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A Passage In TimeDead Can Dance1984
Act I: Sea Borne - Liberator Of Minds - Dance Of The BacchantesDionysus2018
Act II: The Mountain - The Invocation - The Forest - PsychopompDionysus2018
AdventSpleen And Ideal1985
Agape (live)In Concert2013
All In Good TimeAnastasis2012
All In Good Time (live)In Concert2013
American Dreaming (live)Toward The Within1994
Amnesia (live)In Concert2013
Anabasis (live)In Concert2013
Anywhere Out Of The WorldWithin The Realm Of A Dying Sun1987
AriadneInto The Labyrinth1993
As The Bell Rings The Maypole SpinsAion1990
AscensionSpleen And Ideal1985
AvatarSpleen And Ideal1985
Black SunAion1990
CantaraWithin The Realm Of A Dying Sun1987
Cantara (live)Toward The Within1994
Chant Of The PaladinThe Serpent's Egg1988
Children Of The SunAnastasis2012
Children Of The Sun (live)In Concert2013
Circumradiant DawnSpleen And Ideal1985
Dawn Of The IconoclastWithin The Realm Of A Dying Sun1987
De Profundis (Out Of The Depths Of Sorrow)Spleen And Ideal1985
Dedicace OutoSpiritchaser1996
Desert Song (live)Toward The Within1994
Don't Fade Away (live)Toward The Within1994
Dreams Made Flesh (live)In Concert2013
East Of EdenDead Can Dance1984
EcholaliaThe Serpent's Egg1988
EmmeleiaInto The Labyrinth1993
Enigma Of The AbsoluteSpleen And Ideal1985
FortuneDead Can Dance1984
Fortune Presents Gifts Not According To The BookAion1990
FrontierDead Can Dance1984
How Fortunate The Man With NoneInto The Labyrinth1993
I Am Stretched On Your Grave (live)Toward The Within1994
I Can See Now (live)Toward The Within1994
In The Kingdom Of The Blind The One-Eyed Are KingsThe Serpent's Egg1988
In The Wake Of AdversityWithin The Realm Of A Dying Sun1987
Indoctrination (A Design For Living)Spleen And Ideal1985
Kiko (live)In Concert2013
Lamma Badda (live)In Concert2013
MesmerismSpleen And Ideal1985
Mother TongueThe Serpent's Egg1988
Musica EternalDead Can Dance1984
Nierika (live)In Concert2013
OceanDead Can Dance1984
Oman (live)Toward The Within1994
Opium (live)In Concert2013
Orbis De IgnisThe Serpent's Egg1988
Persephone (The Gathering Of Flowers)Within The Realm Of A Dying Sun1987
Persian Love Song (live)Toward The Within1994
Piece For Solo Flute (live)Toward The Within1994
Rakim (live)Toward The Within1994
Rakim (live)In Concert2013
Return Of The She-KingAnastasis2012
Return Of The She-King (live)In Concert2013
SaldekInto The Labyrinth1993
Sanvean (live)Toward The Within1994
Sanvean (live)In Concert2013
SeveranceThe Serpent's Egg1988
Song Of SophiaThe Serpent's Egg1988
Song Of The DispossessedSpiritchaser1996
Song Of The NileSpiritchaser1996
Song Of The StarsSpiritchaser1996
Song To The Siren (live)In Concert2013
Summoning Of The MuseWithin The Realm Of A Dying Sun1987
Tell Me About The Forest (You Once Called Home)Into The Labyrinth1993
The Arrival And The ReunionAion1990
The Cardinal SinSpleen And Ideal1985
The Carnival Is OverInto The Labyrinth1993
The End Of WordsAion1990
The Fatal ImpactDead Can Dance1984
The Garden Of ZephirusAion1990
The Host Of SeraphimThe Serpent's Egg1988
The Host Of Seraphim (live)In Concert2013
The Promised WombAion1990
The Snake And The MoonSpiritchaser1996
The Song Of The SibylAion1990
The Song Of The Sibyl (live)Toward The Within1994
The Spider's StratagemInto The Labyrinth1993
The TrialDead Can Dance1984
The Ubiquitous Mr LovegroveInto The Labyrinth1993
The Wind That Shakes The BarleyInto The Labyrinth1993
The Wind That Shakes The Barley (live)Toward The Within1994
The Writing On My Father's HandThe Serpent's Egg1988
ThresholdDead Can Dance1984
Towards The WithinInto The Labyrinth1993
Tristan (live)Toward The Within1994
Ubiquitous MrIn Concert2013
UllysesThe Serpent's Egg1988
Wild In The WoodsDead Can Dance1984
WindfallWithin The Realm Of A Dying Sun1987
XavierWithin The Realm Of A Dying Sun1987
Yulunga (Spirit Dance)Into The Labyrinth1993
Yulunga (Spirit Dance) (live)Toward The Within1994

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