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A Love DivineJupiter Calling2017
All I Have To Do Is Dream (Feat. Laurent Voulzy)Dreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
All In A DayIn Blue2000
All The Love In The WorldIn Blue2000
All The Love In The World (Remix)Best Of The Corrs2001
Along With The GirlsForgiven Not Forgotten1995
AngelBorrowed Heaven2004
AngelDreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
At Your SideIn Blue2000
At Your Side (live)Unplugged1999
At Your Side (Remix Version) (Bonus Track)Unplugged1999
Baby Be BraveBorrowed Heaven2004
Black Is The ColourHome2005
Borrowed HeavenBorrowed Heaven2004
BreathlessIn Blue2000
BreathlessBest Of The Corrs2001
BreathlessDreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
Breathless (live)VH1 Presents The Corrs Live in Dublin2002
Brid Og Ni MhailleHome2005
Bring On The NightWhite Light2016
Brod Og Ni MhailleDreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
Buachaill On EirneHome2005
Bulletproof LoveJupiter Calling2017
Butter FlutterJupiter Calling2017
Carraroe JigForgiven Not Forgotten1995
Catch Me When I FallWhite Light2016
Chasing ShadowsJupiter Calling2017
CloserForgiven Not Forgotten1995
Confidence For QuietBorrowed Heaven2004
Dear LifeJupiter Calling2017
Dimming Of The DayHome2005
Don't Say You Love MeTalk On Corners1997
DreamsBest Of The Corrs2001
DreamsDreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
Dreams (Bonus Track)Talk On Corners1997
Dreams (live) (Bonus Track)Unplugged1999
Ellis IslandWhite Light2016
Erin Shore (Intro)Forgiven Not Forgotten1995
Erin Shore (live)Unplugged1999
Even IfBorrowed Heaven2004
Everybody Hurts (live)Unplugged1999
Everybody Hurts (live)Best Of The Corrs2001
Forgiven Not ForgottenForgiven Not Forgotten1995
Forgiven Not Forgotten (live)Unplugged1999
Forgiven, Not ForgottenBest Of The Corrs2001
Forgiven, Not ForgottenDreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
Gerry's ReelWhite Light2016
Give It All UpIn Blue2000
Give Me A ReasonIn Blue2000
Give Me A Reason (In Blue)Best Of The Corrs2001
GoodbyeBorrowed Heaven2004
GoodbyeDreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
HarmonyWhite Light2016
Haste To The WeddingHome2005
Haste To The WeddingDreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
Heart Like A WheelHome2005
Heaven KnowsForgiven Not Forgotten1995
Heaven KnowsForgiven Not Forgotten1995
HideawayBorrowed Heaven2004
Hit My Ground RunningJupiter Calling2017
Hopelessly AddictedTalk On Corners1997
HumdrumBorrowed Heaven2004
Hurt BeforeIn Blue2000
I Do What I LikeWhite Light2016
I Know My Love (Feat. The Chieftains)Dreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
I Never Loved You AnywayTalk On Corners1997
I Never Loved You AnywayBest Of The Corrs2001
IntimacyTalk On Corners1997
IrresistibleIn Blue2000
IrresistibleBest Of The Corrs2001
Joy Of Life - Trout In The Bath (live)VH1 Presents The Corrs Live in Dublin2002
Judy (Bonus Track)In Blue2000
Kiss Of LifeWhite Light2016
Leave Me AloneForgiven Not Forgotten1995
Lifting Me (Bonus Track)Best Of The Corrs2001
Little WingTalk On Corners1997
Little Wing (feat. Ronnie Wood) (live)VH1 Presents The Corrs Live in Dublin2002
Little Wing (live)Unplugged1999
Live Before I DieJupiter Calling2017
Long NightBorrowed Heaven2004
Lough Erin Shore (live)Best Of The Corrs2001
Love Gives Love TakesTalk On Corners1997
Love To Love YouForgiven Not Forgotten1995
Love To Love YouBest Of The Corrs2001
Make You MineBest Of The Corrs2001
Miracle (Bonus Track)Borrowed Heaven2004
Moorlough ShoreHome2005
My Lagan LoveHome2005
