera1998
Vain Glory OperaHall Of Flames2004
Vain Glory OperaMonuments2017
Vain Glory Opera (live)Burning Down The Opera2003
Vain Glory Opera (live)Fucking With Fire - Live2009
Wake Up Dreaming BlackTinnitus Sanctus2008
Wake Up The KingTheater Of Salvation1999
Wake Up The King (live)Hall Of Flames2004
Walk On FightingVain Glory Opera1998
Walk On Fighting (live)Hall Of Flames2004
Walk On Fighting (live) (Bonus Track)Theater Of Salvation1999
Wash Away The PoisonMandrake2001
Wasted TimeRocket Ride2006
We Don't Need A HeroHellfire Club2004
Welcome To The Opera (Intro) (live)Burning Down The Opera2003
When A Hero CriesKingdom Of Madness1997
Wings Of A DreamKingdom Of Madness1997
Wings Of A DreamHall Of Flames2004
Wings Of A Dream (Bonus Track)Mandrake2001
Wings Of A Dream (live)Burning Down The Opera2003
Wrestle The DevilMonuments2017

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