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A Jewel Traced Through CoalAbrahadabra2010
A Jewel Traced Through Coal (live)Forces Of The Northern Night2017
A Succubus In RaptureEnthrone Darkness Triumphant1997
A Succubus In RaptureThe Invaluable Darkness2008
Absolute Sole RightPuritanical Euphoric Misanthropia2001
AllegianceDeath Cult Armageddon2003
Allehelgens död i helveds rikeDeath Cult Armageddon2003
Alpha Aeon OmegaEonian2018
Alt lys er svunnet henStormblast1996
Alt lys er svunnet hen (Version 2005)Stormblast (Re-Recorded)2005
Antikrist (Version 2005)Stormblast (Re-Recorded)2005
Arcane Lifeforce MysteriaSpiritual Black Dimensions1999
Archaic CorrespondenceEonian2018
Architecture Of A Genocidal NaturePuritanical Euphoric Misanthropia2001
AvmaktslaveStormblast (Re-Recorded)2005
Behind The Curtains Of Night - PhantasmagoriaSpiritual Black Dimensions1999
Blessings Upon The Throne Of TyrannyPuritanical Euphoric Misanthropia2001
Blood Hunger DoctrineDeath Cult Armageddon2003
Born TreacherousAbrahadabra2010
Born Treacherous (live)Forces Of The Northern Night2017
Broderskapets ringStormblast1996
Broderskapets ring (Version 2005)Stormblast (Re-Recorded)2005
Burn In Hell (Bonus Track)Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia2001
Cataclysm ChildrenDeath Cult Armageddon2003
Chaos Without ProphecyGodless Savage Garden1998
Chaos Without Prophecy (Bonus Track)Enthrone Darkness Triumphant1997
Chess With The AbyssAbrahadabra2010
Chess With The Abyss (live)Forces Of The Northern Night2017
Council Of Wolves And SnakesEonian2018
Da den kristne satte livet tilStormblast1996
Da den kristne satte livet til (Version 2005)Stormblast (Re-Recorded)2005
Den gjemte sannhets herskarFor all tid1994
Det nye riketFor all tid1994
Devil's Path (Re-Recording) (Bonus Track)Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia2001
Dimmu BorgirAbrahadabra2010
Dimmu Borgir (live)Forces Of The Northern Night2017
Dimmu Borgir (Orchestra Only) (live)Forces Of The Northern Night2017
Dödsferd (Version 2005)Stormblast (Re-Recorded)2005
Dreamside DominionsSpiritual Black Dimensions1999
Endings And ContinuationsAbrahadabra2010
EntranceEnthrone Darkness Triumphant1997
Eradication Instincts DefinedDeath Cult Armageddon2003
Eradication Instincts Defined (Orchestra Only) (live)Forces Of The Northern Night2017
Fear And WonderPuritanical Euphoric Misanthropia2001
Fear And Wonder (Orchestra Only) (live)Forces Of The Northern Night2017
For all tidFor all tid1994
For The World To Dictate Our DeathDeath Cult Armageddon2003
Gateways (live)Forces Of The Northern Night2017
GlittertindFor all tid1994
Grotesquery Conceiled (Within Measureless Magic)Spiritual Black Dimensions1999
Guds fortapelse - Apenbaring av dommedagStormblast1996
Guds fortapelse - Apenbaring av dommedag (Version 2005)Stormblast (Re-Recorded)2005
Heavenly PerverseDeath Cult Armageddon2003
Hunnerkongens sorgsvarte ferd over steppeneFor all tid1994
Hunnerkongens sorgsvarte ferd over steppene ('The King of the Huns' Sorrowful Black Journey over the Plains') (Re-recording)Godless Savage Garden1998
Hunnerkongens sorgsvarte ferd over steppene (Bonus Track)Enthrone Darkness Triumphant1997
Hybrid Stigmata - The ApostasyPuritanical Euphoric Misanthropia2001
I Am SovereignEonian2018
In Death's EmbraceEnthrone Darkness Triumphant1997
In Death's Embrace (live)Godless Savage Garden1998
IndoctrinationPuritanical Euphoric Misanthropia2001
IndoctrinationThe Invaluable Darkness2008
Inn i evighetens mörke del IFor all tid1994
Inn i evighetens mörke del IIFor all tid1994
Interdimensional SummitEonian2018
IntroThe Invaluable Darkness2008
Kings Of The Carnival CreationPuritanical Euphoric Misanthropia2001
Kings Of The Carnival Creation (live)Forces Of The Northern Night2017
Lepers Among UsDeath Cult Armageddon2003
