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21 Grams Of Nothing(If)2009
A Dark EmbraceElegies In Dream2014
A Day In DecemberElegies In Dream2014
A Fool To BlameEnd Of Flowers1996
A Sinner's InstinctsBird Without Wings1997
AmokFreak Perfume2002
Amok (live)Alive2005
And Silence Still RemainsCholymelan1994
AphelionBird Without Wings1997
At The Border Of My NationCholymelan1994
BabylonOne Of 18 Angels2000
BastardFreak Perfume2002
Beast Of PreyHell In Eden2017
Bird Of PassageHell In Eden2017
Bird Without Wings IIBird Without Wings1997
Bladerunner 2001 (Director's Cut Remix By Adrian Hates)Dream Collector2003
But The Wind Was StrongerBird Without Wings1997
But The Wind Was Stronger (live)Alive2005
But The Wind Was Stronger (New Version)Moments Of Bloom1999
Butterfly: DanceOne Of 18 Angels2000
Butterfly:Dance (Upgrade 02)Dream Collector2003
Charma SleeperNigredo2004
ChemicalsOne Of 18 Angels2000
Chemicals (live)Alive2005
Chemicals (Remix)Dream Collector2003
Choir Hotel(If)2009
Cholymelan (New Version)Moments Of Bloom1999
ChrysalisFreak Perfume2002
Cold DeceitEnd Of Flowers1996
ColorblindOne Of 18 Angels2000
CongratulationsNekrolog 432007
CrypticNekrolog 432007
DaemonElegies In Dream2014
DarkerOne Of 18 Angels2000
Dead LetterNigredo2004
Dead Souls DreamingOne Of 18 Angels2000
Decipher MeHell In Eden2017
DeviationEnd Of Flowers1996
Die Gassen der StadtElegies In Dream2014
Die My PhobiaGrau im Licht2015
DissolutionBird Without Wings1997
Dogs Of WarElegies In Dream2014
Dream Of A GhostElegies In Dream2014
Drop DeadPsychoma?1998
Echo In Me (X-Version)Ego:X2011
Ein WiegenliedCholymelan1994
Element 1: ZeitgeistEgo:X2011
Element 5: ResignationEgo:X2011
Element IV: Angst (DCII Version)Dream Collector II2012
End Of FlowersEnd Of Flowers1996
End Of Flowers (live)Alive2005
End Of Flowers (New Version)Moments Of Bloom1999
End(giftet) (New Version)Moments Of Bloom1999
Endless NightsGrau im Licht2015
EpiconHell In Eden2017
Ex-ileBird Without Wings1997
Ex-ile (New Version)Moments Of Bloom1999
Ex-ile (Upgrade 03)Dream Collector2003
EyesolationEnd Of Flowers1996
False Affection, False CreationCholymelan1994
False Affection, False Creation (1st Version)Dream Collector2003
False Affection, False Creation III (New Version)Moments Of Bloom1999
Fateful DecoyEgo:X2011
Flood Of TearsBird Without Wings1997
ForestownDream Collector2003
Giftraum (DCII Version)Dream Collector II2012
Giftraum (live)Alive2005
Grau im LichtGrau im Licht2015
Grey The BlueEgo:X2011
Grey The Blue (DCII Version)Dream Collector II2012
Hell In EdenHell In Eden2017
Hiding RiversHell In Eden2017
Holier Than Thou ApproachCholymelan1994
HomeSickGrau im Licht2015
House Of OddsElegies In Dream2014
IkarusGrau im Licht2015
Into XEgo:X2011
JuneBird Without Wings1997
Kalt (Ghost Track)Dream Collector II2012
King Of Nowhere(If)2009
King Of Nowhere (Club Mix DCII Edit)Dream Collector II2012
Kingdom Of Greed(If)2009
KrankGrau im Licht2015
LegendsBird Without Wings1997
Listen And ScreamHell In Eden2017
Luna (-tic)Psychoma?1998
Made In ShameHell In Eden2017
MaliceNekrolog 432007
MalumElegies In Dream2014
MankindOne Of 18 Angels2000
Mask Of ShameNigredo2004
Matching LivesNekrolog 432007
