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A CelebrationPower Of Ten1992
A Love RevealedThe Legend Of Robin Hood2021
A Man For The AgesThe Legend Of Robin Hood2021
A Night On The RiverFlying Colours1988
A Rainy Night In ParisAt The End Of A Perfect Day1977
A Rainy Night In Paris (live)Live In Dortmund2005
A Spaceman Came TravellingSpanish Train And Other Stories1975
A Spaceman Came TravellingBest Moves1981
A Spaceman Came TravellingSpark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh1989
A Spaceman Came TravellingThe Ultimate Collection2000
A Spaceman Came TravellingNow And Then2008
A Spaceman Came Travelling (live)High On Emotion: Live From Dublin1990
A Spaceman Came Travelling (live)Live In Dortmund2005
A Woman's HeartQuiet Revolution1999
A Woman's HeartThe Ultimate Collection2000
All Along The WatchtowerFootsteps2008
All For LoveA Better World2016
All The Love I Have InsideThe Getaway1982
Already ThereFootsteps 22011
Always On My MindBeautiful Dreams1995
American PieFootsteps2008
And So It WasMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
Another RainbowTiming Is Everything2002
Bal MasqueTiming Is Everything2002
BethlehemA Better World2016
Big City SundaysThe Hands Of Man2014
Blonde Hair, Blue JeansThis Way Up1994
Blonde Hair, Blue JeansThe Ultimate Collection2000
Blue BayouFootsteps 22011
BorderlineThe Getaway1982
BorderlineSpark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh1989
BorderlineThe Love Songs1997
BorderlineThe Ultimate Collection2000
BorderlineNow And Then2008
Borderline (live)High On Emotion: Live From Dublin1990
Borderline (live)Live In Dortmund2005
BrazilAt The End Of A Perfect Day1977
Break The Law!The Legend Of Robin Hood2021
Broken WingsAt The End Of A Perfect Day1977
Broken Wings (Live Version)Best Moves1981
Brother JohnPower Of Ten1992
By My SidePower Of Ten1992
By My SideThe Ultimate Collection2000
Carry MeThe Ultimate Collection2000
Carry Me (Like A Fire In Your Heart)Flying Colours1988
Carry Me (live)Live In Dortmund2005
Carry Me (Version 1995)Beautiful Dreams1995
Carry OnCrusader1979
Carry On (reprise)Crusader1979
Chain Of CommandA Better World2016
ConfessionA Better World2016
Corrina, CorrinaFootsteps2008
CrusaderBest Moves1981
Crusader: The Fall Of Jerusalem - In The Court Of Saladin - The Battlefield - FinaleCrusader1979
Cry No MoreA Better World2016
Crying And LaughingThe Getaway1982
Diamond In The DarkSpark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh1989
Diamond In The DarkThe Ultimate Collection2000
DiscoveryAt The End Of A Perfect Day1977
Discovery (Version 1995)Beautiful Dreams1995
Don't Look BackFlying Colours1988
Don't Pay The FerrymanThe Getaway1982
Don't Pay The FerrymanSpark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh1989
Don't Pay The FerrymanThe Ultimate Collection2000
Don't Pay The FerrymanNow And Then2008
Don't Pay The Ferryman (live)High On Emotion: Live From Dublin1990
Don't Pay The Ferryman (live)Live In Dortmund2005
Eastern WindEastern Wind1980
Empty RoomsThe Hands Of Man2014
Every Drop Of RainBest Moves1981
Every Step Of The WayFootsteps 22011
Everywhere I GoMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
Falling RainA Better World2016
Fatal HesitationInto The Light1986
Fatal HesitationThe Love Songs1997
Fatal HesitationThe Ultimate Collection2000
Fatal HesitationNow And Then2008
Fatal Hesitation (Version 2012)Home2012
Fire On The WaterInto The Light1986
Fire On The WaterSpark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh1989
Fire On The Water (Version 2012)Home2012
First StepsFootsteps2008
Five Past DreamsThe Road To Freedom2004
Five Past Dreams (live)Live In Dortmund2005
Flying HomeEastern Wind1980
Footsteps 2 ThemeFootsteps 22011
For RosannaInto The Light1986
For Two Days And NightsMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
ForevermoreThe Love Songs1997
Forevermore (Version 2012)Home2012
GirlBeautiful Dreams1995
Go Where Your Heart BelievesMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
