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A Phantom DissonanceA Rose For The Apocalypse2011
A Scenery Of LossArcane Rain Fell2005
A Slumber Did My Spirit Sealsworth)Where Lovers Mourn2003
AkherousiaWhere Lovers Mourn2003
Ascend Into DarknessUnder A Godless Veil2020
BloodflowerTurning Season Within2008
Burial FieldsUnder A Godless Veil2020
Claw Marks On The ThroneUnder A Godless Veil2020
Daylight MiseryArcane Rain Fell2005
Dead World AssemblyA Rose For The Apocalypse2011
DeadlightA Rose For The Apocalypse2011
Death, Come Near MeArcane Rain Fell2005
Dusk MarinerSovran2015
EarthboundTurning Season Within2008
Elysian NightA Rose For The Apocalypse2011
End Of The RopeA Rose For The Apocalypse2011
ExpostulationArcane Rain Fell2005
Forever My QueenThe Burning Halo2006
Heaven Laid In Tears (Angels' Lament)Arcane Rain Fell2005
Heavy Lies The CrownSovran2015
It Grieves My HeartWhere Lovers Mourn2003
Lustrous HeartUnder A Godless Veil2020
Moon Over SabaothUnder A Godless Veil2020
Morphine CloudTurning Season Within2008
Night VisitorUnder A Godless Veil2020
No Lonelier StarSovran2015
Not BreathingTurning Season Within2008
On Sunday They Will Kill The WorldThe Burning Halo2006
Pale Tortured BlueSovran2015
Reversio Ad SecessumWhere Lovers Mourn2003
Rivers Between UsSovran2015
Seasons ApartTurning Season Within2008
September AshesTurning Season Within2008
Serenade Of SorrowThe Burning Halo2006
She DiesThe Burning Halo2006
Silent WinterWhere Lovers Mourn2003
SleepwalkersUnder A Godless Veil2020
Sorrow Of SophiaUnder A Godless Veil2020
Stellar TombsSovran2015
The Abhorrent RaysArcane Rain Fell2005
The AmaranthWhere Lovers Mourn2003
The Apostasy CanticleArcane Rain Fell2005
The Cry Of SilenceWhere Lovers Mourn2003
The Death Of HoursA Rose For The Apocalypse2011
The Drowning AgeA Rose For The Apocalypse2011
The DyingThe Burning Halo2006
The Empty StareTurning Season Within2008
The Everlasting ScarArcane Rain Fell2005
The Failure EpiphanyTurning Season Within2008
The Gothic EmbraceThe Burning Halo2006
The Last Hour Of Ancient SunlightA Rose For The Apocalypse2011
The Marriage Of AttarisSovran2015
The MorningstarThe Burning Halo2006
The Quiet StormA Rose For The Apocalypse2011
The Sacrificial FlameUnder A Godless Veil2020
The SethianUnder A Godless Veil2020
The SolitudWhere Lovers Mourn2003
The Wretched TideSovran2015
Through Infectious Waters (A Sickness Elegy)The Burning Halo2006
Wall Of Sighs (Bonus Track)A Rose For The Apocalypse2011
When I WakeTurning Season Within2008
With Love And Defiance (Bonus Track)Sovran2015

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