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263 Dead PopesThe Least Successful Human Cannonball1998
A Fake TransitionThe Least Successful Human Cannonball1998
All Hell Breaks LooseAll Hell Breaks Loose2000
AntichristInfernal Overkill1985
AntichristTrash Anthems II2017
Antichrist (live)Live Attack2021
ArmageddonizerDay Of Reckoning2011
Armageddonizer (live)Live Attack2021
AutoaggressionThe Least Successful Human Cannonball1998
Bestial InvasionInfernal Overkill1985
Bestial InvasionBest Of1992
Bestial InvasionThrash Anthems2006
Bestial Invasion (live)Live - Without Sense1989
Bestial Invasion (live)Alive Devastation2003
Bestial Invasion (live)Born To Trash2020
Bestial Invasion (live)Live Attack2021
BetrayalBorn To Perish2019
Betrayal (live)Born To Trash2020
Betrayal (live)Live Attack2021
Beyond EternityRelease From Agony1987
Beyond EternityBest Of1992
Black DeathInfernal Overkill1985
Black DeathBest Of1992
Black DeathTrash Anthems II2017
Black MassTrash Anthems II2017
Black Metal (+ Alex Camargo)Under Attack2016
Born To PerishBorn To Perish2019
Born To Perish (live)Born To Trash2020
Born To Perish (live)Live Attack2021
Brother Of CainThe Least Successful Human Cannonball1998
Bullets From HellThe Antichrist2001
Bullets From Hell (live)Alive Devastation2003
Butchered For LifeBorn To Perish2019
CarnivoreSpiritual Genocide2012
Carnivore (Guest Version)Spiritual Genocide2012
Cellar SoulThe Least Successful Human Cannonball1998
Church Of DisgustDay Of Reckoning2011
City Baby Attacked By RatsDiabolical2022
City Of DoomSpiritual Genocide2012
Conductor Of The VoidUnder Attack2016
Confound GamesEternal Devastation1986
Confound GamesBest Of1992
Confound GamesTrash Anthems II2017
Confused MindEternal Devastation1986
Confused MindBest Of1992
Confused MindTrash Anthems II2017
Continental Drift IThe Least Successful Human Cannonball1998
Continental Drift IIThe Least Successful Human Cannonball1998
Cracked BrainCracked Brain1990
Cracked BrainThrash Anthems2006
Creations Of The UnderworldThe Antichrist2001
Curse The GodsEternal Devastation1986
Curse The GodsBest Of1992
Curse The GodsThrash Anthems2006
Curse The Gods (2001) (Hidden Track)The Antichrist2001
Curse The Gods (live)Live - Without Sense1989
Curse The Gods (live)Born To Trash2020
Curse The Gods (live)Live Attack2021
CyanideSpiritual Genocide2012
Damir's Shred (live)Live Attack2021
Day Of ReckoningDay Of Reckoning2011
Days Of ConfusionThe Antichrist2001
Dealer Of HostilityInventor Of Evil2005
Death TrapInfernal Overkill1985
Death TrapBest Of1992
Death TrapThrash Anthems2006
Death Trap (live)Live Attack2021
Deposition (Your Heads Will Roll)Thrash Anthems2006
Desecrators Of The New AgeMetal Discharge2003
Destroyer Or CreatorDay Of Reckoning2011
DethronedUnder Attack2016
Devastation Of Your SoulAll Hell Breaks Loose2000
Devil's AdvocateDay Of Reckoning2011
Devil's SoldiersBest Of1992
Dictators Of CrueltyThe Antichrist2001
Die A Day Before You're BornCracked Brain1990
Dissatisfied ExistenceRelease From Agony1987
Dissatisfied ExistenceTrash Anthems II2017
Dissatisfied Existence (live)Live - Without Sense1989
Elegant PigsUnder Attack2016
Elevator To HellD.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.2008
Eternal BanEternal Devastation1986
Eternal BanThrash Anthems2006
Eternal Ban (live)Live - Without Sense1989
Eternal Ban (live)Alive Devastation2003
ExordiumSpiritual Genocide2012
Fatal Flight 17Born To Perish2019
Fear Of The MomentMetal Discharge2003
Filthy WealthBorn To Perish2019
Formless, Faceless, NamelessThe Least Successful Human Cannonball1998
