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Another RevolutionaryKiller On The Rampage1982
Another RiotFile Under Rock1988
Baby Come BackBorn Tuff1986
Bahia GirlSoca Baptism1993
Barefoot SoldierBarefoot Soldier1990
Barefoot SoldierPaintings Of The Soul1992
BelgradeHearts And Diamonds2001
Blood MoneyBorn Tuff1986
Blue WaveGoing For Broke1984
Born TuffBorn Tuff1986
Boys In The StreetGoing For Broke1984
California StyleCan't Get Enough1981
Can't Get Enough Of YouCan't Get Enough1981
Chuck (Is The King)File Under Rock1988
Cockney BlackMessage Man1977
Cockney Black (live)Live At Notting Hill1981
Come Along To My PlaceBorn Tuff1986
Come On Let Me Love YouGoing For Broke1984
Concern Number OneReparation2006
CurfewMessage Man1977
Curfew (live)Live At Notting Hill1981
Dance PartyBorn Tuff1986
Dancing In GuyanaWalking On Sunshine1979
Do You Feel My LoveCan't Get Enough1981
Don't Back DownHearts And Diamonds2001
Don't Bother MeSoca Baptism1993
Don't Talk To StrangersFile Under Rock1988
Drop Baby DropKiller On The Rampage1982
East Dry RiverHearts And Diamonds2001
East Dry River (Ska)Hearts And Diamonds2001
Electric AvenueKiller On The Rampage1982
Eulogy For A Living ManBarefoot Soldier1990
Eulogy For A Living ManPaintings Of The Soul1992
Everybody DanceLove In Exile1980
Everybody Rappin'Reparation2006
Everything IrieReparation2006
Exiled (From The Love I Know)Love In Exile1980
Feel The Rhythm (Of You And I)Love In Exile1980
Free My SoulReparation2006
Frontline SymphonyWalking On Sunshine1979
Funky Rock'n' RollKiller On The Rampage1982
Funny Little GrooveBorn Tuff1986
Georgetown GirlSoca Baptism1993
Get Down SowetoMessage Man1977
Get Up And DanceSoca Baptism1993
Gimme Hope Jo'annaFile Under Rock1988
Gimme Hope Jo'annaBarefoot Soldier1990
Gisela From PanamaSoca Baptism1993
Give Yourself To MeCan't Get Enough1981
Going Back DehReparation2006
Good CitizenSoca Baptism1993
Harmless Piece Of FunFile Under Rock1988
Hearts And DiamondsHearts And Diamonds2001
Hello AfricaMessage Man1977
Hello Africa (live)Live At Notting Hill1981
Hello Africa (Rap) (live)Live At Notting Hill1981
Hostile CountryFile Under Rock1988
How Come I'm The Last To KnowHearts And Diamonds2001
I Don't Wanna DanceKiller On The Rampage1982
I Love To TruckCan't Get Enough1981
I Love You Yes, I Love YouCan't Get Enough1981
I Walk Along TonightPaintings Of The Soul1992
I'm InnocentHearts And Diamonds2001
I'm Not Alone TonightBarefoot Soldier1990
In L.A.Born Tuff1986
Ire HarryGoing For Broke1984
It's All In YouKiller On The Rampage1982
It's Our TimeMessage Man1977
Jam DemSoca Baptism1993
Jamaican ChildMessage Man1977
Jamaican Child (live)Live At Notting Hill1981
Jesus Got A FaceReparation2006
Just Imagine I'm Loving YouWalking On Sunshine1979
KidadaPaintings Of The Soul1992
Kill 'Em With KindnessCan't Get Enough1981
Killer On The RampageKiller On The Rampage1982
Latin Love AffairKiller On The Rampage1982
LeadbellyPaintings Of The Soul1992
Living On The Front LineWalking On Sunshine1979
Living On The Frontline (live)Live At Notting Hill1981
Long As I'm Wanted By YouFile Under Rock1988
Long NightReparation2006
Love WeselfReparation2006
Lover To LoverHearts And Diamonds2001
Meloday Of The NightBorn Tuff1986
Miss TouristSoca Baptism1993
My Love, My LoveWalking On Sunshine1979
My Turn To Love YouLove In Exile1980
My Turn To Love You (live)Live At Notting Hill1981
Neighbour (live)Live At Notting Hill1981
Neighbour NeighbourMessage Man1977
Next Time AroundBorn Tuff1986
NkrumahPaintings Of The Soul1992
Nobody's Got TimeLove In Exile1980
Only Heaven KnowsGoing For Broke1984
Paco And RamonePaintings Of The Soul1992
Political Bassa-BassaGoing For Broke1984
Preachin' GenocideLove In Exile1980
Put A Hold On ItFile Under Rock1988
Queen Of My Heart And SoulHearts And Diamonds2001
Ra Ti RaySoca Baptism1993
Race HateMessage Man1977
Restless WorldBarefoot Soldier1990
Ringbang ManReparation2006
Rock You GoodGoing For Broke1984
Romancing The StoneGoing For Broke1984
Say Hello To FidelFile Under Rock1988
Say I Love YouWalking On Sunshine1979
Say I Love You (live)Live At Notting Hill1981
She's Standing At The CornerBorn Tuff1986
Sitting In The DarknessHearts And Diamonds2001
Soca BaptistSoca Baptism1993
Sugar Bum BumSoca Baptism1993
Sweet On The RoadBarefoot Soldier1990
Talk About LoveBarefoot Soldier1990
Talk About LovePaintings Of The Soul1992
TelepathyGoing For Broke1984
Ten Out Of TenHearts And Diamonds2001
Ten To One Is MurderSoca Baptism1993
That Is WhyCan't Get Enough1981
The StruggleReparation2006
The Youth Tom TomBarefoot Soldier1990
The Youth Tom TomPaintings Of The Soul1992
Through The NightPaintings Of The Soul1992
Till I Can't Take Love No MoreGoing For Broke1984
Time To Let GoCan't Get Enough1981
Tit For TatReparation2006
Tobago GalSoca Baptism1993
Too Young To FallKiller On The Rampage1982
Ugly WomanSoca Baptism1993
UmbayaoSoca Baptism1993
Use It Or Lose ItLove In Exile1980
Village LifeBorn Tuff1986
Walking On SunshineWalking On Sunshine1979
Walking On Sunshine (live)Live At Notting Hill1981
War PartyKiller On The Rampage1982
WaterBorn Tuff1986
We AreWalking On Sunshine1979
We Got To Work It OutBarefoot Soldier1990
Welcome To La TigreBarefoot Soldier1990
Welcome To La TigrePaintings Of The Soul1992
WildcatBarefoot Soldier1990
Win Or LoseFile Under Rock1988
You Just Found My WeaknessBarefoot Soldier1990
You Just Found My WeaknessPaintings Of The Soul1992

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