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After Manana Mi CielloLooking For Freedom1989
After manana mi cielloBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
After YouLovin' Feelings1987
All The Right MovesNight Rocker1985
Always On My MindLovin' Feelings1987
Always On My MindParty Your Hasselhoff2021
Amazing Grace (Orchestra Version)David Hasselhoff Sings America2004
Amore Amore302017
Amore Amore (De Lancaster 2K17 Mix)302017
Amore Amore (Elisabeth)Looking For Freedom1989
Any Kind Of Love At AllNight Rocker1985
Anything Can HappenThis Time Around2012
Are You Still In Love With MeDavid1991
At LastThis Time Around2012
AvignonLooking For Freedom1989
Beach BabyHooked On A Feeling1997
Blue BayouDavid Hasselhoff Sings America2004
California DreamingDavid Hasselhoff Sings America2004
California GirlA Real Good Feeling (Party-Version)2011
California GirlA Real Good Feeling2011
California Girl (Party Remix)A Real Good Feeling (Party-Version)2011
California GirlsDavid Hasselhoff Sings America2004
Can't Help Falling In LoveParty Your Hasselhoff2021
Caribbean PartytimeYou Are Everything1993
City Of New OrleansDavid Hasselhoff Sings America2004
Close To HeavenDavid1991
Close To HeavenBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Country RoadsDavid Hasselhoff Sings America2004
Crazy For YouCrazy For You1990
Crazy For YouLooking For... The Best1995
Crazy For YouGreatest Hits2004
Crazy For You302017
Crazy For YouBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Crazy For You (De Lancaster Mix)302017
Crazy For You (New Hit Version)302017
Crazy On A Saturday NightNight Rocker1985
Current Of LoveYou Are Everything1993
Damnit I Love YouParty Your Hasselhoff2021
Dance Dance d'AmourYou Are Everything1993
Dance Dance d'AmourLooking For... The Best1995
Dance Dance d'amourBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Darling I Love YouEverybody Sunshine1992
Darling I Love YouBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Das Cafe an der Seine (Heartbreak Cafe) (German Version)A Real Good Feeling2011
Days Of Our LoveDu1994
Deck The HallsThe Night Before Christmas2004
Died In Your ArmsParty Your Hasselhoff2021
Do The Limbo DanceDavid1991
Do The Limbo DanceLooking For... The Best1995
Do The Limbo DanceGreatest Hits2004
Do The Limbo DanceGreatest Hits2004
Do The Limbo Dance302017
Do The Limbo DanceBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Do The Limbo Dance (Jonny Nevs Remix)302017
Do The Limbo Dance (New Hit Version)302017
Do You Believe In LoveLooking For... The Best1995
Do You Believe In LoveBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Do You Love MeNight Rocker1985
DuLooking For... The Best1995
Everybody SunshineEverybody Sunshine1992
Everybody SunshineLooking For... The Best1995
Everybody SunshineGreatest Hits2004
Everybody Sunshine302017
Everybody SunshineBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Fallin' In LoveLooking For... The Best1995
Fallin' In LoveBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Feeling So HighDavid1991
Feeling So HighBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Feliz NavidadThe Night Before Christmas2004
Flying On The Wings Of TendernessLooking For Freedom1989
Flying On The Wings Of TendernessLooking For... The Best1995
Flying On The Wings Of TendernessGreatest Hits2004
Flying On The Wings Of Tenderness302017
Flying On The Wings Of TendernessBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Foolish LullabyEverybody Sunshine1992
Forever In Blue JeansDavid Hasselhoff Sings America2004
Freedom For The WorldCrazy For You1990
Freedom For The WorldLooking For... The Best1995
Freedom For The WorldGreatest Hits2004
Freedom For The World (Long Version)302017
Gimme Your LoveDu1994
Gipsy GirlDavid1991
Gipsy Girl302017
Gipsy GirlBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Give Me Something RealYou Are Everything1993
Go Away Little GirlLovin' Feelings1987
God Rest Ye Merry GentlemenThe Night Before Christmas2004
Hands Up For Rock'n RollDavid1991
Hands Up For Rock'n Roll (Al Winter FrenchStyle Remix)302017
Hands Up For Rock'n Roll (Long Version)302017
Hands Up For Rock'n' RollGreatest Hits2004
Hands Up For Rock'N'RollBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Hark The Herald AngelsThe Night Before Christmas2004
Head OnOpen Your Eyes2019
Heartbreak CafeA Real Good Feeling (Party-Version)2011
Heartbreak CafeA Real Good Feeling2011
Here I Go AgainOpen Your Eyes2019
HeroesOpen Your Eyes2019
Hey, We Wanna Rock The WorldA Real Good Feeling (Party-Version)2011
Hey, We Wanna Rock The WorldA Real Good Feeling2011
Highway To Your HeartYou Are Everything1993
Historia de un amorLovin' Feelings1987
Hold On My LoveHooked On A Feeling1997
Hooked On A FeelingHooked On A Feeling1997
Hot Shot CityYou Are Everything1993
Hot Shot CityLooking For... The Best1995