GoodnightFar Beyond These Castle Walls1975
Goodnight (Version 2012)Home2012
Greater LoveMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
Guilty SecretTiming Is Everything2002
Have A CareMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
Heart And SoulA Better World2016
Heart Of DarknessPower Of Ten1992
Here For YouThe Road To Freedom2004
Here For You (live)Live In Dortmund2005
Here Is Your ParadiseThis Way Up1994
Here Is Your ParadiseThe Love Songs1997
Here Is Your ParadiseThe Ultimate Collection2000
High On EmotionMan On The Line1984
High On EmotionSpark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh1989
High On EmotionThe Ultimate Collection2000
High On EmotionNow And Then2008
High On Emotion (live)High On Emotion: Live From Dublin1990
High On Emotion (live)Live In Dortmund2005
Hold OnFar Beyond These Castle Walls1975
Hold On (I'm On My Way)A Better World2016
Home From The War, Pt. 1The Legend Of Robin Hood2021
Home From The War, Pt. 2The Legend Of Robin Hood2021
HomelandA Better World2016
Hope In The Human HeartA Better World2016
I Had The Love In My EyesCrusader1979
I See You EverywhereQuiet Revolution1999
I Want ItQuiet Revolution1999
I Want It (D.J. Q-Ball Mix)The Ultimate Collection2000
I WillAt The End Of A Perfect Day1977
I Will (Version 2012)Home2012
I'm Counting On YouThe Getaway1982
I'm Falling In LoveThe Legend Of Robin Hood2021
I'm Going HomeSpanish Train And Other Stories1975
I'm Not Crying Over YouBeautiful Dreams1995
I'm Not Scared AnymoreFlying Colours1988
I'm Not Scared Anymore (live)High On Emotion: Live From Dublin1990
I'm Not Scared Anymore (Version 2012)Home2012
If Beds Could TalkTiming Is Everything2002
If You Really Love Her, Let Her GoAt The End Of A Perfect Day1977
If You Really Love Her, Let Her Go (Version 1997)The Love Songs1997
In A Country ChurchyardBest Moves1981
In A Country Churchyard (Let Your Love Shine On)At The End Of A Perfect Day1977
In A Country Churchyard (Version 1997)The Love Songs1997
In DreamsBeautiful Dreams1995
In Love ForeverBeautiful Dreams1995
In Love Forever (Version 1997)The Love Songs1997
In PrisonThe Legend Of Robin Hood2021
In Sherwood ForestThe Legend Of Robin Hood2021
In The GhettoFootsteps 22011
In The Years That FollowedMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
In Your EyesPower Of Ten1992
It's MeThe Love Songs1997
It's Such A Long Way HomeCrusader1979
It's Such A Long Way Home (Version 2012)Home2012
Just A Word AwayFlying Colours1988
Just Another Poor BodySpanish Train And Other Stories1975
Just In TimeCrusader1979
King RichardThe Hands Of Man2014
Lady MadonnaFootsteps 22011
Last NightInto The Light1986
Last Night (live)High On Emotion: Live From Dublin1990
Last Night (live)Live In Dortmund2005
Leather On My ShoesFlying Colours1988
Lebanese NightTiming Is Everything2002
Lebanese Night (live)Live In Dortmund2005
LegacyThe Legend Of Robin Hood2021
LeningradThe Storyman2006
Let It BeFootsteps 22011
Letting GoThe Hands Of Man2014
LibertyThe Getaway1982
Light A FireThe Getaway1982
Light A Fire!The Legend Of Robin Hood2021
Live For The Day (With Tina Yamout)Now And Then2008
Live Life, Live WellThe Legend Of Robin Hood2021
Living In The WorldQuiet Revolution1999
Living In The World (live)Live In Dortmund2005
Living On The IslandThe Getaway1982
Living On The Island (Version 2012)Home2012
Lonely SkySpanish Train And Other Stories1975
Lonely SkyBest Moves1981
Lonely Sky (Version 1997)The Love Songs1997
Lonesome CowboyFar Beyond These Castle Walls1975
Long Train RunningFootsteps 22011
Love And TimeTiming Is Everything2002
Love And Time (Version 2012)Home2012
Love Of The Heart DivineQuiet Revolution1999
Love's Got A Hold On MeThis Way Up1994
Making The Perfect ManPower Of Ten1992
Man On The LineMan On The Line1984
Man On The LineThe Ultimate Collection2000
Medley: Living On The Island - A Night On The River... (live)Live In Dortmund2005
MeridiemThe Hands Of Man2014
Missing YouFlying Colours1988
