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1000 YearsForever Warriors - Forever United2018
1999Under My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
25 YearsFear No Evil2009
A Whiter Shade Of PaleForce Majeure1989
A Whiter Shade Of PaleRare Diamonds1991
A Whiter Shade Of PaleThe Ballads1998
Above The AshesWarrior Soul2006
Above The Ashes25 Years In Rock2010
Above The AshesUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
All For MetalForever Warriors - Forever United2018
All For YouConqueress - Forever Strong And Proud2023
All I WantAngels Never Die1993
All We AreRare Diamonds1991
All We AreClassic Diamonds2004
All We AreStrong And Proud2016
All We Are (live)Live1993
All We Are (live)Warlock - Triumph And Agony - Live2021
All We Are (Version 2007)Under My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
Alles ist gutAngels Never Die1993
Alles ist gutThe Ballads1998
Alles ist gutFür immer2017
Alles ist gut (live)Live1993
Always Live To WinFight2002
Always Live To WinClassic Diamonds2004
Always Live To WinUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
Angel In The DarkUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
Angels With Dirty FacesForce Majeure1989
Are They Comin' For MeMachine II Machine1995
Backstage To Heaven (+ Helge Schneider)Forever Warriors - Forever United2018
Bad BloodAngels Never Die1993
Bad Blood (live)Live1993
Balls To The Wall (+ Udo Dirkschneider)Strong And Proud2016
BarracudaLove Me In Black1998
BastardosForever Warriors - Forever United2018
Be StrongForever Warriors - Forever United2018
Best In MeConqueress - Forever Strong And Proud2023
Beyond The TreesForce Majeure1989
Beyond The TreesRare Diamonds1991
Bis aufs BlutForce Majeure1989
Bis aufs BlutFür immer2017
Black BalladForever Warriors - Forever United2018
Black RoseCalling The Wild2000
Blood, Sweat And Rock 'n' RollForever Warriors - Forever United2018
Bond Unending (+ Sammy Amara)Conqueress - Forever Strong And Proud2023
Born To BleedAngels Never Die1993
Breaking The LawClassic Diamonds2004
Breaking The Law25 Years In Rock2010
Breaking The LawUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
Bring My Hero Back Home AgainForever Warriors - Forever United2018
Brutal And EffectiveLove Me In Black1998
Burn It UpCalling The Wild2000
Burn It UpClassic Diamonds2004
Burn It Up (feat. Jean Beauvoir)25 Years In Rock2010
Burning The WitchesRare Diamonds1991
Burning The Witches (live)Live1993
Can't Stop Thinking About YouMachine II Machine1995
CarusoForever Warriors - Forever United2018
Caught In A BattleFear No Evil2009
CelebrateFear No Evil2009
CelebrateUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
Celebrate (feat. Sabina Classen, Floor Jansen, Liv Kristine, Ji-In Cho, Liv Jagrell, Jackie Chambers, Enid Williams)25 Years In Rock2010
Celebrate (Full Metal Female Version)Under My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
CeremonyMachine II Machine1995
CeremonyMachine II Machine1995
Children Of The DawnConqueress - Forever Strong And Proud2023
Children Of The NightThe Ballads1998
Children Of The Night (live)Live1993
Cold, Cold World (live)Warlock - Triumph And Agony - Live2021
Coldhearted LoverRaise Your Fist2012
Constant DangerCalling The Wild2000
Cool LoveTrue At Heart1991
Creep Into My BrainWarrior Soul2006
Cry WolfForce Majeure1989
Cryin'Angels Never Die1993
DankeCalling The Wild2000
DankeFür immer2017
DedicationCalling The Wild2000
DesperatelyMachine II Machine1995
Do You Like ItLove Me In Black1998
Don't Break My Heart AgainForever Warriors - Forever United2018
Don't GoAngels Never Die1993
Don't Mistake It For LoveMachine II Machine1995
Drive Me WildConqueress - Forever Strong And Proud2023
Earthshaker Rock25 Years In Rock2010
Earthshaker RockStrong And Proud2016
East Meets West (feat. Chris Boltendahl + Axel Rudi Pell)25 Years In Rock2010
East Meets West (live)Rare Diamonds1991
East Meets West (live)Warlock - Triumph And Agony - Live2021
Egypt (The Chains Are On) (+ Chris Caffery)Strong And Proud2016
Ein Stück EwigkeitFür immer2017
EngelRaise Your Fist2012
EngelFür immer2017
Enough For YouAngels Never Die1993
Enough For YouThe Ballads1998
Enough For You (live)Live1993
Even Angels CryTrue At Heart1991
Eye On YouAngels Never Die1993
Eye On You (live)Live1993
Fall For Me AgainTrue At Heart1991
Fall For Me AgainThe Ballads1998
Fall For Me Again (live)Live1993
Fear Of The Dark (+ Blaze Bayley)Strong And Proud2016