No Frontiers (live)Unplugged1999
No Frontiers (Live)Dreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
No Go BabyJupiter Calling2017
No Good For MeTalk On Corners1997
No More CryIn Blue2000
Old Hag (You Killed Me)Home2005
Old TownHome2005
Old TownDreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
Old Town (This Boy Is Cracking Up) (live)Unplugged1999
One NightIn Blue2000
Only Love Can Break Your Heart (live)VH1 Presents The Corrs Live in Dublin2002
Only When I SleepTalk On Corners1997
Only When I SleepBest Of The Corrs2001
Only When I SleepDreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
Only When I Sleep (live)Unplugged1999
Paddy McCarthyTalk On Corners1997
Peggy GordonHome2005
Queen Of HollywoodTalk On Corners1997
Queen Of Hollywood (live)Unplugged1999
RadioIn Blue2000
Radio (live)Unplugged1999
Radio (live)Best Of The Corrs2001
Radio (live)VH1 Presents The Corrs Live in Dublin2002
Radio (Live)Dreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
RainIn Blue2000
Rebel HeartIn Blue2000
Remember (Bonus Track)Talk On Corners1997
Return To Fingall (Bonus Track)Home2005
Road To EdenJupiter Calling2017
Ruby Tuesday (Feat. Ron Wood) (Live)Dreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
Ruby Tuesday (feat. Ronnie Wood) (live)VH1 Presents The Corrs Live in Dublin2002
RunawayForgiven Not Forgotten1995
RunawayBest Of The Corrs2001
RunawayDreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
Runaway (live)Unplugged1999
Runaway (live)VH1 Presents The Corrs Live in Dublin2002
SayIn Blue2000
Season Of Our LoveJupiter Calling2017
Secret LifeForgiven Not Forgotten1995
Silver Strand (Bonus Track)Borrowed Heaven2004
So YoungTalk On Corners1997
So YoungDreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
So Young (K-Klass Remix)Best Of The Corrs2001
So Young (live)Unplugged1999
So Young (live)VH1 Presents The Corrs Live in Dublin2002
Somebody Else's Boyfriend (Bonus Track)Forgiven Not Forgotten1995
Somebody For SomeoneIn Blue2000
SomedayForgiven Not Forgotten1995
Son Of SolomonJupiter Calling2017
SOSJupiter Calling2017
Spancill HillHome2005
StayWhite Light2016
Strange RomanceWhite Light2016
Summer SunshineBorrowed Heaven2004
Summer SunshineDreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
Summer Sunshine (Fernando Garibay Remix)Borrowed Heaven2004
Summer Sunshine (Ford Remix Edit)Borrowed Heaven2004
Summer Wine (live)VH1 Presents The Corrs Live in Dublin2002
The Minstrel BoyForgiven Not Forgotten1995
The Right TimeForgiven Not Forgotten1995
The Right TimeBest Of The Corrs2001
The Sun And The MoonJupiter Calling2017
Time Enough For TearsBorrowed Heaven2004
Toss The FeathersForgiven Not Forgotten1995
Toss The FeathersDreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
Toss The Feathers (live)Unplugged1999
Una Noche (feat. Alejandro Sanz) (Bonus Track)In Blue2000
Una Noche (featuring Alejandro Sanz) (Bonus Track)Best Of The Corrs2001
UnconditionalWhite Light2016
What Can I DoTalk On Corners1997
What Can I DoDreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
What Can I Do (live)Unplugged1999
What Can I Do (Tin Tin Out Remix)Best Of The Corrs2001
What I Know (Bonus Track)Talk On Corners1997
When He's Not AroundTalk On Corners1997
When The Stars Go Blue (feat. Bono) (live)VH1 Presents The Corrs Live in Dublin2002
When The Stars Go Blue (Feat. Bono) (Remix)Dreams - The Ultimate Corrs Collection2006
White LightWhite Light2016
With Me StayWhite Light2016
Would You Be HappierBest Of The Corrs2001
Would You Be Happier (live)VH1 Presents The Corrs Live in Dublin2002

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