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10.000 Generations In BloodEarth.Revolt2005
A New EraThe Re-Arrival2014
AlienationBizarro World2011
An Ocean's MonumentThe Re-Arrival2014
As We Come UndoneThe Arsonist2013
As We Come Undone (Philip Abbas-Remix) (Bonus Track)The Arsonist2013
As Words To BulletsWolves2007
Awakened By SirensEarth.Revolt2005
Awakened By Sirens 2014The Re-Arrival2014
Backstory WoundHybris2016
Bizarro WorldBizarro World2011
Blood GhostHybris2016
Brutal RomanceBizarro World2011
Code Of HonorWolves2007
Code Of HonorThe Re-Arrival2014
Crown Of CreationWolves2007
Dark CellWolves2007
Dark CellThe Re-Arrival2014
Darkness DivineThe Arsonist2013
Dead City SleepersThe Arsonist2013
Dead City Sleepers (Erode-Remix) (Bonus Track)The Arsonist2013
Demonic (Tonus Diabolus)Earth.Revolt2005
Dying BreedManifesto2008
EarthlingsBizarro World2011
EarthlingsThe Re-Arrival2014
Ein Deutsches RequiemHybris2016
End BeginsWolves2007
End BeginsThe Re-Arrival2014
Everlasting PainEarth.Revolt2005
Falling SkywardsBizarro World2011
Fight Song (Bonus Track)Hybris2016
Fire At WillManifesto2008
For The New ProphetsThe Arrival2002
HtraeBizarro World2011
HtraeThe Re-Arrival2014
HurtThe Arsonist2013
I'm GoneThe Arsonist2013
Killing The Time With HaemoglobinThe Arrival2002
Kingdom Of The DeadEarth.Revolt2005
Lebe WohlThe Arrival2002
Losers' BalletWolves2007
Love I Think I Have Never Felt It Before So I Cannot Say That I Felt It This Time But You Were My EverythingThe Arrival2002
Manifesto (instrumental)Manifesto2008
Martyr To ScienceManifesto2008
Martyr To ScienceThe Re-Arrival2014
May Angels ComeEarth.Revolt2005
MenschenhandThe Arrival2002
More Tragedies To ComeEarth.Revolt2005
My PainThe Arsonist2013
Opening The GatesThe Arrival2002
Paranoia ExtravaganzaBizarro World2011
PraeludiumThe Arrival2002
Praeludium II (instrumental)Wolves2007
RenegadeBizarro World2011
RenegadeThe Re-Arrival2014
Seal SlayerManifesto2008
Slaughter?s PalaceManifesto2008
Small Town BoyThe Arsonist2013
Spring Is AwokenThe Arrival2002
State Of DecayBizarro World2011
Temple Of LoveManifesto2008
The Arsenic RiverThe Re-Arrival2014
The ArsonistThe Arsonist2013
The Brave - Agony ApplauseManifesto2008
The Brave - Agony ApplauseThe Re-Arrival2014
The Final StormThe Arsonist2013
The Great PretenderThe Arsonist2013
The More Money They Get The Colder Their HeartsThe Arrival2002
The Moribund Choir vs. The Trumpets Of Armageddon (intro)Manifesto2008
The Year Of The CrowEarth.Revolt2005
This Winter Day's MagicThe Arrival2002
To Where The Skies Are BlueWolves2007
To Where The Skies Are BlueThe Re-Arrival2014
Uncivil Hands (Bonus Track)Hybris2016
Virus JonesBizarro World2011
Virus JonesThe Re-Arrival2014
We Shall All BleedWolves2007
We Shall All BleedThe Re-Arrival2014
Welcome DeathrowHybris2016
With A Smile On My FaceThe Arrival2002
World Domination (Intro)Wolves2007
Wrath - SalvationHybris2016
You Left Me DeadBizarro World2011

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