Missing YouSpark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh1989
Missing YouThe Love Songs1997
Missing YouThe Ultimate Collection2000
Missing YouNow And Then2008
Missing You (live)High On Emotion: Live From Dublin1990
Missing You (Version 1995)Beautiful Dreams1995
Moonfleet BayMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
Moonlight And VodkaMan On The Line1984
Moonlight And Vodka (live)Live In Dortmund2005
Much More Than ThisMan On The Line1984
Much More Than ThisThe Love Songs1997
Much More Than ThisNow And Then2008
My Father's EyesThe Storyman2006
My Father's Eyes (+ Hani Hussein)The Storyman2006
My Heart's SurrenderMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
My Lover IsQuiet Revolution1999
Natasha DanceQuiet Revolution1999
Natasha Dance (live)Live In Dortmund2005
New MoonFar Beyond These Castle Walls1975
Nothing Ever Happens Round HereQuiet Revolution1999
Nothing Ever Happens Round HereThe Ultimate Collection2000
Oh My Brave HeartsThis Way Up1994
Old FriendSpanish Train And Other Stories1975
Old-Fashioned PeopleCrusader1979
On A Christmas NightFootsteps 22011
Once In A LifetimeA Better World2016
Once Upon A Time (live)Live In Dortmund2005
One Life, One LoveMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
One More GoodbyeThe Hands Of Man2014
One More Mile To GoBeautiful Dreams1995
One WordThe Ultimate Collection2000
One Word (Straight To The Heart)Into The Light1986
One Word (Straight To The Heart)Spark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh1989
One WorldThe Storyman2006
One WorldNow And Then2008
Only A ChildThe Legend Of Robin Hood2021
Open Your EyesThe Legend Of Robin Hood2021
Patricia The StripperSpanish Train And Other Stories1975
Patricia The StripperBest Moves1981
Patricia The Stripper (live)High On Emotion: Live From Dublin1990
Patricia The Stripper 2000The Ultimate Collection2000
People Of The WorldMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
Perfect DayAt The End Of A Perfect Day1977
Polly VonFootsteps2008
Pure JoyMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
Quiet MomentsCrusader1979
Quiet RevolutionQuiet Revolution1999
Raging StormThe Storyman2006
Read My NameThe Road To Freedom2004
Read My Name (live)Live In Dortmund2005
Rhythm Of The Rain - Crying In The Rain (Bonus Track)Footsteps2008
Rose Of EnglandThe Road To Freedom2004
Round And AroundAt The End Of A Perfect Day1977
Sailing AwayFlying Colours1988
Sailing AwaySpark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh1989
Sailing AwayThe Ultimate Collection2000
Sailing AwayNow And Then2008
Sailing Away (live)High On Emotion: Live From Dublin1990
Sailing Away (live)Live In Dortmund2005
SailorEastern Wind1980
Sailor (Version 2012)Home2012
Saint Peter's GateQuiet Revolution1999
Satin Green ShuttersFar Beyond These Castle Walls1975
Satin Green ShuttersBest Moves1981
Save MeTiming Is Everything2002
Say Goodbye To It AllInto The Light1986
Say Goodbye To It AllSpark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh1989
Say Goodbye To It AllThe Ultimate Collection2000
Say Goodbye To It AllNow And Then2008
Say Goodbye To It All (live)High On Emotion: Live From Dublin1990
Say Goodbye To It All (live)Live In Dortmund2005
Say Goodbye To It All (Version 1995)Beautiful Dreams1995
Sealed With A KissFootsteps2008
Separate TablesPower Of Ten1992
Separate TablesThe Ultimate Collection2000
Separate Tables (Version 1997)The Love Songs1997
Seven BridgesFootsteps 22011
Shadows And LightEastern Wind1980
She Means Everything To MePower Of Ten1992
She Must Have KnownTiming Is Everything2002
Shine OnPower Of Ten1992
Shine On (Version 1995)Beautiful Dreams1995
Ship To ShoreThe Getaway1982
Ship To ShoreSpark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh1989
Ship To ShoreThe Ultimate Collection2000
Shipboard RomanceA Better World2016
Sight And TouchMan On The Line1984
Sight And Touch (live)Live In Dortmund2005
Sin CityFar Beyond These Castle Walls1975
