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All The Devil's ToysThe Perfect Cult2014
All The Devil's Toys (8-Bit Version)The Perfect Cult2014
An Atomic PrayerEverything Destroys You2023
Angel Of Fortune And CrimeEverything Destroys You2023
Anti AllEverything Destroys You2023
ArclightNight Electric Night2009
Asphalt WingsThe Perfect Cult2014
BabylonNight Electric Night2009
Between Volume And VoidsEverything Destroys You2023
BlitzkriegTermination Bliss2006
BlitzkriegThe Greatest Hits On Earth2011
Blood For MilesEverything Destroys You2023
Blood Stains BlondesNight Electric Night2009
Blood Stains BlondesThe Greatest Hits On Earth2011
BodiesThe Perfect Cult2014
ChertogradNight Electric Night2009
ChertogradThe Greatest Hits On Earth2011
CyanideTermination Bliss2006
CyanideThe Greatest Hits On Earth2011
Damn MeSynthetic Generation2003
Death Dies HardNight Electric Night2009
Death Dies HardThe Greatest Hits On Earth2011
Death In VogueTermination Bliss2006
Death Is Wasted On The DeadThe Greatest Hits On Earth2011
Everything Destroys YouEverything Destroys You2023
ExplodeThe Perfect Cult2014
Explode (Remix)The Perfect Cult2014
Fire GaloreThe Perfect Cult2014
GenocideSynthetic Generation2003
Ghost ReviverThe Perfect Cult2014
Little AngelSynthetic Generation2003
Mark Of The GunThe Greatest Hits On Earth2011
MetalThe Greatest Hits On Earth2011
Midnight PartyEverything Destroys You2023
Modern DeathSynthetic Generation2003
MotherzoneTermination Bliss2006
MotherzoneThe Greatest Hits On Earth2011
New Dead NationSynthetic Generation2003
New Dead NationThe Greatest Hits On Earth2011
Night Electric NightNight Electric Night2009
No Light To ShunSynthetic Generation2003
Noise CutsThe Perfect Cult2014
OpiumNight Electric Night2009
OpiumThe Greatest Hits On Earth2011
Our God, The Drugs (Bonus Track)Synthetic Generation2003
Play GodTermination Bliss2006
Play GodThe Greatest Hits On Earth2011
Semi AutomaticThe Greatest Hits On Earth2011
Semi-AutomaticSynthetic Generation2003
SyndromeSynthetic Generation2003
SyndromeThe Greatest Hits On Earth2011
Synthetic GenerationSynthetic Generation2003
Synthetic GenerationThe Greatest Hits On Earth2011
Temple Of The InsectsThe Perfect Cult2014
Temple Of The Insects (Remix)The Perfect Cult2014
Termination BlissTermination Bliss2006
The Churches Of OilEverything Destroys You2023
The Fuel IgnitesNight Electric Night2009
The Greatest Fight On EarthTermination Bliss2006
The Infrahuman MasterpieceEverything Destroys You2023
The Last AmmunitionTermination Bliss2006
The Mark Of The GunNight Electric Night2009
The Perfect CultThe Perfect Cult2014
The Rape Of VirtueSynthetic Generation2003
The Revolution ExodusSynthetic Generation2003
This IsEverything Destroys You2023
TonguesTermination Bliss2006
TonguesThe Greatest Hits On Earth2011
Track, Crush And PrevailThe Perfect Cult2014
Trinity FieldsTermination Bliss2006
Venus In ArmsNight Electric Night2009
Via The EndNight Electric Night2009
Virtue To ViceTermination Bliss2006
White Wedding (Bonus Track)Synthetic Generation2003

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