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Assistant To The Regional Manager (live)Dead And Alive2012
Black And Blue8:182013
Born To LoseDead Throne2011
Born To Lose (live)Dead And Alive2012
BrokenColor Decay2022
CancerColor Decay2022
Care More8:182013
ChicagoDead Throne2011
Chicago (live)Dead And Alive2012
ConstanceDead Throne2011
Constance (live)Dead And Alive2012
Danger: Wildman (live)Dead And Alive2012
DaughterTransit Blues2016
Dead ThroneDead Throne2011
Dead Throne (live)Dead And Alive2012
Detroit TapesTransit Blues2016
Dez Moines (live)Dead And Alive2012
Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over (live)Dead And Alive2012
Escape (live)Dead And Alive2012
ExhibitionColor Decay2022
FireColor Decay2022
First Sight8:182013
Flyover StatesTransit Blues2016
Forever DecayDead Throne2011
HallucinateColor Decay2022
Hey John, What's Your Name Again (live)Dead And Alive2012
HoldfastDead Throne2011
Home For Grave8:182013
Home For Grave Pt. IiTransit Blues2016
In Heart8:182013
KansasDead Throne2011
Kansas (live)Dead And Alive2012
Lock And LoadTransit Blues2016
MammothDead Throne2011
Mammoth (live)Dead And Alive2012
My QuestionsDead Throne2011
NoiseColor Decay2022
Number Eleven8:182013
Outnumbered (live)Dead And Alive2012
Praise PoisonTransit Blues2016
PretendersDead Throne2011
R.I.T.Dead Throne2011
SacrificeColor Decay2022
Sailor's Prayer8:182013
SaltColor Decay2022
Sassafras (live)Dead And Alive2012
SubmersionTransit Blues2016
The ConditionTransit Blues2016
TimeColor Decay2022
To The Key Of EvergreenTransit Blues2016
Transit BluesTransit Blues2016
TrappedColor Decay2022
Twenty-FiveColor Decay2022
UntidaledDead Throne2011
Untidaled (live)Dead And Alive2012
VengeanceDead Throne2011
Vengeance (live)Dead And Alive2012
WatchtowerColor Decay2022
WorldwideTransit Blues2016

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