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15 Minutes Of FameZeros And Heroes2003
Are You Man EnoughA Whole Lot Of Nothing2001
Back To The BasicsUse Your Brain1995
Biggest And The BestClawfinger1997
Biggest And The BestThe Biggest And The Best Of Clawfinger2005
BitchZeros And Heroes2003
BlameZeros And Heroes2003
Breakout (Embrace The Child Inside You)Hate Yourself With Style2005
Burn In HellA Whole Lot Of Nothing2001
CarnivoreLife Will Kill You2007
Catch MeDeaf Dumb Blind1993
ClawfingerZeros And Heroes2003
ConfrontationA Whole Lot Of Nothing2001
CrazyThe Biggest And The Best Of Clawfinger2005
Die HighUse Your Brain1995
Dirty LiesHate Yourself With Style2005
Do What I SayUse Your Brain1995
Do What I SayThe Biggest And The Best Of Clawfinger2005
Don't Get Me WrongDeaf Dumb Blind1993
Don't Look At MeA Whole Lot Of Nothing2001
Don't Wake Me UpClawfinger1997
Dying To Know (Bonus Track)Life Will Kill You2007
Easy Way OutUse Your Brain1995
EvolutionA Whole Lot Of Nothing2001
FallingLife Will Kill You2007
Final StandLife Will Kill You2007
Four Letter WordZeros And Heroes2003
God Is DeadHate Yourself With Style2005
Hate Yourself With StyleHate Yourself With Style2005
Hold Your HeadThe Biggest And The Best Of Clawfinger2005
Hold Your Head UpClawfinger1997
HypocriteHate Yourself With Style2005
I Can See Them ComingClawfinger1997
I Close My EyesA Whole Lot Of Nothing2001
I Don't CareDeaf Dumb Blind1993
I Guess I'll Never KnowClawfinger1997
I Need YouDeaf Dumb Blind1993
I'm Your Life And ReligionClawfinger1997
ItUse Your Brain1995
It's Your LifeLife Will Kill You2007
Kick ItZeros And Heroes2003
Life Will Kill YouLife Will Kill You2007
Little BabyLife Will Kill You2007
Live Like A ManZeros And Heroes2003
Money Power GloryZeros And Heroes2003
NiggerDeaf Dumb Blind1993
NiggerThe Biggest And The Best Of Clawfinger2005
Nobody KnowsClawfinger1997
None The WiserLife Will Kill You2007
Not Even YouClawfinger1997
Nothing Going OnA Whole Lot Of Nothing2001
Out To Get MeA Whole Lot Of Nothing2001
ParadiseA Whole Lot Of Nothing2001
Pay The BillUse Your Brain1995
Picture Perfect Skies (Bonus Track)Life Will Kill You2007
Pin Me DownUse Your Brain1995
Pin Me DownThe Biggest And The Best Of Clawfinger2005
PowerUse Your Brain1995
PowerThe Biggest And The Best Of Clawfinger2005
PrisonersLife Will Kill You2007
Recipe For HateZeros And Heroes2003
RevengeA Whole Lot Of Nothing2001
Right To RapeHate Yourself With Style2005
RosegroveDeaf Dumb Blind1993
RosegroveThe Biggest And The Best Of Clawfinger2005
Sad To See Your SorrowDeaf Dumb Blind1993
Sick Of MyselfHate Yourself With Style2005
Simon SaysA Whole Lot Of Nothing2001
Step AsideZeros And Heroes2003
Te Faggot In YouHate Yourself With Style2005
The Best And The WorstHate Yourself With Style2005
The Cure And The PoisonLife Will Kill You2007
The Price We PayLife Will Kill You2007
The TruthDeaf Dumb Blind1993
TomorrowUse Your Brain1995
TomorrowThe Biggest And The Best Of Clawfinger2005
TruthThe Biggest And The Best Of Clawfinger2005
Two SidesClawfinger1997
Two SidesThe Biggest And The Best Of Clawfinger2005
Two Steps AwayA Whole Lot Of Nothing2001
UndoneUse Your Brain1995
ViennaA Whole Lot Of Nothing2001
WarfairDeaf Dumb Blind1993
WarfairThe Biggest And The Best Of Clawfinger2005
What Are You Afraid OfUse Your Brain1995
What We've Got Is What You're GettingHate Yourself With Style2005
When Everything CrumblesZeros And Heroes2003
Where Can We Go From HereLife Will Kill You2007
Wipe My AssUse Your Brain1995
Without A CaseHate Yourself With Style2005
Wonderful WorldDeaf Dumb Blind1993
World DominationZeros And Heroes2003
Wrong State Of MindClawfinger1997
Zeros And HeroesZeros And Heroes2003

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