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A Grim Christmas StoryBehind The Black Veil2015
Ahab's OathGrim2020
Aquarium (+ Charlotte Wessels)The Puzzle2016
Ash GroveThe Puzzle2016
Below The SunGrim2020
BreathThe Puzzle2016
CliffhangerThe Puzzle2016
Dance With The Dragon (+ Jp Leppäluoto)The Puzzle2016
Deep And DeeperThe Puzzle2016
Desert RoseThe Golden Moth2018
Evil Roots (+ Inga Scharf)Behind The Black Veil2015
For The BirdsThe Puzzle2016
FortressBehind The Black Veil2015
Gods SpeakThe Golden Moth2018
Golden MothThe Golden Moth2018
Hide And SeekBehind The Black Veil2015
Hunting The DreamerBehind The Black Veil2015
I Once Had WingsThe Golden Moth2018
Island In The MistThe Puzzle2016
Light In You (+ Tony Kakko)Behind The Black Veil2015
Little MenThe Puzzle2016
Memories Fall (+ Manuela Kraller)Behind The Black Veil2015
Memories Fall (Orchestral Version)Behind The Black Veil2015
My Beautiful EnemyThe Golden Moth2018
Old ThunderGrim2020
PiratesThe Golden Moth2018
Poison AppleBehind The Black Veil2015
PromiseThe Golden Moth2018
Rain (+ Manuela Kraller)The Puzzle2016
Sarah's ThemeBehind The Black Veil2015
Save MeBehind The Black Veil2015
Silver TreeBehind The Black Veil2015
Sky SailingThe Golden Moth2018
Sun, Moon And StarsBehind The Black Veil2015
The Gate Of TimeThe Golden Moth2018
The HuntGrim2020
The PacificGrim2020
TrespasserThe Golden Moth2018
Violent RosesBehind The Black Veil2015
WheelThe Golden Moth2018
WishThe Golden Moth2018

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