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A Funny ManH.M.S. Donovan1971
A Funny ManPied Piper2002
A Sunny DayThe Hurdy Gurdy Man1968
A Well Known Has-BeenSlow Down World1976
AppearancesCosmic Wheels1973
As I Recall ItThe Hurdy Gurdy Man1968
Astral AngelDonovan1977
Atlantis (live)Rising1990
Atlantis (live)Rising Again2000
Ballad Of A Crystal ManFairytale1965
Ballad Of GeraldineFairytale1965
Barabajagal (Love Is Hot)Barabajagal1969
Be MineSutras1996
Beat CafeBeat Cafe2004
Belated Forgiveness PleaFairytale1965
Bert's BluesSunshine Superman1966
Black WidowSlow Down World1976
Bleak City WomanMellow Yellow1967
Boy For Every GirlEssence To Essence1973
Boy For Every GirlLady Of The Stars1984
Brave New WorldDonovan1977
Bye, Bye GirlLady Of The Stars1984
Can Ye DanceH.M.S. Donovan1971
Candy ManFairytale1965
Car CarWhat's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid1965
Catch The WindWhat's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid1965
Catch The WindDonovan's Greatest Hits1969
Catch The Wind (live)Rising1990
Catch The Wind (live)Rising Again2000
Catch The Wind (live)Rising Again2000
CelesteSunshine Superman1966
Celeste (live)Donovan In Concert1968
Celia Of The SealsH.M.S. Donovan1971
Celtic RockOpen Road1970
ChangesOpen Road1970
Children Of The WorldSlow Down World1976
Circus Of SourFairytale1965
Clara ClairvoyantOpen Road1970
Co'DineSixty Four2004
ColoursDonovan's Greatest Hits1969
ColoursPied Piper2002
Colours (live)Rising1990
Colours (live)Rising Again2000
Colours (live)Rising Again2000
Comin' To YouNeutronica1980
Cosmic WheelsCosmic Wheels1973
Cosmic Wheels (live)Rising1990
Cosmic Wheels (live)Rising Again2000
Coulter's CandyH.M.S. Donovan1971
Crazy 'Bout A WomanSixty Four2004
Cryin' ShameSlow Down World1976
Curry LandOpen Road1970
Cuttin' OutWhat's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid1965
Dare To Be DifferentDonovan1977
Dark-Eyed Blue Jean AngelSlow Down World1976
Darkness Of My NightSixty Four2004
Dear HeartOne Night In Time1993
Deep PeaceSutras1996
Dignity Of ManEssence To Essence1973
Dirty Old TownSixty Four2004
Divine Daze Of Deathless DelightEssence To Essence1973
Do Not Go GentleBeat Cafe2004
Donna DonnaWhat's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid1965
Earth Sign ManCosmic Wheels1973
Epistle To DerrollA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
Epistle To DippyDonovan's Greatest Hits1969
Everlasting SeaSutras1996
Every ReasonLady Of The Stars1984
Ferris WheelSunshine Superman1966
Fishes In LoveH.M.S. Donovan1971
Forever Your LoveOne Night In Time1993
Freedom RoadSixty Four2004
Get Thy BearingsThe Hurdy Gurdy Man1968
Give It All UpSutras1996
Gold Watch BluesWhat's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid1965
GuinevereSunshine Superman1966
Guinevere (live)Donovan In Concert1968
Half Moon BayLove Is Only Feeling1981
Hampstead IncidentMellow Yellow1967
Happiness RunsBarabajagal1969
Happiness RunsPied Piper2002
Happiness Runs (live)Rising Again2000
Henry MartinH.M.S. Donovan1971
Hi It's Been A Long TimeThe Hurdy Gurdy Man1968
High Your LoveSutras1996
HomesicknessH.M.S. Donovan1971
House Of JanschMellow Yellow1967
How Silly7-Tease1974
Hurdy Gurdy ManDonovan's Greatest Hits1969
Hurdy Gurdy Man (live)Rising1990
Hurdy Gurdy Man (live)Rising Again2000
I Like YouCosmic Wheels1973
I Love My ShirtBarabajagal1969
I Love My ShirtPied Piper2002
I Love You BabyLady Of The Stars1984
In An Old Fashioned Picture BookH.M.S. Donovan1971
International ManDonovan1977
Isle Of IslayA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
Isle Of Islay (live)Donovan In Concert1968
Isle Of Islay (live)Rising Again2000
Isle Of SadnessSixty Four2004
JabberwockyH.M.S. Donovan1971
Jackie BeanstalkPied Piper2002
Jennifer JuniperThe Hurdy Gurdy Man1968
Jennifer JuniperDonovan's Greatest Hits1969
Jennifer Juniper (live)Rising1990
Jennifer Juniper (live)Rising Again2000
Jersey ThursdayFairytale1965
Joe Bean's ThemeOpen Road1970
Johnny TuffLove Is Only Feeling1981
JosieWhat's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid1965
Josie (live)Rising Again2000
Kalifornia KiddiesDonovan1977
Keep On Truckin'What's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid1965
Keep On Truckin'Sixty Four2004
La MooraH.M.S. Donovan1971
Lady Of The FlowersLove Is Only Feeling1981
Lady Of The LampSutras1996
Lady Of The StarsDonovan1977