Fels In Der BrandungConqueress - Forever Strong And Proud2023
Fight By Your SideFight2002
Fight Through The FireForever Warriors - Forever United2018
Fire In The SkyConqueress - Forever Strong And Proud2023
Free My HeartRaise Your Fist2012
FreiheitFür immer2017
Freiheit (Human Rights)Raise Your Fist2012
Freunde fürs LebenForever Warriors - Forever United2018
FuelCalling The Wild2000
Für immerRare Diamonds1991
Für immerThe Ballads1998
Für immerClassic Diamonds2004
Für immerUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
Für immerStrong And Proud2016
Für immerFür immer2017
Für immer (Classic Version)Für immer2017
Für immer (live)Live1993
Für Immer (live)Warlock - Triumph And Agony - Live2021
Gettin' Nowhere Without YouTrue At Heart1991
Give Me Your ReasonCalling The Wild2000
Grab The Bull (Last Man Standing)Raise Your Fist2012
Hard TimesForce Majeure1989
Haunted HeartWarrior Soul2006
Hear MeTrue At Heart1991
Heartbroken (+ Doug Aldrich)Forever Warriors - Forever United2018
Heartshaped TattooTrue At Heart1991
Heaven I SeeWarrior Soul2006
Heaven With YouAngels Never Die1993
Heavenly CreaturesConqueress - Forever Strong And Proud2023
HeldenFür immer2017
HellboundRare Diamonds1991
HellboundStrong And Proud2016
Hellbound (live)Live1993
HellraiserForce Majeure1989
HeroRaise Your Fist2012
HerzblutFear No Evil2009
Herzblut25 Years In Rock2010
HerzblutUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
HerzblutFür immer2017
HoffnungFür immer2017
I Am What I AmForce Majeure1989
I Am What I Am (live)Live1993
I Don't CareLove Me In Black1998
I Had Too Much To DreamDoro1990
I Know You By HeartTrue At Heart1991
I Lay My HeadFear No Evil2009
I Lay My Head Upon My SwordUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
I Rule The RuinsClassic Diamonds2004
I Rule The Ruins25 Years In Rock2010
I Rule The RuinsUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
I Rule The Ruins (live)Live1993
I Rule The Ruins (live)Warlock - Triumph And Agony - Live2021
I Wanna LiveCalling The Wild2000
I Want You BackLove Me In Black1998
I Will PrevailConqueress - Forever Strong And Proud2023
I'll Be Holding OnDoro1990
I'll Be Holding OnThe Ballads1998
I'll Make It On My OwnTrue At Heart1991
I'll Make It On My OwnThe Ballads1998
I'm In Love With YouClassic Diamonds2004
Ich will allesCalling The Wild2000
Ich will allesFür immer2017
If I Can't Have You - No One Will (+ Johan Hegg)Forever Warriors - Forever United2018
In Freiheit stirbt mein HerzMachine II Machine1995
In Freiheit stirbt mein HerzThe Ballads1998
In Freiheit stirbt mein HerzFür immer2017
In Liebe und FreundschaftWarrior Soul2006
In Liebe und FreundschaftUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
In Liebe und FreundschaftFür immer2017
Introduction25 Years In Rock2010
It Cuts So DeepForever Warriors - Forever United2018
It Kills MeFear No Evil2009
It Still HurtsRaise Your Fist2012
Jede Seele tiefFür immer2017
Kiss Me Good-ByeLove Me In Black1998
Kiss Me Like A CobraCalling The Wild2000
Kiss Of Death (live)Warlock - Triumph And Agony - Live2021
Last Day Of My LifeAngels Never Die1993
Last Day Of My LifeThe Ballads1998
Lean Mean Rock MachineConqueress - Forever Strong And Proud2023
Legacy (Intro) (live)Warlock - Triumph And Agony - Live2021
Legends Never DieFight2002
Let Love Rain On MeClassic Diamonds2004
Let Love Rain On MeUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
Let's Rock Forever (live)Live1993
Lift Me UpForever Warriors - Forever United2018
Light In The WindowMachine II Machine1995
Light In The WindowThe Ballads1998
Light To The TribeMachine II Machine1995
Like An AngelLove Me In Black1998
Like Whiskey StraightMachine II Machine1995
Little Headbanger (Nackenbrecher)Raise Your Fist2012
Live ItTrue At Heart1991
Living After Midnight (+ Rob Halford)Conqueress - Forever Strong And Proud2023
Living Life To The FullestForever Warriors - Forever United2018
Lonely WolfUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
Long Lost For LoveFear No Evil2009
Long Way HomeLove Me In Black1998
Lost In The OzoneForever Warriors - Forever United2018
Love Breaks ChainsConqueress - Forever Strong And Proud2023
Love Is A SinForever Warriors - Forever United2018
Love Is A ThrillMachine II Machine1995
Love Me ForeverCalling The Wild2000
Love Me In BlackLove Me In Black1998
Love Me In BlackClassic Diamonds2004
Love Me In BlackUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
Love SongRare Diamonds1991
