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Angel Of MercyCommunique1979
Brothers In ArmsBrothers In Arms1985
Brothers In ArmsMoney For Nothing1988
Brothers In Arms (live)On The Night1993
Calling ElvisOn Every Street1991
Calling Elvis (live)On The Night1993
Down To The WaterlineDire Straits1978
Down To The WaterlineMoney For Nothing1988
Down To The Waterline (live)Live At The BBC1995
Expresso LoveMaking Movies1980
Expresso Love (live)Alchemy1984
Fade To BlackOn Every Street1991
Follow Me HomeCommunique1979
Going Home - Theme From 'local Hero' (live)Alchemy1984
Hand In HandMaking Movies1980
Heavy FuelOn Every Street1991
Heavy Fuel (live)On The Night1993
How LongOn Every Street1991
In The GalleryDire Straits1978
Industrial DiseaseLove Over Gold1982
Iron HandOn Every Street1991
It Never RainsLove Over Gold1982
Lady WriterCommunique1979
Les BoysMaking Movies1980
LionsDire Straits1978
Lions (live)Live At The BBC1995
Love Over GoldLove Over Gold1982
Love Over Gold (live)Alchemy1984
Money For NothingBrothers In Arms1985
Money For NothingMoney For Nothing1988
Money For Nothing (live)On The Night1993
My PartiesOn Every Street1991
On Every StreetOn Every Street1991
On Every Street (live)On The Night1993
Once Upon A Time In The WestCommunique1979
Once Upon A Time In The West (live)Alchemy1984
One WorldBrothers In Arms1985
Planet Of New OrleansOn Every Street1991
Portobello BelleCommunique1979
Portobello Belle (live)Money For Nothing1988
Private InvestigationsLove Over Gold1982
Private InvestigationsMoney For Nothing1988
Private Investigations (live)Alchemy1984
Private Investigations (live)On The Night1993
Ride Across The RiverBrothers In Arms1985
Romeo And JulietMaking Movies1980
Romeo And JulietMoney For Nothing1988
Romeo And Juliet (live)Alchemy1984
Romeo And Juliet (live)On The Night1993
Setting Me UpDire Straits1978
Single-Handed SailorCommunique1979
Six Blade KnifeDire Straits1978
Six Blade Knife (live)Live At The BBC1995
SkateawayMaking Movies1980
So Far AwayBrothers In Arms1985
Solid RockMaking Movies1980
Solid Rock (live)Alchemy1984
Southbound AgainDire Straits1978
Sultans Of SwingDire Straits1978
Sultans Of SwingMoney For Nothing1988
Sultans Of Swing (live)Alchemy1984
Sultans Of Swing (live)Live At The BBC1995
Telegraph RoadLove Over Gold1982
Telegraph Road (live)Alchemy1984
Telegraph Road (live)Money For Nothing1988
The BugOn Every Street1991
The Man's Too StrongBrothers In Arms1985
Ticket To HeavenOn Every Street1991
Tunnel Of LoveMaking Movies1980
Tunnel Of LoveMoney For Nothing1988
Tunnel Of Love (live)Alchemy1984
Tunnel Of Love (live)Live At The BBC1995
Twisting By The Pool (Remix)Money For Nothing1988
Two Young Lovers (live)Alchemy1984
Walk Of LifeBrothers In Arms1985
Walk Of LifeMoney For Nothing1988
Walk Of Life (live)On The Night1993
Water Of LoveDire Straits1978
Water Of Love (live)Live At The BBC1995
What's The Matter Baby (live)Live At The BBC1995
When It Comes To YouOn Every Street1991
Where Do You Think You're GoingCommunique1979
Where Do You Think You're GoingMoney For Nothing1988
Why WorryBrothers In Arms1985
Wild West EndDire Straits1978
Wild West End (live)Live At The BBC1995
You And Your FriendOn Every Street1991
You And Your Friend (live)On The Night1993
Your Latest TrickBrothers In Arms1985
Your Latest Trick (live)On The Night1993

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