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1'2 ManyOne Day It'll All Make Sense1997
6th Sense, The (featuring Bilal)Like Water For Chocolate2000
7 Deadly SinsNobody?s Smiling2014
A Bigger Picture Called Free (+ Syd)Black America Again2016
A Film Called (Pimp) (featuring Bilal - MC Lyte)Like Water For Chocolate2000
A Moment In The Sun InterludeBlack America Again2016
A Penny For My ThoughtsCan I Borrow A Dollar1992
A Song For Assata (featuring Cee-Lo)Like Water For Chocolate2000
All Night LongOne Day It'll All Make Sense1997
All Night LongThisisme Then - The Best Of Common2007
Announcement (Feat. Pharrell Williams)Universal Mind Control2008
Another Wasted Nite WithResurrection1994
AquariusElectric Circus2002
Be (Intro)Be2005
Between Me, You And Liberation (featuring Cee-Lo)Electric Circus2002
Black America Again (+ Stevie Wonder)Black America Again2016
Blak MajikNobody?s Smiling2014
Blows To The TempleCan I Borrow A Dollar1992
Blue SkyThe Dreamer - The Believer2011
Book Of LifeResurrection1994
Book Of LifeThisisme Then - The Best Of Common2007
Break My HeartFinding Forever2007
Breaker 1 - 9Can I Borrow A Dollar1992
Breaker 1-9Thisisme Then - The Best Of Common2007
CelebrateThe Dreamer - The Believer2011
ChangesUniversal Mind Control2008
Chapter 13 (Rich Man Vs. Poor Man)Resurrection1994
Charms AlarmCan I Borrow A Dollar1992
Charms AlarmThisisme Then - The Best Of Common2007
ClothThe Dreamer - The Believer2011
Cold Blooded (featuring Rahzel 'the Godfather Of Noyze' - Roy Hargrove - Black Thought)Like Water For Chocolate2000
Come Close (featuring Mary J. Blige)Electric Circus2002
DiamondsNobody?s Smiling2014
DooinitLike Water For Chocolate2000
Drivin' Me WildFinding Forever2007
Dwele's InterludeLet Love2019
Electric Wire Hustler Flower (featuring Sunny Of P.O.D.)Electric Circus2002
EverywhereUniversal Mind Control2008
Ferris Wheel (featuring Vinia Mojica + Marie Daulne Of Zap Mama)Electric Circus2002
Fifth Story (+ Leikeli47)Let Love2019
Food (live)Be2005
Food For FunkOne Day It'll All Make Sense1997
Forever BeginsFinding Forever2007
Forever Your Love (+ Bj The Chicago Kid)Let Love2019
Funky For You (featuring Bilal - Jill Scott)Like Water For Chocolate2000
G.O.D. (Gaining One's Definition)One Day It'll All Make Sense1997
G.O.D. (Gaining One's Definition)Thisisme Then - The Best Of Common2007
Gettin' Down At The AmphitheaterOne Day It'll All Make Sense1997
Ghetto Dreams (feat. Nas)The Dreamer - The Believer2011
Ghetto Heaven Part Two (featuring D'Angelo)Like Water For Chocolate2000
GladiatorUniversal Mind Control2008
God Is Love (+ Leon Bridges + Jonathan Mcreynolds)Let Love2019
GoldThe Dreamer - The Believer2011
Good Morning Love (+ Samora Pinderhughes)Let Love2019
HeatLike Water For Chocolate2000
Heaven Somewhere (featuring Omar Lyefook, Bilal, Cee-Lo, Jill Scott,Electric Circus2002
Heidi HoeCan I Borrow A Dollar1992
Heidi HoeThisisme Then - The Best Of Common2007
Her Love (+ Daniel Caesar)Let Love2019
Hercules (+ Swizz Beatz)Let Love2019
High ExpectationsThisisme Then - The Best Of Common2007
Home (+ Bilal)Black America Again2016
HungryOne Day It'll All Make Sense1997
Hustle HarderNobody?s Smiling2014
I Am Music (featuring Jill Scott)Electric Circus2002
I Got A Right To (featuring Pharrell Williams)Electric Circus2002
I Used To Love H.E.R.Resurrection1994
I Used To Love H.E.R.Thisisme Then - The Best Of Common2007
I Want YouFinding Forever2007
In My Own World (Check The Method)Resurrection1994
InhaleUniversal Mind Control2008
IntroFinding Forever2007
IntrospectiveOne Day It'll All Make Sense1997
InvocationOne Day It'll All Make Sense1997
It's Your World, Pt. 1 + 2Be2005
Jimi Was A Rock Star (featuring Erykah Badu)Electric Circus2002
Joy And Peace (+ Bilal)Black America Again2016
Just In The Nick Of RhymeCan I Borrow A Dollar1992
KingdomNobody?s Smiling2014
Leaders (Crib Love) (+ A-Trak)Let Love2019