Lady Of The StarsLady Of The Stars1984
LalenaDonovan's Greatest Hits1969
Lalena (live)Rising1990
Lalena (live)Rising Again2000
Lay Down LassieLove Is Only Feeling1981
Lay Of The Last TinkerA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
Lazy DazeEssence To Essence1973
Legend Of A Girl Child LindaSunshine Superman1966
Liberation RagSlow Down World1976
Life Goes OnEssence To Essence1973
Life Is A Merry-Go-RoundEssence To Essence1973
Little BenH.M.S. Donovan1971
Little Boy In CorduroyA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
Little Boy In CorduroyPied Piper2002
Little Teddy BearPied Piper2002
Living For The Love LightLady Of The Stars1984
Local Boy Chops WoodDonovan1977
Local Boy Chops WoodLady Of The Stars1984
London TownSixty Four2004
Lord Of The DanceH.M.S. Donovan1971
Lord Of The Reedy RiverH.M.S. Donovan1971
Lord Of The UniverseBeat Cafe2004
Lost TimeH.M.S. Donovan1971
Love FloatsBeat Cafe2004
Love Is Only FeelingLove Is Only Feeling1981
Love Of My Life7-Tease1974
Love Will Find A Way (live)Rising1990
Love Will Find A Way (live)Rising Again2000
Lover O LoverLove Is Only Feeling1981
Lover O LoverBeat Cafe2004
Mad John's EscapeA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
Make Up Your Mind To Be Happy (live)Rising Again2000
Make Your Mind Up (live)Rising1990
Mandolin Man And His SecretPied Piper2002
Maria MagentaCosmic Wheels1973
Marjorie MargerineLove Is Only Feeling1981
Maya's DanceDonovan1977
Mee Mee I Love YouNeutronica1980
Mellow YellowMellow Yellow1967
Mellow YellowDonovan's Greatest Hits1969
Mellow Yellow (live)Donovan In Concert1968
Mellow Yellow (live)Rising Again2000
Moon Rok7-Tease1974
Mr. Flute Man (live)Rising Again2000
Mr. WindH.M.S. Donovan1971
MuseumMellow Yellow1967
My Love Is True (Love Song)Slow Down World1976
Nature FriendsPied Piper2002
New Year's ResovolutionOpen Road1970
No HungerNeutronica1980
No Man's LandNeutronica1980
Oh Deed I DoFairytale1965
Oh GoshA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
One Night In TimeOne Night In Time1993
Only The BluesCosmic Wheels1973
Only To Be ExpectedNeutronica1980
Operating Manual For Spaceship EarthEssence To Essence1973
Pamela JoBarabajagal1969
Pebble And The Man (live)Donovan In Concert1968
People Call Me Pied PiperPied Piper2002
People Used ToOpen Road1970
PeregrineThe Hurdy Gurdy Man1968
Please Don't BendSutras1996
Poke At The PopeOpen Road1970
Poor Cow (live)Donovan In Concert1968
Poorman's SunshineBeat Cafe2004
Preachin' Love (live)Donovan In Concert1968
Queen MabH.M.S. Donovan1971
Ramblin' BoyWhat's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid1965
Remember The AlamoWhat's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid1965
Riki Tiki TaviOpen Road1970
Rock And Roll Souljer7-Tease1974
Roots Of OakOpen Road1970
Rules And Regulations (live)Donovan In Concert1968
RunawayOne Night In Time1993
Sadness (live)Rising1990
Sadness (live)Rising Again2000
Sailing HomewardEssence To Essence1973
Sailing Homeward (live)Rising1990
Sailing Homeward (live)Rising Again2000
Saint Valentine's AngelEssence To Essence1973
Salvation Stomp7-Tease1974
Sand And FoamMellow Yellow1967
Season Of FarewellOpen Road1970
Season Of The WitchSunshine Superman1966
Season Of The WitchDonovan's Greatest Hits1969
Season Of The WitchLady Of The Stars1984
Season Of The Witch (live)Rising Again2000
ShambalaBeat Cafe2004
SheLove Is Only Feeling1981
Sing My SongDonovan1977
Skip-A-Long SamA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
SleepCosmic Wheels1973
Slow Down WorldSlow Down World1976
Someone SingingA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
Song For JohnOpen Road1970
Song Of The Naturalist's WifeA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
Starfish-On-The-ToastA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
Stealing (live)Rising1990
Stealing (live)Rising Again2000
Summer Day Reflection SongFairytale1965
SunA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
Sun MagicPied Piper2002
Sunny Goodge StreetFairytale1965
Sunny South KensingtonMellow Yellow1967
Sunshine SupermanSunshine Superman1966
Sunshine SupermanDonovan's Greatest Hits1969
Sunshine SupermanLady Of The Stars1984
Sunshine Superman (live)Rising1990
Sunshine Superman (live)Rising Again2000
Superlungs (My Supergirl)Barabajagal1969
Talkin' Pop Star BluesSixty Four2004
