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1, 2, ConductorThis Might Sting A Little1999
10 Minute Oil ChangeThis Might Sting A Little1999
103Back Again2003
321Southern Hospitality2008
99By God2001
After The WorldScars Remain2006
After The World (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)Scars Remain2006
All We Have Is NowDisciple2005
AloneWhat Was I Thinking1995
Amazing Grace BluesWhat Was I Thinking1995
Back AgainBack Again2003
Battle LinesHorseshoes And Handgrenades2010
Be The QuietDisciple2005
Before YouBack Again2003
Bernie's SituationThis Might Sting A Little1999
Best Thing EverLove Letter Kill Shot2019
Big Bad WolfThis Might Sting A Little1999
Blow The House DownBy God2001
Bring The HeatThis Might Sting A Little1999
But Wait There's MoreBy God2001
By GodBy God2001
Can't BreatheBy God2001
Chemical WisdomLove Letter Kill Shot2019
CoalBy God2001
CollisionHorseshoes And Handgrenades2010
Crawl AwayWhat Was I Thinking1995
Cuff The CriminalLove Letter Kill Shot2019
DeafeningHorseshoes And Handgrenades2010
Dear X (You Don't Own Me)Horseshoes And Handgrenades2010
DiveScars Remain2006
EternityHorseshoes And Handgrenades2010
FaceBack Again2003
Falling OverDisciple2005
Falling StarSouthern Hospitality2008
FearBack Again2003
FeltWhat Was I Thinking1995
Fight For LoveScars Remain2006
Fire AwayLove Letter Kill Shot2019
FurthermoreThis Might Sting A Little1999
Game OnScars Remain2006
Go AheadDisciple2005
God Of ElijahBy God2001
Going HomeWhat Was I Thinking1995
Golden CalfThis Might Sting A Little1999
HardenedBack Again2003
Hate Your GutsBy God2001
HelloThis Might Sting A Little1999
I Just KnowThis Might Sting A Little1999
Into BlackDisciple2005
InvisibleHorseshoes And Handgrenades2010
Jeckyl And HydeWhat Was I Thinking1995
Knocked DownBy God2001
Laugh TrackBy God2001
Lay My BurdensSouthern Hospitality2008
LiarSouthern Hospitality2008
Love Hate (On And On)Scars Remain2006
Love Hate (On And On) (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)Scars Remain2006
MercyWhat Was I Thinking1995
MiseryLove Letter Kill Shot2019
MothmanWhat Was I Thinking1995
Mud PuddleThis Might Sting A Little1999
My HellScars Remain2006
My Hell (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)Scars Remain2006
Never Too LateLove Letter Kill Shot2019
Next TimeBack Again2003
No End At AllScars Remain2006
Not Rock StarsBy God2001
Not Since BreakfastBy God2001
Not The SameBack Again2003
On My Way DownSouthern Hospitality2008
One DropWhat Was I Thinking1995
One More TimeBack Again2003
Only YouDisciple2005
Panic RoomLove Letter Kill Shot2019
Phoenix RisingSouthern Hospitality2008
Play To WinLove Letter Kill Shot2019
Praze You LordWhat Was I Thinking1995
PresenceWhat Was I Thinking1995
Purpose To MelodyScars Remain2006
ReanimateLove Letter Kill Shot2019
Regime ChangeScars Remain2006
RemedyHorseshoes And Handgrenades2010
RememberingBack Again2003
Revolution: NowHorseshoes And Handgrenades2010
Rich ManBy God2001
Right ThereSouthern Hospitality2008
Rise UpDisciple2005
Romance MeSouthern Hospitality2008
Salt LampBy God2001
SaviorSouthern Hospitality2008
Scars RemainScars Remain2006
SermonBy God2001
Shine DownDisciple2005
Shot Heard 'round The WorldHorseshoes And Handgrenades2010
Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And TiredBy God2001
SomeoneScars Remain2006
SorryWhat Was I Thinking1995
Southern HospitalitySouthern Hospitality2008
Stripped AwayDisciple2005
StrongholdWhat Was I Thinking1995
Take MeWhat Was I Thinking1995
The Ballad Of St. AugustineHorseshoes And Handgrenades2010
The Wait Is OverDisciple2005
Things Left UnsaidScars Remain2006
Things Left Unsaid (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)Scars Remain2006
Thousand ThingsBy God2001
TouchBack Again2003
Touch Of PainLove Letter Kill Shot2019
Trouble (Mini-Sermon)By God2001
TurmoilThis Might Sting A Little1999
UnderneathThis Might Sting A Little1999
WaitBack Again2003
Wake UpLove Letter Kill Shot2019
Walk With MeLove Letter Kill Shot2019
Watch It BurnHorseshoes And Handgrenades2010
Whatever ReasonSouthern Hospitality2008
Whether They Like It Or NotBy God2001
Whiny BritchesBy God2001
Whisper So LoudSouthern Hospitality2008
WhyWhat Was I Thinking1995
Why Don't You Shut UpBack Again2003
Worship ConspiracyThis Might Sting A Little1999
Worth It AllDisciple2005
Worth The PainHorseshoes And Handgrenades2010
You Are HereBy God2001
You Rock My Socks OffBy God2001

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