Hot Shot CityBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
How Am I Supposed To Live Without YouLovin' Feelings1987
How Deep Is Your LoveLovin' Feelings1987
Hungry EyesParty Your Hasselhoff2021
I BelieveBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
I Believe (+ Laura Branigan)Looking For... The Best1995
I Feel Your Love In The AirDavid1991
I Feel Your Love In The AirBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
I Live For LoveHooked On A Feeling1997
I Melt with YouOpen Your Eyes2019
I Wanna Move To The Beach Of Your Heart302017
I Wanna Move To The Beat Of Your HeartCrazy For You1990
I Wanna Move To The Beat Of Your HeartBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
I Was Born To Love YouThis Time Around2012
I Was Made For Loving YouParty Your Hasselhoff2021
I Will Carry YouParty Your Hasselhoff2021
I'll Be Here With YouA Real Good Feeling2011
I'll Be Here With YouThis Time Around2012
I'm Your LoverHooked On A Feeling1997
If I Could Only Say GoodbyeYou Are Everything1993
If I Had One WishHooked On A Feeling1997
If I Should Lose My WayThis Time Around2012
If You Could Read My MindOpen Your Eyes2019
In StereoDavid1991
In Stereo (Al Winter DeepDisco Remix)302017
Is Everybody HappyLooking For Freedom1989
Is Everybody HappyLooking For... The Best1995
Is Everybody HappyGreatest Hits2004
Is Everybody HappyBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Is Everybody Happy (Remix)Everybody Sunshine1992
Is Everybody Happy (US Remix)302017
It Feel So RightBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
It Feels So RightEverybody Sunshine1992
It Never Rains In Southern CaliforniaParty Your Hasselhoff2021
It's A Real Good FeelingA Real Good Feeling (Party-Version)2011
It's A Real Good FeelingA Real Good Feeling2011
It's A Real Good Feeling (Fox Remix)A Real Good Feeling (Party-Version)2011
It's A Real Good Feeling (Malibu Mix)A Real Good Feeling2011
Je t'aime Means I Love YouLooking For Freedom1989
Je t'aime Means I Love YouLooking For... The Best1995
Je t'aime Means I Love YouGreatest Hits2004
Je t'aime Means I Love You (New Hit Version)302017
JeanLovin' Feelings1987
Jingle BellsThe Night Before Christmas2004
Joined At The HeartEverybody Sunshine1992
Joined At The HeartGreatest Hits2004
Joy To The WorldThe Night Before Christmas2004
Jump In My CarOpen Your Eyes2019
Keep My Dream AliveA Real Good Feeling2011
Keep My Dream Alive (Party Version)A Real Good Feeling (Party-Version)2011
Keep The Jungle AliveCrazy For You1990
Keep The Jungle AliveBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Kiss In The NightCrazy For You1990
La Isla BonitaDavid Hasselhoff Sings America2004
LadyLooking For Freedom1989
LadyBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Learning How To Dance Is EasyThis Time Around2012
Let It Be MeNight Rocker1985
Let's Dance TonightCrazy For You1990
Let's Dance TonightGreatest Hits2004
Let's Dance Tonight302017
Let's Dance TonightBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Let's Dance Tonight (Fosco's Club Remix Edit)302017
Let's Dance Tonight (New Hit Version)302017
Let's Have A PartyA Real Good Feeling (Party-Version)2011
Let's Spend The Night TogetherCrazy For You1990
Let's Spend The Night TogetherBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Life Is Mostly Beautiful With YouLovin' Feelings1987
Lights In The DarknessCrazy For You1990
Like The Seven SeasA Real Good Feeling2011
Lips Like SugarOpen Your Eyes2019
Live Until I DieDu1994
Lonely Days And Lonely NightsA Real Good Feeling (Party-Version)2011
Lonely Days And Lonely NightsA Real Good Feeling2011
Lonely Is The NightLooking For Freedom1989
Looking For FreedomLooking For Freedom1989
Looking For FreedomLooking For... The Best1995
Looking For FreedomGreatest Hits2004
Looking For Freedom302017
Looking For FreedomBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Looking For Freedom (2011)A Real Good Feeling (Party-Version)2011
Looking For Freedom (2011)A Real Good Feeling2011
Looking For Freedom (Fosco's Party Remix Edit)302017
Looking For Freedom (New Hit Version)302017
Love Me TenderDavid Hasselhoff Sings America2004
Lovin' ArmsLovin' Feelings1987
Loving You Keeps Me AliveThis Time Around2012
MasqueradeA Real Good Feeling (Party-Version)2011
Miracle Of LoveYou Are Everything1993
Mit 66 JahrenOpen Your Eyes2019
More Than Words Can SayHooked On A Feeling1997
More Than Words Can SayDavid Hasselhoff Sings America2004
More Than Words Can SayThis Time Around2012
Never My LoveHooked On A Feeling1997
New York, New YorkDavid Hasselhoff Sings America2004
Night RockerNight Rocker1985
No Way To Be In LoveNight Rocker1985
No Words For LoveNight Rocker1985
Oh Holy NightThe Night Before Christmas2004
One And One Make ThreeCrazy For You1990
One And One Make ThreeBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Open Your EyesOpen Your Eyes2019
Our First Night TogetherNight Rocker1985