Love's Gone To HellForever Warriors - Forever United2018
Machine To MachineMachine II Machine1995
Make Time For Love (live)Warlock - Triumph And Agony - Live2021
Metal Is My AlcoholForever Warriors - Forever United2018
Metal TangoClassic Diamonds2004
Metal TangoUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
Metal Tango (live)Live1993
Metal Tango (live)Warlock - Triumph And Agony - Live2021
Mission Of MercyForce Majeure1989
My MajestyWarrior Soul2006
My MajestyUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
Night Of The WarlockFear No Evil2009
Now Or NeverCalling The Wild2000
On The RunFear No Evil2009
On The RunStrong And Proud2016
Only YouDoro1990
Only You (live)Live1993
Out OIf ControlRare Diamonds1991
PainLove Me In Black1998
Poison ArrowLove Me In Black1998
Prisoner Of LoveLove Me In Black1998
Raise Your FistStrong And Proud2016
Raise Your Fist In The AirRaise Your Fist2012
Rare DiamondDoro1990
Rare Diamond (Acoustic Version)Under My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
Rare Diamonds (live)Rare Diamonds1991
Rescue MeUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
ResistanceForever Warriors - Forever United2018
RevengeRaise Your Fist2012
RevengeStrong And Proud2016
RiseConqueress - Forever Strong And Proud2023
River Of TearsForce Majeure1989
Rock Before You BleedFight2002
Rock OnDoro1990
Rock Till DeathRaise Your Fist2012
Rock Till Death (+ Hansi Kürsch)Strong And Proud2016
Running From The DevilFear No Evil2009
Running From The DevilUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
Save My SoulForce Majeure1989
Save My SoulStrong And Proud2016
ScarredCalling The Wild2000
SeeliedFür immer2017
She's Like ThunderClassic Diamonds2004
She's Like Thunder (Version 2005)Under My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
Shine OnWarrior Soul2006
Sister DarknessFight2002
So Alone TogetherAngels Never Die1993
So Alone TogetherThe Ballads1998
So Alone Together (live)Live1993
Soldier Of MetalForever Warriors - Forever United2018
Something Wicked This Way ComesDoro1990
Strangers YesterdayWarrior Soul2006
Strangers YesterdayUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
Take No PrisonerRaise Your Fist2012
Tausend Mal GelebtLove Me In Black1998
Tausend Mal gelebtClassic Diamonds2004
Tausend Mal gelebtUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
Tausend Mal gelebtFür immer2017
Tausend Mal gelebt (Classic Version)Für immer2017
TerrorvisionLove Me In Black1998
The FortunetellerTrue At Heart1991
The Night Of The WarlockUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
The QueenUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
The WantMachine II Machine1995
Three Minute Warning (live)Warlock - Triumph And Agony - Live2021
ThunderspellWarrior Soul2006
ThunderspellUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
Tie Me UpMachine II Machine1995
Time For JusticeConqueress - Forever Strong And Proud2023
Total Eclipse Of The Heart (+ Rob Halford)Conqueress - Forever Strong And Proud2023
Touch Of Evil (live)Warlock - Triumph And Agony - Live2021
Tra como e coriovallum (Instrumental)Forever Warriors - Forever United2018
True As SteelRare Diamonds1991
Turn It UpForever Warriors - Forever United2018
Under The GunForce Majeure1989
UndyingClassic Diamonds2004
UngebrochenWarrior Soul2006
UngebrochenFür immer2017
Unholy LoveRare Diamonds1991
Unholy Love (feat. Honza K. Behunek)25 Years In Rock2010
VictoryRaise Your Fist2012
Walking With The AngelsFear No Evil2009
Walking With The AngelsUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
Warrior SoulWarrior Soul2006
Warrior SoulUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
Whenever I Think Of You (live)Live1993
White WeddingCalling The Wild2000
Who You LoveCalling The Wild2000
Wild HeartFight2002
WildfireUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
With The Wave Of Your HandTrue At Heart1991
Without YouRare Diamonds1991
Without YouStrong And Proud2016
World Gone WildForce Majeure1989
You Ain't Lived (Till You're Loved To Death)Angels Never Die1993
You Gonna Break My HeartTrue At Heart1991
You Got Me SingingThe Ballads1998
You Hurt My SoulRare Diamonds1991
You Won My LoveUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
You're My FamiliyWarrior Soul2006
You're My Family25 Years In Rock2010
You're My FamilyUnder My Skin (A Fine Selection Of Doro Classics)2012
You're My FamilyStrong And Proud2016

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