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1999-Revolution 666Hell Is Here1999
Age Of IronDoomsday King2010
Agent OrangeDeath Is Not Dead2015
Angel Of Death 1839Doomsday King2010
Are You MorbidPossessed 132003
At The EndHell Is Here1999
Back From The GraveDeathrace King2000
Black LightningHell Is Here1999
Blitzkrieg WitchcraftDeathrace King2000
Blood ODoomsday King2010
Body And SoulHell Is Here1999
Bow To NonePossessed 132003
Cobra Speed VenomCobra Speed Venom2018
Cold Is The GravePossessed 132003
Crowned In TerrorCrowned In Terror2002
Crowned In Terror (Version 2004)Crowned Unholy2004
Dawn Of EmptinessPossessed 132003
Dead Man's SongDeathrace King2000
Death By My SideHell Is Here1999
Death Is The HunterCrowned In Terror2002
Death Is The Hunter (Version 2004)Crowned Unholy2004
Death Metal HolocaustCrowned In Terror2002
Death Metal Holocaust (Version 2004)Crowned Unholy2004
DeathexplosionDeathrace King2000
DeliverancePossessed 132003
Desolation DomainDoomsday King2010
Destroyed By MadnessCobra Speed Venom2018
Devil Gate RideDeathrace King2000
Die Before Dying (Bonus Track)Doomsday King2010
Doomsday KingDoomsday King2010
Dream Bloody HellPossessed 132003
Drugged UnholyCrowned In Terror2002
Drugged Unholy (Version 2004)Crowned Unholy2004
Dying Of The HeartHell Is Here1999
Electric NightHell Is Here1999
EternalDeath Is Not Dead2015
Executioner: Slayer Of The LightDeathrace King2000
Face Of Destruction - Deep Hit Of DeathPossessed 132003
Falling 'neath The Heaven's Sea (Bonus Track)Doomsday King2010
From The Ashes I Shall ReturnDoomsday King2010
Give You HellHell Is Here1999
GodeaterDeath Is Not Dead2015
He Who Rises In Might - From Darkness To LightDoomsday King2010
HeadhunterDeath Is Not Dead2015
HellCrowned In Terror2002
Hell (Version 2004)Crowned Unholy2004
Herd Of SwineDeath Is Not Dead2015
Horrid WaysDeath Is Not Dead2015
I Won't FollowDeathrace King2000
Iblis BaneDeath Is Not Dead2015
In Bitterness And Sorrow (Bonus Track)Doomsday King2010
In MemoriamPossessed 132003
In The Name Of DeathCobra Speed Venom2018
Introduction - House Of HadesCrowned In Terror2002
Introduction - House Of Hades (Version 2004)Crowned Unholy2004
Iron CrownCobra Speed Venom2018
Kill 'Em AllPossessed 132003
Kill 2010 (Bonus Track)Doomsday King2010
Killing Star (Superbia Luxuria XXX)Deathrace King2000
MeduseldDeath Is Not Dead2015
Morningstar RisingPossessed 132003
MysterionHell Is Here1999
Natashead OverdrivePossessed 132003
NecrohammerCobra Speed Venom2018
Nemesis Diamond (Bonus Track)Cobra Speed Venom2018
No TomorrowPossessed 132003
Out For BloodCrowned In Terror2002
Out For Blood (Version 2004)Crowned Unholy2004
Rebel AngelDeathrace King2000
ReignDeath Is Not Dead2015
Ride The Fire (Bonus Track)Cobra Speed Venom2018
Ride To RuinDeath Is Not Dead2015
Rise In BloodCobra Speed Venom2018
SatanistCrowned In Terror2002
Satanist (Version 2004)Crowned Unholy2004
Soul SlasherDoomsday King2010
Speed Kills (Full Moon Ahead)Death Is Not Dead2015
Struck By LightningDeath Is Not Dead2015
The Devil And The DarknessHell Is Here1999
The Great Dying (Bonus Track)Cobra Speed Venom2018
The PoisonHell Is Here1999
The Sign Of The ScytheCobra Speed Venom2018
The Speed Of DarknessCrowned In Terror2002
The Speed Of Darkness (Version 2004)Crowned Unholy2004
The Tempter And The Bible BlackDoomsday King2010
Through Eyes Of OblivionDoomsday King2010
Total SatanDeathrace King2000
Under The WhipCrowned In Terror2002
Under The Whip (Version 2004)Crowned Unholy2004
VengeanceDeathrace King2000
We AvengeCobra Speed Venom2018
We Come In Peace (Piece By Piece)Death Is Not Dead2015
Where My Grave Shall StandCobra Speed Venom2018
World BelowCrowned In Terror2002
World Below (Version 2004)Crowned Unholy2004
World War MachineCobra Speed Venom2018
ZombiefiedPossessed 132003

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