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A Flame For FreedomUltra Beatdown2008
Above The Winter MoonlightSonic Firestorm2004
Ashes Of The DawnReaching Into Infinity2017
Astral EmpireReaching Into Infinity2017
Astro Warrior AnthemWarp Speed Warriors2024
Avant la tempete (Instrumental)Re-Powered Within2018
Black FireValley Of The Damned2003
Black FireKiller Elite2016
Black Winter Night (live)In The Line Of Fire2015
Black Winter NightsValley Of The Damned2003
Body BreakdownInhuman Rampage2006
Burning HeartWarp Speed Warriors2024
City Of GoldMaximum Overload2014
Cosmic Power Of The Infinite Shred MachineExtreme Power Metal2019
Cry For EternityInhuman Rampage2006
Cry ThunderThe Power Within2012
Cry ThunderKiller Elite2016
Cry ThunderRe-Powered Within2018
Cry Thunder (live)In The Line Of Fire2015
Curse Of DarknessReaching Into Infinity2017
Dawn Over A New WorldSonic Firestorm2004
Dawn Over A New WorldKiller Elite2016
DefendersMaximum Overload2014
Defenders (live)In The Line Of Fire2015
Die By The SwordThe Power Within2012
Die By The SwordRe-Powered Within2018
Disciples Of BabylonValley Of The Damned2003
Doomsday PartyWarp Speed Warriors2024
Evening StarValley Of The Damned2003
Extraction ZoneMaximum Overload2014
Fallen WorldThe Power Within2012
Fallen WorldRe-Powered Within2018
Fields Of DespairSonic Firestorm2004
Fields Of Despair (live)Twilight Dementia2010
Fields Of Despair (live)Killer Elite2016
Flame Of YouthInhuman Rampage2006
Fury Of The StormSonic Firestorm2004
Fury Of The StormKiller Elite2016
Fury Of The Storm (live)Twilight Dementia2010
Fury Of The Storm (live)In The Line Of Fire2015
Give Me The NightThe Power Within2012
Give Me The NightRe-Powered Within2018
Heart DemolitionExtreme Power Metal2019
Heart Of A DragonValley Of The Damned2003
Heart Of A DragonKiller Elite2016
Heart Of The StormThe Power Within2012
Heart Of The StormRe-Powered Within2018
Heart Of The Storm (Alternative Chorus Version)Re-Powered Within2018
Heartbreak ArmageddonUltra Beatdown2008
Heroes Of Our TimeUltra Beatdown2008
Heroes Of Our TimeKiller Elite2016
Heroes Of Our Time (live)Twilight Dementia2010
Highway To OblivionExtreme Power Metal2019
Holding OnThe Power Within2012
Holding OnKiller Elite2016
Holding OnRe-Powered Within2018
In A Skyforged DreamExtreme Power Metal2019
Inside The Winter StormUltra Beatdown2008
Invocation Of Apocalyptic EvilValley Of The Damned2003
Judgement DayReaching Into Infinity2017
Kingdom Of SteelWarp Speed Warriors2024
Land Of Shattered DreamsReaching Into Infinity2017
Last Man StandsThe Power Within2012
Last Man StandsRe-Powered Within2018
Lost Souls In Endless TimeInhuman Rampage2006
Midnight MadnessReaching Into Infinity2017
My Heart Will Go OnExtreme Power Metal2019
My Spirit Will Go OnSonic Firestorm2004
My Spirit Will Go OnKiller Elite2016
My Spirit Will Go On (live)Twilight Dementia2010
No MoreMaximum Overload2014
Once In A LifetimeSonic Firestorm2004
Operation Ground And PoundInhuman Rampage2006
Operation Ground And PoundKiller Elite2016
Operation Ground And Pound (live)Twilight Dementia2010
Our Final StandReaching Into Infinity2017
Pixel PrisonWarp Speed Warriors2024
Power Of The Ninja SwordRe-Powered Within2018
Power Of The TriforceWarp Speed Warriors2024
Prelude To DarknessWarp Speed Warriors2024
Prepare For WarSonic Firestorm2004
Razorblade MeltdownExtreme Power Metal2019
Reaching Into InfinityReaching Into Infinity2017
Reasons To LiveUltra Beatdown2008
Reasons To LiveKiller Elite2016
Reasons To Live (live)Twilight Dementia2010
Remembrance DayExtreme Power Metal2019
RevelationsValley Of The Damned2003
Revolution DeathsquadInhuman Rampage2006
Revolution DeathsquadKiller Elite2016
Ring Of FireMaximum Overload2014
Ring Of Fire (live)In The Line Of Fire2015
SeasonsThe Power Within2012
SeasonsKiller Elite2016
SeasonsRe-Powered Within2018
Seasons (Acoustic Version)The Power Within2012
Seasons (Acoustic Version)Re-Powered Within2018
Seasons (live)In The Line Of Fire2015
SilenceReaching Into Infinity2017
Soldiers Of The WastelandSonic Firestorm2004
Soldiers Of The WastelandKiller Elite2016
Soldiers Of The Wasteland (live)Twilight Dementia2010
Space Marine CorpWarp Speed Warriors2024
StarfireValley Of The Damned2003
Starfire (live)Twilight Dementia2010
Starfire (live)Killer Elite2016
Storming The Burning FieldsInhuman Rampage2006
StrangersExtreme Power Metal2019
Strike Of The Ninja (live)Twilight Dementia2010
Symphony Of The NightMaximum Overload2014
Symphony Of The NightKiller Elite2016
Symphony Of The Night (live)In The Line Of Fire2015
The Edge Of The WorldReaching Into Infinity2017
The Fire Still BurnsUltra Beatdown2008
The GameMaximum Overload2014
The GameKiller Elite2016
The Killer QueenWarp Speed Warriors2024
The Last DragonbornExtreme Power Metal2019
The Last Journey HomeUltra Beatdown2008
The Last Journey HomeKiller Elite2016
The Last Journey Home (live)Twilight Dementia2010
The Sun Is DeadMaximum Overload2014
The Warrior InsideUltra Beatdown2008
Three HammersMaximum Overload2014
Three Hammers (live)In The Line Of Fire2015
Three Hammers (live)Killer Elite2016
Through The Fire And FlamesInhuman Rampage2006
Through The Fire And FlamesKiller Elite2016
Through The Fire And Flames (live)Twilight Dementia2010
Through The Fire And Flames (live)In The Line Of Fire2015
Tomorrow's KingsMaximum Overload2014
Tomorrow's Kings (live)In The Line Of Fire2015
Trail Of Broken HeartsInhuman Rampage2006
Troopers Of The StarsExtreme Power Metal2019
Valley Of The DamnedValley Of The Damned2003
Valley Of The DamnedKiller Elite2016
Valley Of The Damned (live)Twilight Dementia2010
Valley Of The Damned (live)In The Line Of Fire2015
WarReaching Into Infinity2017
Where Dragons Rule (live)Twilight Dementia2010
Wildest Dreams (Taylor's Version) (DragonForce's Version)Warp Speed Warriors2024
Wings Of LibertyThe Power Within2012
Wings Of LibertyKiller Elite2016
Wings Of LibertyRe-Powered Within2018

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