FrontbeastTrash Anthems II2017
FrustratedCracked Brain1990
Generation NevermoreUnder Attack2016
Getting Used To The EvilUnder Attack2016
Ghost From The PastDiabolical2022
God GiftedThe Least Successful Human Cannonball1998
Godfather Of SlanderThe Antichrist2001
Hate Is My FuelDay Of Reckoning2011
HellboundBorn To Perish2019
HereticThe Antichrist2001
Historical Force FeedMetal Discharge2003
Hofffmannn's HelllThe Least Successful Human Cannonball1998
Holiday In CambodiaTrash Anthems II2017
Hope Dies LastDiabolical2022
In The Mood - Release From AgonyBest Of1992
IncriminatedRelease From Agony1987
IncriminatedBest Of1992
Inner IndulgenceD.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.2008
Inspired By DeathBorn To Perish2019
Inspired By Death (live)Live Attack2021
IntroBest Of1992
IntroAll Hell Breaks Loose2000
Intro - Curse The Gods (live)Alive Devastation2003
Intro - Total Desaster (live)Alive Devastation2003
Invincible ForceInfernal Overkill1985
Invincible ForceBest Of1992
Invincible ForceThrash Anthems2006
Invincible Force (live)Live - Without Sense1989
Invincible Force (live)Alive Devastation2003
Invincible Force (live)Live Attack2021
Killing MachineInventor Of Evil2005
Kingdom Of DamnationAll Hell Breaks Loose2000
Last Desperate ScreamD.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.2008
Legacy Of The Past (Guest Version)Spiritual Genocide2012
Let Your Mind RotThe Antichrist2001
Life Without SenseEternal Devastation1986
Life Without SenseThrash Anthems2006
Life Without Sense (live)Alive Devastation2003
Life Without Sense (live)Born To Trash2020
Life Without Sense (live)Live Attack2021
Life Without Sense - In The Mood (live)Live - Without Sense1989
Machinery Of LiesAll Hell Breaks Loose2000
Machinery Of Lies (live)Alive Devastation2003
Mad ButcherBest Of1992
Mad ButcherBest Of1992
Mad ButcherThrash Anthems2006
Mad Butcher (live)Live - Without Sense1989
Mad Butcher (live)Alive Devastation2003
Mad Butcher (live)Born To Trash2020
Mad Butcher (live)Live Attack2021
Made To Be BrokenMetal Discharge2003
Meet Your DestinyThe Antichrist2001
Memories If NothingnessInventor Of Evil2005
Metal DischargeMetal Discharge2003
MisfitDay Of Reckoning2011
Mortal RemainsMetal Discharge2003
My SharonaCracked Brain1990
Nailed To The CrossThe Antichrist2001
Nailed To The Cross (live)Alive Devastation2003
Nailed To The Cross (live)Born To Trash2020
Nailed To The Cross (live)Live Attack2021
No Faith In HumanityDiabolical2022
No Mans LandInventor Of Evil2005
No Need To JustifyCracked Brain1990
No One Shall SurviveD.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.2008
No Signs Of RepentanceSpiritual Genocide2012
Odyssey Of FrustrationD.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.2008
Offenders Of The ThroneD.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.2008
Our OppressionBest Of1992
Out OppressionRelease From Agony1987
PathogenicUnder Attack2016
Pink Panther (live)Live - Without Sense1989
Pink Panther - Life Without SenseBest Of1992
Princess Of The NightSpiritual Genocide2012
ProfanityThrash Anthems2006
RatcatcherBorn To Perish2019
Reject EmotionsBest Of1992
Reject EmotionsThrash Anthems2006
Reject Emotions (live)Live - Without Sense1989
Reject Emotions (live)Live Attack2021
Release From AgonyRelease From Agony1987
Release from AgonyBest Of1992
Release From AgonyThrash Anthems2006
Release From Agony (live)Live - Without Sense1989
Release From Agony (live)Live Attack2021
RenegadesSpiritual Genocide2012
Repent You SinsDiabolical2022
Riot SquadSpiritual Genocide2012