Snow Is FallingThe Road To Freedom2004
Snow Is Falling (live)Live In Dortmund2005
So BeautifulThe Love Songs1997
So BeautifulThe Ultimate Collection2000
Some Things Never ChangeEastern Wind1980
Something Else AgainCrusader1979
SongbirdThe Road To Freedom2004
Songbird (live)Live In Dortmund2005
SOSFootsteps 22011
Spanish TrainSpanish Train And Other Stories1975
Spanish TrainBest Moves1981
Spanish Train (live)High On Emotion: Live From Dublin1990
SpiritThe Storyman2006
St. Peter's Gate (live)Live In Dortmund2005
Suddenly LoveFlying Colours1988
Suddenly LoveThe Love Songs1997
Suddenly LoveNow And Then2008
Suddenly Love (Version 2012)Home2012
Summer RainAt The End Of A Perfect Day1977
Taking It To The TopMan On The Line1984
Talk To MePower Of Ten1992
Talk To MeThe Ultimate Collection2000
Tender HandsFlying Colours1988
Tender HandsSpark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh1989
Tender HandsThe Ultimate Collection2000
Tender Hands (Version 2012)Home2012
The Arrest!The Legend Of Robin Hood2021
The Ballroom Of RomanceInto The Light1986
The Bells Of Christmas (Bonus Track)Footsteps2008
The Best That Love Can BeTiming Is Everything2002
The BridgeThe Hands Of Man2014
The CandlestickThe Hands Of Man2014
The Connemara CoastPower Of Ten1992
The Days Of Our AgeMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
The Devil's EyeCrusader1979
The DuelThe Legend Of Robin Hood2021
The Ecstasy Of FlightThe Ultimate Collection2000
The Ecstasy Of Flight (I Love The Night)Man On The Line1984
The EscapeMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
The Fields Of AgincourtThe Hands Of Man2014
The GetawayThe Getaway1982
The GetawaySpark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh1989
The GetawayThe Ultimate Collection2000
The Getaway (live)Live In Dortmund2005
The Girl With April In Her EyesCrusader1979
The Grace Of A DancerThe Storyman2006
The Hands Of ManThe Hands Of Man2014
The Head And The HeartMan On The Line1984
The Head And The HeartThe Love Songs1997
The Head And The HeartThe Ultimate Collection2000
The JourneyThe Road To Freedom2004
The Journey (live)Live In Dortmund2005
The Keeper Of The KeysThe Hands Of Man2014
The KeyFar Beyond These Castle Walls1975
The Lady In RedInto The Light1986
The Lady In RedSpark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh1989
The Lady In RedThe Love Songs1997
The Lady In RedThe Ultimate Collection2000
The Lady In RedNow And Then2008
The Lady In Red (live)High On Emotion: Live From Dublin1990
The Lady In Red (live)Live In Dortmund2005
The Lady In Red (Version 1995)Beautiful Dreams1995
The Land Of The FreeA Better World2016
The Last Moment Of The DawnQuiet Revolution1999
The Last Thing On My MindFootsteps2008
The Last Time I CriedFlying Colours1988
The Last Time I Cried (live)High On Emotion: Live From Dublin1990
The LeaderInto The Light1986
The Light On The BayMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
The Living YearsFootsteps 22011
The Long And Winding RoadFootsteps2008
The Man With The Double FaceThe Legend Of Robin Hood2021
The Mirror Of The SoulThe Storyman2006
The Moonfleet FinaleMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
The Moonfleet OvertureMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
The NightingaleMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
The Open DoorA Better World2016
The PainterSpanish Train And Other Stories1975
The Record Company BashEastern Wind1980
The RevolutionThe Getaway1982
The Revolution (live)High On Emotion: Live From Dublin1990
The Revolution (live)Live In Dortmund2005
The Risen LordFlying Colours1988
The Risen Lord (live)High On Emotion: Live From Dublin1990
The Rivers Of AbrahamQuiet Revolution1999
The Road To FreedomThe Road To Freedom2004
The Road To Freedom (live)Live In Dortmund2005
The RobberyThe Legend Of Robin Hood2021
The Robin Hood OvertureThe Legend Of Robin Hood2021
The Same SunQuiet Revolution1999
The Same Sun (live)Live In Dortmund2005