Masses For The New Messiah (Bonus Track)Spiritual Black Dimensions1999
Master Of DisharmonyEnthrone Darkness Triumphant1997
Master Of Disharmony (live)Godless Savage Garden1998
Metal HeartGodless Savage Garden1998
Moonchild DomainGodless Savage Garden1998
Moonchild Domain (Bonus Track)Enthrone Darkness Triumphant1997
Mourning PalaceEnthrone Darkness Triumphant1997
Mourning PalaceThe Invaluable Darkness2008
Mourning Palace (live)Forces Of The Northern Night2017
Mourning Palace (live) (Bonus Track)Godless Savage Garden1998
Nar sjelen hentes til helveteStormblast1996
Nar sjelen hentes til helvete (Version 2005)Stormblast (Re-Recorded)2005
OutroThe Invaluable Darkness2008
Over bleknede blaner til dommedagFor all tid1994
Perfection Or VanityPuritanical Euphoric Misanthropia2001
Perfection Or Vanity (Orchestra Only) (live)Forces Of The Northern Night2017
Progenies Of The Great ApocalypseDeath Cult Armageddon2003
Progenies Of The Great ApocalypseThe Invaluable Darkness2008
Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse (live)Forces Of The Northern Night2017
Prudence's FallEnthrone Darkness Triumphant1997
PuritaniaPuritanical Euphoric Misanthropia2001
Puritania (live)Forces Of The Northern Night2017
Raabjörn speiler draugheimens skoddeFor all tid1994
Raabjörn speiler Draugheimens skoddeGodless Savage Garden1998
Raabjörn speiler draugheimens skodde (Bonus Track)Enthrone Darkness Triumphant1997
Relinquishment Of Spirit And FleshEnthrone Darkness Triumphant1997
ReptileSpiritual Black Dimensions1999
Rite Of PassageEonian2018
Ritualist (live)Forces Of The Northern Night2017
Satan My Master (Bonus Track)Death Cult Armageddon2003
Sorgens kammerStormblast1996
Sorgens kammer (Version 2005)Stormblast (Re-Recorded)2005
Sorgens Kammer Del IIThe Invaluable Darkness2008
Spellbound (By The Devil)Enthrone Darkness Triumphant1997
Spellbound (By The Devil)The Invaluable Darkness2008
Spellbound (By The Devil) (live) (Bonus Track)Godless Savage Garden1998
StienFor all tid1994
StormblastGodless Savage Garden1998
Stormblast (Version 2005)Stormblast (Re-Recorded)2005
SympoziumPuritanical Euphoric Misanthropia2001
The Ancestral Fever (Bonus Track)In Sorte Diaboli2007
The Blazing Monoliths Of DefianceSpiritual Black Dimensions1999
The Chosen LegacyIn Sorte Diaboli2007
The Chosen LegacyThe Invaluable Darkness2008
The Conspiracy UnfoldsIn Sorte Diaboli2007
The Demiurge MoleculeAbrahadabra2010
The Empyrean PhoenixEonian2018
The Fallen ArisesIn Sorte Diaboli2007
The Foreshadowing FurnaceIn Sorte Diaboli2007
The Fundamental AlienationIn Sorte Diaboli2007
The Heretic Hammer (Bonus Track)In Sorte Diaboli2007
The Insight And The CatharsisSpiritual Black Dimensions1999
The Insight And The CatharsisThe Invaluable Darkness2008
The Invaluable DarknessIn Sorte Diaboli2007
The Maelstrom MephistoPuritanical Euphoric Misanthropia2001
The Night MasqueradeEnthrone Darkness Triumphant1997
The Promised Future AeonsSpiritual Black Dimensions1999
The Sacrilegious ScornIn Sorte Diaboli2007
The Serpentine OfferingIn Sorte Diaboli2007
The Serpentine OfferingThe Invaluable Darkness2008
The Serpentine Offering (live)Forces Of The Northern Night2017
The Sinister AwakeningIn Sorte Diaboli2007
The UnveilingEonian2018
Tormentor Of Christian SoulsEnthrone Darkness Triumphant1997
Under korpens vingerFor all tid1994
United In Unhallowed GraceSpiritual Black Dimensions1999
Unorthodox ManifestoDeath Cult Armageddon2003
Vinder fra en ensom gravStormblast1996
Vinder fra en ensom grav (Version 2005)Stormblast (Re-Recorded)2005
VredesbyrdDeath Cult Armageddon2003
VredesbyrdThe Invaluable Darkness2008
Vredesbyrd (live)Forces Of The Northern Night2017
Xibir (Orchestra Only) (live)Forces Of The Northern Night2017

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