PassionCrazy For You1990
PassionGreatest Hits2004
PassionBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Passion (Jonny Nevs Remix)302017
Pina Colada GirlA Real Good Feeling (Party-Version)2011
Pina Colada GirlA Real Good Feeling2011
Please Come Home For Christmas (+ Gwen)The Night Before Christmas2004
Por tiLovin' Feelings1987
Queen Of RainHooked On A Feeling1997
Raindrops Keep Falling On My HeadDavid Hasselhoff Sings America2004
Raindrops Keep Falling On My HeadThis Time Around2012
Rhinestone CowboyDavid Hasselhoff Sings America2004
Rhinestone CowboyOpen Your Eyes2019
Right Here WaitingParty Your Hasselhoff2021
Rockin' The Night AwayDu1994
Room In Your HeartDavid1991
Room In Your HeartBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
San Pedro's ChildrenYou Are Everything1993
Santa Monica NightsHooked On A Feeling1997
Save The WorldLooking For... The Best1995
Save The World (+ Taylor-Ann)Du1994
September LoveCrazy For You1990
September LoveGreatest Hits2004
September LoveBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
She CriedNight Rocker1985
Sheltered HeartLooking For Freedom1989
Sheltered HeartBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Silent NightThe Night Before Christmas2004
Slow Night In The CityHooked On A Feeling1997
Someone Like YouThis Time Around2012
Somewhere In A DreamEverybody Sunshine1992
Somewhere In A DreamBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Song Of The NightLooking For Freedom1989
Song Of The NightGreatest Hits2004
Song Of The NightBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Song Of The Night (Fosco's Disco Remix Edit)302017
Song Of The Night (Long Version)302017
Stand By MeLovin' Feelings1987
Stille NachtThe Night Before Christmas2004
Sugar SugarOpen Your Eyes2019
Summer In The CityEverybody Sunshine1992
Summer In The CityBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Summer Of LoveDu1994
Sunday DreamingYou Are Everything1993
Sweet CarolineOpen Your Eyes2019
Sweet CarolineParty Your Hasselhoff2021
Taylor AnnDavid1991
Taylor AnnBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
That's LifeOpen Your Eyes2019
The Best Is Yet To ComeYou Are Everything1993
The Best Is Yet To Come (Radio Version)Looking For... The Best1995
The Christmas SongThe Night Before Christmas2004
The Girl ForeverEverybody Sunshine1992
The Girl ForeverGreatest Hits2004
The Hoff MedleyA Real Good Feeling (Party-Version)2011
The Hoff Party Megamix 2011A Real Good Feeling (Party-Version)2011
The PassengerParty Your Hasselhoff2021
The Wilder Side Of YouEverybody Sunshine1992
The Wilder Side Of YouBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
The Young And Restless (Nadia's Theme)Lovin' Feelings1987
Then You Can Tell Me GoodbyeHooked On A Feeling1997
There Is LoveThis Time Around2012
These Boots Are Made For WalkingDavid Hasselhoff Sings America2004
These Lovin' EyesDu1994
These Lovin' EyesLooking For... The Best1995
These Lovin' EyesBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
This Is The MomentThis Time Around2012
This Time AroundA Real Good Feeling2011
This Time AroundThis Time Around2012
Tighter And TighterYou Are Everything1993
Time For Lovin'Du1994
Torero - Te QuieroLooking For Freedom1989
Torero - Te QuieroGreatest Hits2004
Torero - Te quiero302017
Torero - Te quieroBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
True Love AlwaysLovin' Feelings1987
Try A Little TendernessDu1994
Turn Me Inside OutDu1994
Twas The Night Before ChristmasThe Night Before Christmas2004
Until The Last Teardrop Falls (+ Amy Sky)You Are Everything1993
Voulez vous coucher avec moiEverybody Sunshine1992
Voulez vous coucher avec moiBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Voulez vous coucher avec moi (Jonny Nevs Groove Remix)302017
Was It Real LoveCrazy For You1990
Was It Real LoveBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
We Didn't Start The FireParty Your Hasselhoff2021
We Wish You A Merry ChristmasThe Night Before Christmas2004
What A FeelingDu1994
What I Did For LoveThis Time Around2012
White ChristmasThe Night Before Christmas2004
Who's Leaving WhoDavid1991
Who's Leaving WhoBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
Wir zwei alleinA Real Good Feeling2011
Wir zwei allein (+ Gwen)You Are Everything1993
Wir zwei allein (+ Gwen)Looking For... The Best1995
Yesterday's LoveLooking For Freedom1989
Yesterday's LoveBest Of zum 70.Geburtstag2022
You Are A HeroA Real Good Feeling (Party-Version)2011
You Are A HeroA Real Good Feeling2011
You Are EverythingYou Are Everything1993
You're All I WantEverybody Sunshine1992
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'Lovin' Feelings1987
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'David Hasselhoff Sings America2004
You've Lost That Loving FeelingThis Time Around2012

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