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19658III: Stergtland2014
Black Armoured DeathII: Black Armoured Death2013
Black MarkDeath Wolf2011
Black SunlightIII: Stergtland2014
Carrion LordIII: Stergtland2014
Circle Of AbominationDeath Wolf2011
Coming Forth By NightDeath Wolf2011
Conquerors DanceIV: Come The Dark2019
Darkness Of HelII: Black Armoured Death2013
Dawn Of FleshDeath Wolf2011
Death Wolf MarchII: Black Armoured Death2013
Edge Of The ForestIV: Come The Dark2019
Empower The FlameIV: Come The Dark2019
Funeral PyreIV: Come The Dark2019
Horn Pt. 1: Marching SouthIII: Stergtland2014
Horn Pt. 2: Seeds Of BloodIII: Stergtland2014
Into The WoodsIV: Come The Dark2019
Iron And FlameIV: Come The Dark2019
IronwoodDeath Wolf2011
Little Black AngelII: Black Armoured Death2013
Lord Of PutrefactionII: Black Armoured Death2013
Luciferian Blood CovenantII: Black Armoured Death2013
Malice StrikerII: Black Armoured Death2013
Morning Czar ShinethDeath Wolf2011
Night StalkerII: Black Armoured Death2013
Noche de BrujasII: Black Armoured Death2013
ÖstergötlandIII: Stergtland2014
RamsvartDeath Wolf2011
RothenburgII: Black Armoured Death2013
Sea WolfIII: Stergtland2014
Serpents HallIV: Come The Dark2019
Snake MountainII: Black Armoured Death2013
Speak Through FireIV: Come The Dark2019
StegeborgIII: Stergtland2014
Sudden BloodletterII: Black Armoured Death2013
Sword And FlameDeath Wolf2011
The Executioners SongIV: Come The Dark2019
The Other HellDeath Wolf2011
The SwordIV: Come The Dark2019
ThorntreeIII: Stergtland2014
Today King, Tomorrow DeadIII: Stergtland2014
Unto Dying EyesDeath Wolf2011
VikbolandetIII: Stergtland2014
Wall Of ShieldsIII: Stergtland2014
Weaving DeathDeath Wolf2011
With HateIV: Come The Dark2019
Wolfs Pallid SisterDeath Wolf2011
World SerpentII: Black Armoured Death2013

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