The Secret Of The LocketMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
The Shadow Of The MountainThe Storyman2006
The Simple TruthThe Ultimate Collection2000
The Simple TruthNow And Then2008
The Simple Truth (A Child Is Born)Flying Colours1988
The Snows Of New YorkThis Way Up1994
The Snows Of New YorkNow And Then2008
The Snows Of New York (live)Live In Dortmund2005
The Snows Of New York (Version 1995)Beautiful Dreams1995
The Snows Of New York (Version 1995)The Ultimate Collection2000
The SoldierA Better World2016
The Son And The FatherThis Way Up1994
The Sound Of A GunMan On The Line1984
The Speech To The OutlawsThe Legend Of Robin Hood2021
The Spirit Of ManInto The Light1986
The StormMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
The StorymanThe Storyman2006
The Storyman ThemeThe Storyman2006
The Sweetest Kiss Of AllThe Storyman2006
The Tale Of Robin HoodThe Legend Of Robin Hood2021
The TowerSpanish Train And Other Stories1975
The TravellerEastern Wind1980
The TravellerBest Moves1981
The TravellerThe Ultimate Collection2000
The Village Of MoonfleetMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
The VisionInto The Light1986
The Wedding FeastThe Legend Of Robin Hood2021
The Words 'I Love You'The Road To Freedom2004
The Words 'I Love You'Now And Then2008
The Words I Love You (live)Live In Dortmund2005
There Goes My Heart AgainThe Hands Of Man2014
There's A New Star Up In Heaven TonightThe Ultimate Collection2000
There's A New Star Up In Heaven TonightNow And Then2008
There's Room In This Heart TonightTiming Is Everything2002
This Is LoveThis Way Up1994
This Is LoveThe Ultimate Collection2000
This Silent WorldThis Way Up1994
This Song For YouSpanish Train And Other Stories1975
This Waiting HeartSpark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh1989
This Waiting HeartThe Ultimate Collection2000
This Waiting HeartNow And Then2008
This Weight On MeThis Way Up1994
Through These EyesThe Hands Of Man2014
Time In A BottleFootsteps 22011
Timing Is EverythingTiming Is Everything2002
TonightEastern Wind1980
Tourist AttractionEastern Wind1980
Transmission EndsMan On The Line1984
Treasure And BetrayalMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
Turn, Turn, TurnFootsteps2008
Turning RoundFar Beyond These Castle Walls1975
Two Sides To Every Story (With Shelley Nelson)Now And Then2008
Up Here In HeavenThis Way Up1994
Up Here In Heaven (live)Live In Dortmund2005
Waiting For The HurricaneBest Moves1981
Waiting For The HurricaneThe Ultimate Collection2000
Waiting For The Hurricane (Version 2012)Home2012
Wall Of SilenceEastern Wind1980
Watching The WorldFar Beyond These Castle Walls1975
We Can Work It OutFootsteps2008
We've Got The MoneyThe Legend Of Robin Hood2021
What About MeInto The Light1986
What You Mean To MeThe Road To Freedom2004
When I Think Of YouQuiet Revolution1999
When I Think Of YouThe Ultimate Collection2000
When I Think Of YouNow And Then2008
When The Dream Is OverThe Hands Of Man2014
When Winter ComesThe Road To Freedom2004
When Winter Comes (live)Live In Dortmund2005
Where Have All The Flowers GoneFootsteps2008
Where My Last Arrow FallsThe Legend Of Robin Hood2021
Where Peaceful Waters FlowThe Getaway1982
Where Peaceful Waters FlowSpark To A Flame: The Very Best Of Chris de Burgh1989
Where Peaceful Waters FlowThe Ultimate Collection2000
Where Peaceful Waters Flow (live)Live In Dortmund2005
Where We Will Be GoingPower Of Ten1992
Where We Will Be GoingThe Ultimate Collection2000
Where We Will Be Going (Version 2012)Home2012
Where Would I BeThe Hands Of Man2014
While You See A ChanceFootsteps 22011
Why Mona Lisa SmiledMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
Windy NightFar Beyond These Castle Walls1975
With Heavy HeartMoonfleet And Other Stories2010
Without YouFootsteps2008
You And MeCrusader1979
You Are The ReasonThis Way Up1994
You Look BeautifulQuiet Revolution1999
You'll Never Walk Alone (Bonus Track)Footsteps2008

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