Menschfeind (DCII Version)Dream Collector II2012
Menschfeind (live)Alive2005
Mercy MeHell In Eden2017
Methusalem (live)Alive2005
Methusalem (New Version)Moments Of Bloom1999
Mind Over Matter(If)2009
MitGiftGrau im Licht2015
Moments Of BloomMoments Of Bloom1999
Nekrolog 43Nekrolog 432007
Never FreezePsychoma?1998
Never Tell The Widow (Bonus Track)Dream Collector II2012
NevermoreHell In Eden2017
No-Body Left To BlameOne Of 18 Angels2000
No-Body Left To Blame (Truth-Mix)Dream Collector2003
Now This Is HumanDream Collector2003
O' Brother SleepFreak Perfume2002
O' Brother Sleep (Extended Sleepwalk Mix)Dream Collector2003
O' Brother Sleep (live)Alive2005
OblivionEnd Of Flowers1996
Odyssey Asylum(If)2009
Out Of XEgo:X2011
Out oO My World (Bonus Track)Dream Collector II2012
People WatcherOne Of 18 Angels2000
People Watcher (L.I.M. Version)Dream Collector2003
Perfect HaloHell In Eden2017
Play GodFreak Perfume2002
Play God (live)Alive2005
Poison Breed(If)2009
Portrait Of A CynicNigredo2004
PredictionsMoments Of Bloom1999
PrisonERDream Collector2003
Psycho-Logic (Alternative Version)Dream Collector II2012
Push Me (feat. Amelia Brightman)Ego:X2011
Reality Of MineMoments Of Bloom1999
RebellionFreak Perfume2002
Reign Of ChaosNigredo2004
Reign Of Chaos (live)Alive2005
Remedy ChildNekrolog 432007
Requiem 4.21(If)2009
RetaliationEnd Of Flowers1996
Retaliation (New Version)Moments Of Bloom1999
Rumours About AngelsOne Of 18 Angels2000
Scars Of GreedEnd Of Flowers1996
SchuldigGrau im Licht2015
SchwarzGrau im Licht2015
Shattered DisguiseCholymelan1994
SheFreak Perfume2002
She (Demonic Mix)Dream Collector2003
She And Her DarknessFreak Perfume2002
SinfernoGrau im Licht2015
SinnFlutGrau im Licht2015
Sister SinHell In Eden2017
Son Of A ThiefNekrolog 432007
Soul Stripper (L.I.M. Strip Mix)Dream Collector2003
Soul Stripper (live)Alive2005
Splinter (Original Version)Dream Collector II2012
StimulationBird Without Wings1997
Stranger Than RebellionDream Collector2003
StummkultElegies In Dream2014
Tales Of The Silent CityNigredo2004
Tears Of JoyNekrolog 432007
Tears Of LaughterEnd Of Flowers1996
The BattleElegies In Dream2014
The Chain(If)2009
The Colors Of Grey(If)2009
The CurseFreak Perfume2002
The Curse (Freak Edit)Dream Collector2003
The Curse (live)Alive2005
The Darkest Of All HoursNekrolog 432007
The GameElegies In Dream2014
The HuntedGrau im Licht2015
The Luxury Of InsanityElegies In Dream2014
The PlagueNekrolog 432007
The Plague (Vers. N4-4 DCII Edit)Dream Collector II2012
The Return (DCII Dark Edit)Dream Collector II2012
The Wedding(If)2009
The Wedding (DCII Edit)Dream Collector II2012
The Witching HourNigredo2004
To Conquer The Angel's LaughCholymelan1994
Touch IIMoments Of Bloom1999
Traces Of LightHell In Eden2017
Tranceformation BabyPsychoma?1998
Traum:AFreak Perfume2002
TraumtänzerFreak Perfume2002
Traumtänzer (live)Alive2005
Undividable (DCII E-Mix Edit)Dream Collector II2012
UnWantedNekrolog 432007
Unwanted (DCII Edit)Dream Collector II2012
VerdictFreak Perfume2002
VictimizedEnd Of Flowers1996
War On A MeadowCholymelan1994
WillowEnd Of Flowers1996
Winter SoulsOne Of 18 Angels2000

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