Letter To The Free (+ Bilal)Black America Again2016
Light, TheLike Water For Chocolate2000
Little Chicago Boy (+ Tasha Cobbs)Black America Again2016
Love IsBe2005
Love Star (+ PJ)Black America Again2016
Lovin' I LostThe Dreamer - The Believer2011
Make My Day (Feat. Cee-Lo Green)Universal Mind Control2008
Making A Name For OurselvesOne Day It'll All Make Sense1997
Memories Of Home (+ Bj The Chicago Kid + Samora Pinderhughes)Let Love2019
MisunderstoodFinding Forever2007
My CityOne Day It'll All Make Sense1997
My Fancy Free Future LoveLet Love2019
Nag Champa (Afrodisiac For The World)Like Water For Chocolate2000
New Wave (featuring Laetitia Sadier)Electric Circus2002
No DefenseCan I Borrow A Dollar1992
No FearNobody?s Smiling2014
Nobody's SmilingNobody?s Smiling2014
Nuthin' To DoResurrection1994
On A Whim InterludeBlack America Again2016
Orange Pineapple JuiceResurrection1994
Out On BondNobody?s Smiling2014
Payback Is A GrandmotherLike Water For Chocolate2000
Pitchin' PenniesCan I Borrow A Dollar1992
Pop's RapResurrection1994
Pop's RapElectric Circus2002
Pop's Rap IIILike Water For Chocolate2000
Pop's Rap, Pt. 2 - FatherhoodOne Day It'll All Make Sense1997
Pops BeliefThe Dreamer - The Believer2011
Punch Drunk Love (Feat. Kanye West)Universal Mind Control2008
Puppy ChowCan I Borrow A Dollar1992
PyramidsBlack America Again2016
Questions, The (featuring Mos Def)Like Water For Chocolate2000
Rain (+ John Legend)Black America Again2016
Raw (How You Like It)The Dreamer - The Believer2011
RealNobody?s Smiling2014
Real Nigga QuotesOne Day It'll All Make Sense1997
Real PeopleBe2005
Red Wine (+ Elena)Black America Again2016
Reminding Me (Of Sef)One Day It'll All Make Sense1997
Reminding Me (Of Sef)Thisisme Then - The Best Of Common2007
ResurrectionThisisme Then - The Best Of Common2007
Retrospect For LifeOne Day It'll All Make Sense1997
Retrospect For LifeThisisme Then - The Best Of Common2007
Rewind ThatNobody?s Smiling2014
Sex 4 SugarUniversal Mind Control2008
Show Me That You Love (+ Jill Scott + Samora Pinderhughes)Let Love2019
So Far To GoFinding Forever2007
Soul By The PoundCan I Borrow A Dollar1992
Soul By The PoundThisisme Then - The Best Of Common2007
Soul PowerElectric Circus2002
SouthsideFinding Forever2007
Speak My PieceNobody?s Smiling2014
Star *69 (PS With Love) (featuring Bilal)Electric Circus2002
Start The ShowFinding Forever2007
Stolen Moments, Pt. 1One Day It'll All Make Sense1997
Stolen Moments, Pt. 2One Day It'll All Make Sense1997
Stolen Moments, Pt. 3One Day It'll All Make Sense1997
Stolen Moments, Pt. 3Thisisme Then - The Best Of Common2007
Sum Shit I WroteResurrection1994
Sum Shit I WroteElectric Circus2002
SweetThe Dreamer - The Believer2011
Take It EzCan I Borrow A Dollar1992
Take It EzThisisme Then - The Best Of Common2007
The Believer (feat. John Legend)The Dreamer - The Believer2011
The Day Women Took Over (+ BJ The Chicago Kid)Black America Again2016
The Dreamer (feat. Maya Angelou)The Dreamer - The Believer2011
The GameFinding Forever2007
The Hustle (featuring Dart Chillz)Electric Circus2002
The NeighborhoodNobody?s Smiling2014
The PeopleFinding Forever2007
Thelonius (featuring Slum Village)Like Water For Chocolate2000
They SayBe2005
This Is MeResurrection1994
ThisismeThisisme Then - The Best Of Common2007
Time Travelin' (A Tribute To Fela) (featuring Vinia Mojica - Roy Hargrove - Femi Kuti)Like Water For Chocolate2000
Time Travelin' RepriseLike Water For Chocolate2000
Tricks Up My SleeveCan I Borrow A Dollar1992
Two Scoops Of RaisinsCan I Borrow A Dollar1992
U, Black MaybeFinding Forever2007
Unfamiliar (+ PJ)Black America Again2016
Universal Mind ControlUniversal Mind Control2008
What A WorldUniversal Mind Control2008
WindowsThe Dreamer - The Believer2011
Word From Moe Luv InterludeBlack America Again2016
Young Hearts Run FreeNobody?s Smiling2014

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