Rippin' The Flesh ApartMetal Discharge2003
Rippin' You Off BlindCracked Brain1990
Rippin' You Off BlindTrash Anthems II2017
RottenBorn To Perish2019
Rotten (live)Live Attack2021
S.E.D.Cracked Brain1990
Satan's VengeanceTrash Anthems II2017
Savage Symphony Of TerrorMetal Discharge2003
Second To NoneUnder Attack2016
Seeds Of HateInventor Of Evil2005
Servant Of The BeastDiabolical2022
Sheep Of The RegimeDay Of Reckoning2011
Sign Of FearRelease From Agony1987
Sign Of FearBest Of1992
Sign Of FearThrash Anthems2006
Sign Of Fear (live)Live Attack2021
Sorcerer Of Black MagicDay Of Reckoning2011
Soul CollectorInventor Of Evil2005
Spiritual GenocideSpiritual Genocide2012
Stand Up And Shout (Bonus Track)Day Of Reckoning2011
Stand Up For What You DeliverUnder Attack2016
State Of ApathyDiabolical2022
StigmatizedUnder Attack2016
Strangulated PrideThe Antichrist2001
Survive To DieRelease From Agony1987
Survive To DieBest Of1992
Tears Of BloodAll Hell Breaks Loose2000
Tears Of Blood (live)Alive Devastation2003
The Alliance Of HelloundzInventor Of Evil2005
The Butcher Strikes BackAll Hell Breaks Loose2000
The Butcher Strikes Back (live)Alive Devastation2003
The Butcher Strikes Back (live)Born To Trash2020
The Butcher Strikes Back (live)Live Attack2021
The Calm Before The StormInventor Of Evil2005
The Chosen OnesInventor Of Evil2005
The Defiance Will RemainInventor Of Evil2005
The Demon Is GodDay Of Reckoning2011
The Final CurtainAll Hell Breaks Loose2000
The Last Of A Dying BreedDiabolical2022
The Lonely WolfDiabolical2022
The PriceDay Of Reckoning2011
The Ravenous BeastMetal Discharge2003
The RitualInfernal Overkill1985
The RitualBest Of1992
The RitualTrash Anthems II2017
The Violation Of MoralityD.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.2008
Thrash 'til DeathThe Antichrist2001
Thrash 'til Death (live)Alive Devastation2003
Thrash AttackInfernal Overkill1985
Thrash AttackBest Of1992
Thrash AttackUnder Attack2016
Thrash Till Death (live)Born To Trash2020
Thrash Till Death (live)Live Attack2021
Tick On A TreeThe Least Successful Human Cannonball1998
Time Must EndCracked Brain1990
To Dust You Will DecaySpiritual Genocide2012
Tormented SoulDiabolical2022
TormentorInfernal Overkill1985
TormentorBest Of1992
TormentorThrash Anthems2006
Tormentor (live)Live Attack2021
Total DesasterBest Of1992
Total DesasterThrash Anthems2006
Total Desaster (live)Born To Trash2020
Total Desaster (live)Live Attack2021
Total Desaster 2All Hell Breaks Loose2000
Twist Of FateInventor Of Evil2005
Tyrants Of The NetherworldBorn To Perish2019
Unconscious RuinsRelease From Agony1987
Unconscious RuinsBest Of1992
Unconscious RuinsThrash Anthems2006
Unconscious Ruins (live)Live - Without Sense1989
Under AttackUnder Attack2016
Under Attack (live)Live Attack2021
Under SurveillanceInventor Of Evil2005
Under The SpellDiabolical2022
Under Violent SledgeSpiritual Genocide2012
United By HatredEternal Devastation1986
United By HatredBest Of1992
United By HatredTrash Anthems II2017
Upcoming DevastationEternal Devastation1986
Upcoming DevastationBest Of1992
Urge (The Greed Of Gain)D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.2008
VendettaMetal Discharge2003
Vicious Circle - The 7 Seven Deadly SinsD.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.2008
Visual ProstitutionAll Hell Breaks Loose2000
We Breed EvilBorn To Perish2019
When Your Mind Was FreeCracked Brain1990
World Domination Of PainAll Hell Breaks Loose2000
X-treme MeasuresAll Hell Breaks Loose2000

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