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A Taste Of LoveI, Den1996
A Taste Of Love (Mix)I, Den1996
Bad BoyOverpower1985
Bad BoyThe Best Of Den Harrow1989
Bad BoyI, Den1996
Bad BoyBack From The Future1999
Bad BoyMad Desire (I successi)1999
Born To Love (Dance Version)Lies1988
Bring Me To LifeLies1988
Broken RadioOverpower1985
Catch The FoxDay By Day1987
Catch The FoxThe Best Of Den Harrow1989
Catch The FoxI, Den1996
Catch The FoxBack From The Future1999
Catch The Fox (Caccia Alla Volpe)Mad Desire (I successi)1999
CharlestonThe Best Of Den Harrow1989
CharlestonBack From The Future1999
CharlestonMad Desire (I successi)1999
DangerousDay By Day1987
Darlin'Real Big Love1993
Darlin'Back From The Future1999
Day By DayDay By Day1987
Day By DayThe Best Of Den Harrow1989
Day By DayMad Desire (I successi)1999
Don't Break My HeartDay By Day1987
Don't Break My HeartThe Best Of Den Harrow1989
Don't Break My HeartI, Den1996
Don't Break My HeartBack From The Future1999
Don't Break My HeartMad Desire (I successi)1999
Don't Break My Heart (Club Radio Edit)Back From The Future1999
Don't ForgetDay By Day1987
Energy RainDay By Day1987
Energy RainThe Best Of Den Harrow1989
European MegamixBack From The Future1999
Future BrainOverpower1985
Future BrainThe Best Of Den Harrow1989
Future BrainI, Den1996
Future BrainBack From The Future1999
Future BrainMad Desire (I successi)1999
Give You My LoveReal Big Love1993
Give You My LoveBack From The Future1999
Go AwayReal Big Love1993
Go AwayBack From The Future1999
High Dee HoDay By Day1987
Hold On TightDay By Day1987
Holiday NightThe Best Of Den Harrow1989
Holiday NightReal Big Love1993
Holiday NightMad Desire (I successi)1999
I Feel Love (Mix)I, Den1996
I Feel YouReal Big Love1993
I Feel YouI, Den1996
I Love The NightLies1988
I Need A LoverReal Big Love1993
I Need A LoverMad Desire (I successi)1999
I Need Your LoveReal Big Love1993
I Wanna GoLies1988
I Wanna GoThe Best Of Den Harrow1989
Italian MegamixBack From The Future1999
Jade (I Wanna Be There)Overpower1985
Let Me GoReal Big Love1993
Let Me GoBack From The Future1999
Let Me Go (Club Radio Edit)Back From The Future1999
LiesThe Best Of Den Harrow1989
Living 4 UBack From The Future1999
Living 4UReal Big Love1993
Living For Your LoveReal Big Love1993
Mad DesireOverpower1985
Mad DesireThe Best Of Den Harrow1989
Mad DesireI, Den1996
Mad DesireBack From The Future1999
Mad DesireMad Desire (I successi)1999
Make Ends MeetOverpower1985
My TimeLies1988
My TimeThe Best Of Den Harrow1989
OceanReal Big Love1993
Real Big LoveReal Big Love1993
Take MeReal Big Love1993
Taste Of LoveMad Desire (I successi)1999
Tell Me WhyDay By Day1987
Tell Me WhyMad Desire (I successi)1999
Thank You D.J.Lies1988
Thank You DJThe Best Of Den Harrow1989
The OneReal Big Love1993
The OneBack From The Future1999
The Universe Of LoveReal Big Love1993
The Universe Of LoveI, Den1996
The Universe Of Love (Mix)I, Den1996
To Meet MeReal Big Love1993
To Meet MeMad Desire (I successi)1999
Tomorrow Is Another DayReal Big Love1993
Waiting For The SunLies1988
We Need To Be TogetherLies1988
You And The SunshineReal Big Love1993
You Have A WayLies1988

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