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3 Riff HitRockers And War2009
Alcohol Fueled BrutalityBack In Blood2007
Angel Of DeathContinue To Kill2008
Animal HolocaustGermany's Next Death Metal2011
Anti-Hero (Blood God)Thunderbeast2016
Anti-Hero (Debauchery)Thunderbeast2016
Apostle Of WarContinue To Kill2008
Armed For ApokalypseGermany's Next Death Metal2011
Armies Of ImmortalsRage Of The Bloodbeast2004
Back In BloodBack In Blood2007
Baptise This World In BloodBack In Blood2007
Blood For The Blood God (Pussy Version)Torture Pit2005
Blood For The BloodgodRage Of The Bloodbeast2004
Blood God KillsKing Of Carnage2013
Blood God RisingContinue To Kill2008
Bloodslaughter OnslaughtGermany's Next Death Metal2011
Bullet To The Head (Blood God)Thunderbeast2016
Bullet To The Head (Debauchery)Thunderbeast2016
Butcher Of BitchesBack In Blood2007
Butchered ZombiesKill Maim Burn2003
ButchermanTorture Pit2005
Carnival CarnageTorture Pit2005
Chainsaw MasturbationRage Of The Bloodbeast2004
City Of Bones (Blood God)Thunderbeast2016
City Of Bones (Debauchery)Thunderbeast2016
Coming Of The DragonsKing Of Carnage2013
Continue To KillContinue To Kill2008
Crusaders Of God (Blood God)Thunderbeast2016
Crusaders Of God (Debauchery)Thunderbeast2016
Cult Of GoreTorture Pit2005
Cummin' And KillingTorture Pit2005
CuntkillerContinue To Kill2008
Death Metal ManiacBack In Blood2007
Death Metal WarmachineTorture Pit2005
Death Will EntertainGermany's Next Death Metal2011
Debauchery BloodpackTorture Pit2005
Debauchery Motherfuckin' FamilyKing Of Carnage2013
Decadent Depravity Of The DeadTorture Pit2005
Demon LadyRockers And War2009
DemonslayerKing Of Carnage2013
Devil Dog (Blood God)Thunderbeast2016
Devil Dog (Debauchery)Thunderbeast2016
Devour Of WorldsRage Of The Bloodbeast2004
Faith And FireContinue To Kill2008
Firethrone Overlord (Blood God)Thunderbeast2016
Firethrone Overlord (Debauchery)Thunderbeast2016
For God, Emperor And FatherlandKill Maim Burn2003
For The EmperorF*ck Humanity2015
Fuck HumanityF*ck Humanity2015
Genocider OverkillGermany's Next Death Metal2011
German WarmachineF*ck Humanity2015
Germany's Next Death MetalGermany's Next Death Metal2011
Girl To Adore (Blood God)Thunderbeast2016
Girl To Adore (Debauchery)Thunderbeast2016
Goreobsessed MurderersTorture Pit2005
GorezillaF*ck Humanity2015
Hammer Of The Blood GodRockers And War2009
Hard Rockin'Continue To Kill2008
Heavy Metal Monsternaut (Blood God)Thunderbeast2016
Heavy Metal Monsternaut (Debauchery)Thunderbeast2016
Honour And CourageRockers And War2009
Hordes Of ChaosKill Maim Burn2003
Horrors Of WarTorture Pit2005
I Will Rape And MurderRage Of The Bloodbeast2004
Insane Human ButcheryKill Maim Burn2003
Ironclad Declaration Of WarF*ck Humanity2015
It Pleases Us To KillContinue To Kill2008
Kill Maim BurnKill Maim Burn2003
KillerbeastKing Of Carnage2013
Killing GroundRockers And War2009
Killing In The WarzoneRage Of The Bloodbeast2004
Killing Is Our CultureGermany's Next Death Metal2011
King Of KillingContinue To Kill2008
King Of The Killing ZoneF*ck Humanity2015
Kings Of CarnageKing Of Carnage2013
Klan Of KillersTorture Pit2005
Kneel Before The Dragon GodsF*ck Humanity2015
Let There Be BloodKing Of Carnage2013
Lords Of BattleBack In Blood2007
Man In BloodKing Of Carnage2013
ManhuntingBack In Blood2007
Masters Of The Killing ArtBack In Blood2007
Meat GrinderTorture Pit2005
Metal On MetalContinue To Kill2008
Mincing MachineContinue To Kill2008
Murder SquadKing Of Carnage2013
Murderbrute MinotaursF*ck Humanity2015
Murdermaker (Blood God)Thunderbeast2016
Murdermaker (Debauchery)Thunderbeast2016
My Religion Is HateF*ck Humanity2015
New RockRockers And War2009
Praise The Blood GodBack In Blood2007
Primordial AnnihilatorRockers And War2009
Rage Of The BloodbeastRage Of The Bloodbeast2004
Ritual KillingRage Of The Bloodbeast2004
RockerRockers And War2009
Savage MorticianRockers And War2009
School ShooterGermany's Next Death Metal2011
School's OutGermany's Next Death Metal2011
Second Hand Woman (Blood God)Thunderbeast2016
Second Hand Woman (Debauchery)Thunderbeast2016
Slaves To DarknessKill Maim Burn2003
Storm Of IronBack In Blood2007
Super Hot Vampire Lady (Blood God)Thunderbeast2016
Super Hot Vampire Lady (Debauchery)Thunderbeast2016
Super Killer Death Match (Blood God)Thunderbeast2016
Super Killer Death Match (Debauchery)Thunderbeast2016
Take My PainRage Of The Bloodbeast2004
The Fall Of GondolinKill Maim Burn2003
The Fifth BattleKill Maim Burn2003
The HellspawnRage Of The Bloodbeast2004
The Horror Of The ForestF*ck Humanity2015
The Last CrusadeKing Of Carnage2013
The UnbrokenGermany's Next Death Metal2011
There Is Only WarRockers And War2009
Thunderbeast (Blood God)Thunderbeast2016
Thunderbeast (Debauchery)Thunderbeast2016
To HellF*ck Humanity2015
Torture PitTorture Pit2005
True To The Skull Throne (And Bound To Kill)Back In Blood2007
Vampire Holocaust (Blood God)Thunderbeast2016
Vampire Holocaust (Debauchery)Thunderbeast2016
Victory AwaitsKing Of Carnage2013
Vitality Of DecayTorture Pit2005
Walking Glory RoadContinue To Kill2008
War And Glory - Guts And GoreTorture Pit2005
WarfareContinue To Kill2008
WargrinderRage Of The Bloodbeast2004
Warmachines At WarGermany's Next Death Metal2011
Wolves Of The NorthRockers And War2009
Worship The ViolenceContinue To Kill2008
Zombie BlitzkriegGermany's Next Death Metal2011
Zombie Extermination CrusaderF*ck Humanity2015

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