Tangerine PuppetWhat's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid1965
TangierThe Hurdy Gurdy Man1968
TeasThe Hurdy Gurdy Man1968
The ActorLove Is Only Feeling1981
The Clear-Browed OneSutras1996
The CuckooBeat Cafe2004
The Enchanted GypsyA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
The Entertaining Of A Shy GirlThe Hurdy Gurdy Man1968
The EvernowSutras1996
The Fat AngelSunshine Superman1966
The Fat Angel (live)Donovan In Concert1968
The GardenSutras1996
The Great Song Of The Sky7-Tease1974
The Heights Of AlmaNeutronica1980
The Hills Of TuscanyLove Is Only Feeling1981
The Hurdy Gurdy ManThe Hurdy Gurdy Man1968
The Intergalactic LaxativeCosmic Wheels1973
The Land Of Doesn't Have To BeA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
The LightDonovan1977
The Little Tin SoldierFairytale1965
The Little White RoadH.M.S. Donovan1971
The Love SongBarabajagal1969
The Lullaby Of SpringA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
The Lullaby Of Spring (live)Donovan In Concert1968
The MagpieA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
The Mandolin Man And His SecretA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
The MountainSlow Down World1976
The Music MakersCosmic Wheels1973
The ObservationMellow Yellow1967
The Ordinary Family7-Tease1974
The Owl And The PussycatH.M.S. Donovan1971
The Pee SongH.M.S. Donovan1971
The Pee Song (live)Rising Again2000
The Quest7-Tease1974
The QuestionBeat Cafe2004
The River SongThe Hurdy Gurdy Man1968
The RoadH.M.S. Donovan1971
The Seller Of StarsH.M.S. Donovan1971
The Sensitive KindOne Night In Time1993
The Song Of The Wandering AengusH.M.S. Donovan1971
The StarH.M.S. Donovan1971
The Sun Is A Very Magic FellowThe Hurdy Gurdy Man1968
The Tinker And The CrabA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
The TripSunshine Superman1966
The UnicornH.M.S. Donovan1971
The Voice Of Protest7-Tease1974
The Voyage Of The MoonH.M.S. Donovan1971
The Walrus And The CarpenterH.M.S. Donovan1971
The WaySutras1996
There Are No RoadsOne Night In Time1993
There Is A MountainDonovan's Greatest Hits1969
There Is A Mountain (live)Donovan In Concert1968
There Is A Mountain (live)Rising Again2000
There Is An OceanEssence To Essence1973
There Was A TimeA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
Things To WearH.M.S. Donovan1971
Three King FishersSunshine Superman1966
Till I See You AgainLady Of The Stars1984
To Sing For YouWhat's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid1965
To Susan On The West Coast WaitingBarabajagal1969
To Susan On The West Coast Waiting (live)Rising1990
To Susan On The West Coast Waiting (live)Rising Again2000
To Try For The SunFairytale1965
Trucking Your Blues Away (live)Rising Again2000
Two LoversBeat Cafe2004
Under The Greenwood TreeA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
Universal Soldier (live)Rising1990
Universal Soldier (live)Rising Again2000
Universe Am ISutras1996
Voyage Into The Golden ScreenA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
Voyage Of The MoonPied Piper2002
We Are OneNeutronica1980
Wear Your Love Like HeavenA Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
Wear Your Love Like HeavenDonovan's Greatest Hits1969
Wear Your Love Like Heaven (live)Rising1990
Wear Your Love Like Heaven (live)Rising Again2000
West Indian LadyThe Hurdy Gurdy Man1968
What's A Girl...One Night In Time1993
When All The World Is YoungOne Night In Time1993
Where Is SheBarabajagal1969
WhirlwindBeat Cafe2004
Widow With Shawl (A Portrait)A Gift From A Flower To A Garden1967
Widow With Shawl (A Portrait) (live)Donovan In Concert1968
Wild Witch LadyCosmic Wheels1973
Writer In The SunMellow Yellow1967
Writer In The Sun (live)Donovan In Concert1968
Wynken, Blynken, And NodH.M.S. Donovan1971
Wynken, Blynken, And NodPied Piper2002
Yellow StarEssence To Essence1973
Yin My YangBeat Cafe2004
You Do Belong (Teenage Suicide)One Night In Time1993
You Got Me ReelingOne Night In Time1993
You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your BondWhat's Bin Did And What's Bin Hid1965
Young But Growing (live)Rising1990
Young But Growing (live)Rising Again2000
Young Girl BluesMellow Yellow1967
Young Girl Blues (live)Donovan In Concert1968
Young Girl Blues (live)Rising1990
Young Girl Blues (live)Rising Again2000
Your Broken Heart7-Tease1974

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