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All The SameMake Some Noise2016
American Band (live)Life And Louder2017
American Band (live)Locked And Loaded2019
Band Intros (live)Life And Louder2017
BitchBurn It Down2018
BitchLocked And Loaded2019
Burn It DownBurn It Down2018
Can't Take It With YouBurn It Down2018
Dead And GoneBurn It Down2018
Devil Out Of TimeRevolucion2015
Empty Heart (+ Jimmy Barnes)Revolucion2015
EvilLocked And Loaded2019
Fortunate SonMake Some Noise2016
Fortunate SonLocked And Loaded2019
Fortunate Son (live)Life And Louder2017
FreedomMake Some Noise2016
Get Up, Get ReadyRevolucion2015
Helter SkelterLocked And Loaded2019
Helter Skelter (live)Life And Louder2017
Highway Star (live)Locked And Loaded2019
How Does It FeelMake Some Noise2016
Join TogetherMake Some Noise2016
Join TogetherLocked And Loaded2019
Join Together (live)Life And Louder2017
Judgement DayBurn It Down2018
Last Time I Saw The SunMake Some Noise2016
Last Time I Saw The Sun (live)Life And Louder2017
Leave Me AloneBurn It Down2018
Lock'N'Load (live)Life And Louder2017
Long Way To GoMake Some Noise2016
Long Way To Go (live)Life And Louder2017
Looking For The OneRevolucion2015
MainlineMake Some Noise2016
Mainline (live)Life And Louder2017
Make Some NoiseMake Some Noise2016
Make Some Noise (live)Life And Louder2017
Make The Best Of ItRevolucion2015
Mexico (live)Life And Louder2017
Midnight MosesRevolucion2015
Midnight MosesLocked And Loaded2019
Midnight Moses (live)Life And Louder2017
Mine All MineMake Some Noise2016
My TimeRevolucion2015
ResurrectedBurn It Down2018
RevolutionLocked And Loaded2019
Revolution (Bonus Track)Burn It Down2018
Rise UpBurn It Down2018
Rockin' In The Free World (live)Locked And Loaded2019
Set Me FreeBurn It Down2018
Something I SaidRevolucion2015
Something I Said (live)Life And Louder2017
Song And A PrayerMake Some Noise2016
Song And A Prayer (live)Life And Louder2017
We All Fall DownMake Some Noise2016
We All Fall Down (live)Life And Louder2017
What Goes AroundBurn It Down2018
With You And IRevolucion2015
With You And I (live)Life And Louder2017

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