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A Country Boy Can SurviveOutlaws 'Til The End - Vol. 12018
A Thousand Miles From NowhereOutlaws 'Til The End - Vol. 12018
Above It AllTrust No One2016
Another Night in LondonPray For Villains2009
Back With A VengeancePray For Villains2009
Bad DeedsTrust No One2016
Bear Witness UntoThe Fury Of Our Maker?s Hand2005
Before The Hangman's NooseThe Fury Of Our Maker?s Hand2005
Black Soul ChoirBeast2011
BloodbathDealing With Demons - Volume ll2023
Bound By The MoonThe Last Kind Words2007
Bring The Fight (To The Floor)Beast2011
Burning SermonThe Last Kind Words2007
Carings OverkillWinter Kills2013
Clouds Over CaliforniaThe Last Kind Words2007
Copperhead RoadOutlaws 'Til The End - Vol. 12018
Country HeroesOutlaws 'Til The End - Vol. 12018
Crowns Of CreationBeast2011
Cry For Me Sky (Eulogy Of The Scorned)DevilDriver2003
Curses And EpitaphsWinter Kills2013
Dad's Gonna Kill MeOutlaws 'Til The End - Vol. 12018
Damning The Heavens (Bonus Track)The Last Kind Words2007
DaybreakTrust No One2016
Dead To RightsBeast2011
Desperate TimesWinter Kills2013
Devil's SonDevilDriver2003
Die (And Die Now)DevilDriver2003
Driving Down The DarknessThe Fury Of Our Maker?s Hand2005
End Of The LineThe Fury Of Our Maker?s Hand2005
Evil Of Swift Wings (Bonus Track)Trust No One2016
Fate Stepped InPray For Villains2009
Feeling UngodlyTrust No One2016
For What it's WorthTrust No One2016
Forgiveness Is A Six GunPray For Villains2009
Ghost Riders In The SkyOutlaws 'Til The End - Vol. 12018
GrinfuckedThe Fury Of Our Maker?s Hand2005
GuttedWinter Kills2013
Haunting RefrainWinter Kills2013
Head On To Heartache (Let Them Rot)The Last Kind Words2007
Hold Back The DayThe Fury Of Our Maker?s Hand2005
Horn Of BetrayalThe Last Kind Words2007
House Divided (Bonus Track)Trust No One2016
I Could Care LessDevilDriver2003
I Dreamed I DiedDevilDriver2003
I Have No PityDealing With Demons - Volume ll2023
I See BeliefPray For Villains2009
I'm The Only Hell Mama Ever RaisedOutlaws 'Til The End - Vol. 12018
I've Been SoberPray For Villains2009
If Blood Is LifeDealing With Demons - Volume ll2023
If Drinking Don't Kill MeOutlaws 'Til The End - Vol. 12018
Impending DisasterThe Fury Of Our Maker?s Hand2005
It'S A Hard TruthDealing With Demons - Volume ll2023
It's In The CardsPray For Villains2009
Just RunThe Fury Of Our Maker?s Hand2005
Knee DeepDevilDriver2003
Lend Myself To The NightBeast2011
MantraDealing With Demons - Volume ll2023
Meet The WretchedDevilDriver2003
Monsters Of The DeepThe Last Kind Words2007
My Night SkyTrust No One2016
Not All Who Wander Are LostThe Last Kind Words2007
Nothing Lasts ForeverDealing With Demons - Volume ll2023
Nothing's WrongDevilDriver2003
Oath Of The AbyssWinter Kills2013
Outlaw ManOutlaws 'Til The End - Vol. 12018
Pray For VillainsPray For Villains2009
Pure SincerityPray For Villains2009
Resurrection Blvd.Pray For Villains2009
RetributionTrust No One2016
Revelation MachineDevilDriver2003
Ripped ApartThe Fury Of Our Maker?s Hand2005
RuthlessWinter Kills2013
SailWinter Kills2013
Sin And SacrificeThe Fury Of Our Maker?s Hand2005
SummoningDealing With Demons - Volume ll2023
Swinging The DeadDevilDriver2003
Talons Out (Teeth Sharpened)Beast2011
Teach Me To WhisperPray For Villains2009
Testimony Of TruthTrust No One2016
The AppetiteWinter Kills2013
The Axe Shall FallThe Last Kind Words2007
The Blame GameBeast2011
The Fury Of Our Maker's HandThe Fury Of Our Maker?s Hand2005
The Man Comes AroundOutlaws 'Til The End - Vol. 12018
The MountainDevilDriver2003
The Pale Horse ApocalypseThe Fury Of Our Maker?s Hand2005
The RideOutlaws 'Til The End - Vol. 12018
These Fighting WordsThe Last Kind Words2007
This DeceptionTrust No One2016
This Relationship, BrokenDealing With Demons - Volume ll2023
Through The DepthsDealing With Demons - Volume ll2023
Tirades Of TruthThe Last Kind Words2007
Tripping Over TombstonesWinter Kills2013
Trust No OneTrust No One2016
Waiting For NovemberPray For Villains2009
What Does It Take (To Be A Man)DevilDriver2003
When SummonedThe Last Kind Words2007
Whiskey RiverOutlaws 'Til The End - Vol. 12018
Winter KillsWinter Kills2013
You Make Me SickBeast2011

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